In The Darkness

To the utter shock of Morticia Demont, her girlfriend has come back to her. The only problem?
Her girlfriend's been dead for six months.
As the first human-zombie couple in history, will they make discoveries no one has ever dared to make? Or will they only be torn apart by their obvious differences?


1. Remembering

      ‘Not even the most powerful could stop the encasing hell imposed upon the light of the living.

When death was summoned from every crevice of hell and onto the ground of mortals, there was no hope left for the orb of earth.’ -2 Years Before Carswell City


Being a zombie isn’t all about moaning and eating corpses. Well, that’s part of it. But has anyone ever really considered that we have feelings too?

Of course not. They’re too busy running away in fear.

If I had any friends, they would call me Amoret Ocean. But it’s kind of hard to make friends in Carswell when all they care about is whether or not you have human flesh.

Staring out through the West Gate, I notice a group of Carswell Protesters descending onto the city. They do a lot more damage than good, believe me. Taking out a guard for us zombies doesn’t exactly warm the people to the thought of us living with them in peace. 

Another zombie beside me groans in irritation. See what I mean? We practically hate them, and yet they still think they’re helping us.

I slowly (I am a zombie after all) pull out the picture of the girl who’s face seems so familiar. I’ve had this picture in my pocket since I turned, and yet I still can’t remember who this upset looking girl is. And so I find myself constantly restless, wondering who on earth this person could be.

So I’ve made it my mission to find her, no matter how hard it may be.

After all, I do still have some small snippets of memory from my human life, like what safe town I lived in and my name. And I think in the end that will be enough to help me find her.

Whoever she is.

A couple of feet down, the gate starts to shake violently, sending powerful vibrations through the ground that shake my knees and do nothing to help my already uncoordinated balance. I fall flat to the ground, my whole body shaking, and let out a low moan. The zom beside me does the same.

I’m too shaken to look up and see what’s happened until after the shaking stops. And what I see sends me into an unsure sort of glee.

There’s a hole in the chain link fence, created by some sort of electric powered cutter that lays in the hands of a protester. She motions to us quickly, jumping up and down and waving her hand. “Come on now! Be free! Run before your guards notice! Come on!” I carefully push myself up, making sure not to bend my knees the wrong way, because broken kneecaps aren’t very flattering. The zom near me looks at me unsurely, questioning if this is real or a dream.

I half shrug, not able to lift my shoulders very far after all the shaking and falling. Rolling them a tad, I hope soon enough I’ll be able to gain full control of them. I’ll need good use of my body if I’m going to escape in one piece. Shuffling quickly, I head towards the hole, where the girl with frizzy red hair offers me her only available hand. The other one is occupied with the cutter. I grasp it with as much power as I can manage, and she yanks me through the hole, almost knocking me over once more. “Sorry zombie,” she says with a sickening sweetness, like I’m her pet.

She grabs for the other zom, staring at me as if I might be the stupidest thing she’s encountered in her life. “Zombie, go. Be free.” I turn on her and start to shuffle away, but she snorts. “You better walk faster than that zombie.”

You may be wondering why I didn’t eat her.

And let me tell you, while it was tempting, that also meant that I wouldn’t have had enough time to escape before a guard noticed.

Behind me, I hear a scream, and let out a chortled, messed up chuckle that sounds more like the cough of a dying person than a humorous arousal.


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