A book of art

Hey guys! So this is just a book where I'm going to post drawings that I do. I'm not the best, but I'm getting better. I enjoy drawing anime, and many other styles. I think you will like it, so come take a look!
P.s if you want to skip my old drawings, go straight to the chapter that says "more current" or "yesterday"


6. Random

Ok so here's a couple of  random pictures I drew. Im just posting them before I start posting recent ones. I have drawn way more than this, its just I never took pictures of it and lost the actual drawings so I don't have very much to show you guys, so sorry about that.

P.s these are again very old, older than the other old ones on here, so sorry if they are not very good, but current drawings are coming soon!

I love this actor! His name is matt bomer


just a random doodle :)


Random warrior doodle. I know its really bad lol. The only reason im letting you see my bad drawings is so you can see that practicing really does help you get better!


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