Dying In Denmark

Denne samling sangtekster bevæger sig mere over i de vrede emner. Den hakker ned på den grå dagligdag og stiller spørgsmål til det idylliske vi er så vandt til.
Nyd teksterne, og tolk dem som I vil. ^^ I er meget velkomne til at lægge en kommentar med jeres fortolkninger også. :)


5. Third Time's The Fail

The Third Time's The Fail

It was worth fighting for, but it brought pain like never before
I don't think this eclipse has got an end
Mustered the courage to break the front, strenght from the inner core
but afterall I was vanquished on this suicide mission of pain

All the pain I've faced before, but never missed the feeling of being sore

Looming is the hour of which I'll never see the beauty of this again
but having felt no pain for a thousand years I won't ever be the same

Learning to seal away what fights contentness, how?
Learning to steal away what lights directions, now?

Oh please, save me from this chamber of anguish again...

It mattered more than the building blocks of our world
synthetic chemicals were not present this time around
Still it seems that I've got one more devious thing to learn:
when I've suceeded twice, three's the charm, today I fail and drown

I scream pardon for my depression, but it seems I am silent
silence sadly is gold, that's so
But when my lungs to the last bit of oxygen try to enquire
they pop leaving me breathless on the stone cold floor

All the happiness I've faced before, now I damn myself for being sore

Looming is the hour where the softy heart crunches and crashes
and with these little worlds like a meteor it clashes

Why am I deemed to be your pariah?
Why did you steal my fire?
This anchient tomb that you lock me in
has been used before, here someone else has been
Oh please say I did something better
so I won't be locked inside this nether!

Pardon! Please pardon for my depression, but you make me so
sorry, inconsiderable amounts of regret...
Second after second I travel ever so deep underground, below
it seems that my fingers finally reached the last fret...

Believing being unstopable in the moment felt good, true!
But seeing, that I weren't unrockable like I should, doom!

I fail and drown outside the basin, your arms...
Anger manifested into these words, I should be alarmed
oh, I'm giving up the ghost
I'm leaving my flesh host

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