In The Darkness

To the utter shock of Morticia Demont, her girlfriend has come back to her. The only problem?
Her girlfriend's been dead for six months.
As the first human-zombie couple in history, will they make discoveries no one has ever dared to make? Or will they only be torn apart by their obvious differences?


2. Seeing

Being with Morticia has no boundaries. I could spend decades with her and still be left wondering what she’s going to say next. And while it’s almost impossible for me to find my tongue right away, she has a lot to say anyways.

She speaks fiercely, passionately, and sometimes even happily or sadly depending on the discussion.

Today we’re discussing my death. She leans back in her chair, her hair plastered to her neck and forehead, and I swear she’s never been more beautiful than right now.

When I found Morticia at first, she had told me to go back to Carswell. But after hours of standing outside of the gates waiting for her, she broke down and let me in. Revealed to me who she was and the life we’d had together.

It’s been three days and she’s still filling me in. Her tongue sticks out slightly through her parted lips, and she taps gently on the table with a pen, her legs crossed in her seat. “Well...When you died...” She swallows. “Let me start from the beginning.” That’s her favorite line: ‘Let me start from the beginning.’

She’d probably started from the beginning about seven different times in the past three days.

She scrapes her nails across the battered wood and looks up at me.

When I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror for the first time in six months, after Morticia told me we had been together, I couldn’t imagine why. I was plain, pale, and a little too skinny. And Morticia was intensely gorgeous. I didn’t understand what she had seen in me.

“We went out one day...a week before Carswell City had been fully built and operational. They told us that it should be safe. After all, Richken was one of the clearest and healthiest safety towns in the country.” She shook her head. “My brother had been out on duty, and we were going to bring him lunch. And then...” She sucks in a deep breath. “Well, you wanted to walk on the trail for a bit. You thought he might like some wild blueberries to go with his lunch, and I didn’t object.” She runs her hands through her hair stressfully. “It was just so beautiful down there...after all, it’s where we had our first kiss,” she blushes. “And I wanted to relive old memories. So we started walking and then...It just came out of nowhere. That thing--” I wince. “Sorry,” she apologizes. “It just kind of jumped out of nowhere and started attacking me. You turned around to help me and it--” She looks down at the floor. “It jumped on you instead and bit you. It took me a whole ten seconds to be able to react and kill it with a branch that had been right beside me the whole time. I could have saved you.” I shake my head and put my hand over her’s while she continues.

“So then...Well I had to bring you to the guards. You were covered in blood and you were breathing so shallow. I couldn’t do anything else. I was panicking.” She squeezes my hand. “Of course they wanted to kill you right away before you could turn, but...I couldn’t let you go. I laid you down and held you. There was nothing I could do to save you. I felt so helpless...And then when I knew it was going to be over soon, I leaned down and kissed you goodbye.” She chuckles a bit. “They wanted to hold me for testing right away, but we all knew that I wasn’t going to turn. They held you in the quarantines until Carswell was built...It was horrible. They wouldn’t let me see you. I begged and pleaded, but...nothing.” She looks up at me with eyes that remembered all of the wrong things. They were filled with years of knowledge and pain, though she was still young. We were both so young...She smiles nervously, waiting for me to get up and leave. Blame her for my death.

But I had fought to save her. I must have been prepared to die for her. 

I do stand, but not to leave. I round the table and embrace her, running my limp fingers through her hair. She turns around and kisses my pallid cheek, and I smile. “Amoret?” I draw away from her and stare into her eyes. “I love you. I loved you when I knew you were going to die, and even when I knew you were a zombie living in Carswell. I never once dreamed of moving on. You were always in my mind.” She leans in and presses her warm lips to mine, and suddenly it comes rushing back to me.

Being with Morticia, dying, living...

I gasp and stumble back, and she bolts upright out of her chair. “What? What is it?”

“I remember,” I whisper as color floods my skin.

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