Dying In Denmark

Denne samling sangtekster bevæger sig mere over i de vrede emner. Den hakker ned på den grå dagligdag og stiller spørgsmål til det idylliske vi er så vandt til.
Nyd teksterne, og tolk dem som I vil. ^^ I er meget velkomne til at lægge en kommentar med jeres fortolkninger også. :)


1. Dying In Denmark

Dying In Denmark

Once upon a time
I grew up thinking everything would be alright
everything was like a song

But maybe I just was wrong?
Might all love be gone - while we're dying in Denmark?
Little twittle Denmark

Back before our time
the sun shone unto the big blue sea
a moment full of glee

But then clouds came along
everything turned to none - while we're dying in Denmark
Little twittle Denmark

Someone, just throw out a name - we need to have just one man to blame
then ask him why - he'll just throw back one thousand bloody lies
so come on, play the game, we call it the end

Now I think I see
what it truly means to be born on flat land
someone lend me a hand

Cause I can't climb these hills
let me choke on pills - while we're dying in Denmark
Little twittle Denmark

Here it's always the end
someone you love wants to just be friends
Everything's the same

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