Dying In Denmark

Denne samling sangtekster bevæger sig mere over i de vrede emner. Den hakker ned på den grå dagligdag og stiller spørgsmål til det idylliske vi er så vandt til.
Nyd teksterne, og tolk dem som I vil. ^^ I er meget velkomne til at lægge en kommentar med jeres fortolkninger også. :)


6. The Last Gate Closes

The Last Gate Closes:

Through the years of which the sun circled my mind
I opened up passages through time, past and present
There I wandered back and forward, nothing left behind
all this stolen freedom made me feel ever so pleasant

Yes! Many worlds I've traveled
I saw the troubles of others
I got mixed up in their rabble
I ran back and closed the doors...

Then the last gate closed, and I stand alone in the hall
this time I came with good intentions, it just didn't matter at all

Armed with a crowbar, I try to break them open again
but one by one my tools crack like buildings in an earthquake
and for each crowbar that inevitably just has to bend
they pile up like the shards of my soul, oh for goodness sake

No! I have started to sigh cyanide
choking the last bit of life
Now everything seems so purified
the shell has died

Kisses from the dreaming thoughts
renders everything to hot sand
Isolating me from my own world
sailing the nightsky like an astronaut
The whole concept of this has been damned
in the name of the lost girl
now lurking somewhere out of reach
Enter the world of the deceased

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