Dying In Denmark

Denne samling sangtekster bevæger sig mere over i de vrede emner. Den hakker ned på den grå dagligdag og stiller spørgsmål til det idylliske vi er så vandt til.
Nyd teksterne, og tolk dem som I vil. ^^ I er meget velkomne til at lægge en kommentar med jeres fortolkninger også. :)


3. Overload Road

Overload Road

He said he could carry mountains,
piles of sorrow and devastation
He took more than one mouthful
now he chokes in agitation

Chances for him making it
are slim if at all existent
Draggings his knees through the grit
all too insistent

And when there's no turning back
on this never ending track
The call of C'thulu in his ears ring
Overload road madness brings

As the electricity surges over your head
and the isolated cables of unholy lead
bring static to your soul
you'll be on the overload road!

As the engine whines and steams
and the tires, burned out, screams
you'll know about your soul
you'll ride the overload road!

He tried to get blood from stones
and as he tried to squeeze it out
he tore his hands down to the bone
He simply just got his own , time to be proud?

He wanted to light the water on fire
but his fingers got burned and his clothes got wet
He tried to blow air into a tire
but all he managed was to get a purple head

As you try to offer him a helping hand, he refuses
Helping him will only earn you a reprimand, no excuses
What a waste of breath, a waste of time

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