Dying In Denmark

Denne samling sangtekster bevæger sig mere over i de vrede emner. Den hakker ned på den grå dagligdag og stiller spørgsmål til det idylliske vi er så vandt til.
Nyd teksterne, og tolk dem som I vil. ^^ I er meget velkomne til at lægge en kommentar med jeres fortolkninger også. :)


2. Mama's Mad

Mama's Mad

I can't see nice anymore
and how could I ignore
all these sudden changes?
What's become of my little angels?

My daughter now strips,
my son binge drinks
They say I don't understand
it's time they felt my hand!

Reprimands and scolding don't work
so now it's time to go berserk
By sword or by fork i bring order to court
I'm making everything right again!

Mama's gone mad, she's lost it now
Mama's gone mad, she'll cut you down
Oh, Mama's gone mad, she's got a fit
in her game you can't quit!

All I see on the TV
is teens full of HIV
On the radio all I hear
is music that hurts my ears

Little boys cross dressing,
little girls their tits presenting
What's become of dignity?
The worlds full of morbidity!

"Daddy, is Mama doing alright?
She's been up all night"

"Sure my child, she's just having a hard time!"

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