My name is Scarlet Rose. You may say my life as a child didn't go as planned... ever since the age of 12, I have gotten into trouble. At the age of 13 I got arrested for hacking the C.I.A they then took me in and trained me as one of their youngest agents, at the age of 14 I managed to escape the C.I.A and the F.B.I and had gone rogue, and trained as an elite assassin. I am 18 years old and I am one of the top assassins in Europe.

Both my parents are dead. The only family I had left was my sister Luce until I found her brutally beaten in an alleyway and five assassins "The Bloods" escaping in a black van. Ever since her death I have had one thing on my mind. To kill "The Bloods". The only thing standing in my way is them.

That is until I fall in love with one of them?


7. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

I woke up the next morning and Harry was nowhere to be found. I went to go sit up when something stopped me.

Handcuffs. Really? I was not in the mood for this, but I quickly unlocked them from my wrist. I got out of bed and walked over to my pile of clothes, I quickly changed and styled my hair into a low messy bun. I walked out of Harry’s bed room and down a set of stairs to find the common room.

Sure enough the boys were here.

I walked in to see Louis taping away on his muli-screen computer, Niall stuffing down food, Zayn flipping my knife, Liam reading, and Harry nowhere in sight.

“Ah som the slefing beaut awakes!” Niall tried to speak with food in his mouth. Jesus how much did this boy eat?

“Excuse Niall, He’s just being an idiot” Liam responded still looking down at his page.

“Morning Scarlet” Louis looked up at me and smiled.

Did he really just do that? I mean smile? But- wait why- How come these boys were completely different around me now? Ahh right I forgot, they were trying to be friendly because they think I’m actually going to stay here… They were so wrong.

I was interrupted out of my thoughts when Zayn threw a knife at me. I did a back handspring just in time before the knife stuck in the wall where I was standing moments ago.

I ran over to the knife and threw it back just as quickly catching him off guard as the knife pinned him and his leather jacket to the wall. He was fuming when he pulled it out and was about to throw it when Louis stepped in.

“Zayn cut it out! You can’t kill scarlet she lives here now so get bloody used to it! Enough.” He said and then turned to me with an apologetic look, and went back to his computer.

Zayn walked closer to me and whispered in my ear before saying.

“That wasn’t even for all the crap you have done to me, I’ll be keeping this knife by the way, it looks like it’s my new favorite.” He paused before continuing. “Looks to me your pretty fit. I like that.” He laughed and started to walk away.

I was fuming and wasn’t thinking when I grabbed his hair and flung him up against the wall, took his knife and brought it up to his throat.

“If you ever trying anything remotely close to that again, I will not be tearing a hole through your leather jacket, I will be tearing a hole to rip out your heart.”
I smirked as I brought the knife down to wear his heart was and pricked him through his tee shirt and saw blood at the tip of my knife, I then took my knife and whipped it across this white shirt as the red smeared across it.

He was fuming as I released him and shoved him away; I winked and blew him a kiss just to piss him off. I walked to an open chair and sighed in victory. He stormed out of the room as Harry came in holding two mugs of coffee. He walked over to me and handed me a mug, he looked up and down before sighing.

“Scarlet I much liked your outfit better last night, you look good in my clothes.” He smirked as he said it.

 I rolled my eyes and Niall spit out his food as Harry had said it and Louis and Liam both looked up from there things.

“Wait- woah what?- She- Harry how did you? I mean- WHAT?” Niall responded.

I stepped in before Harry could make a smart remark.

“For one night and one night only, I’m going to my flat today to get my clothing, because I will not be wearing his clothing or any of your clothing at that again.”

“Fine, but I, Niall, and Zayn will be accompanying you to grab your things, and come straight back, or well you already know the consequences. “ Harry smirked as he once again reminded me why I had to stay.

Little did he know, thing weren’t going to go as he planned.

“Fine, go get ready, I would like to leave as soon as possible.” I replied.

Harry and Niall got up and quickly left the room. I looked back up to see Louis and Liam share a familiar look on their face and went back to what they were doing.
I walked over to Louis and checked out what he was doing.

 Sure enough he was deciphering the main frame over some Government Intel. He looked almost stuck as he tried to pin point the last code. I decided if I was to earn all of their trust or at least 4/5 I would start with the easiest.

“You’re looking for the last script right? I you type in 2FG-565-0000 you can rewire the entire system and change the codes so that you and only you know. It is simple but once they find out they will change it back so be quick about it. Oh and if you so badly wanted to know information about me, you should know I won’t be in the system.” I said satisfied.

“Um, well it would make my life a lot easier if you just told us who you work for.” He mumbled under his breath.

That is when I snapped. I turned back around walked up to Louis and said.

“I work alone.” I said coldly and left it at that.

Niall, Zayn and Harry returned no later, and I noticed Zayn had fixed his hair and changed both his shirt and jacket.

“It’s a shame I liked the shirt you had on.” I smirked as Zayn started fuming. That when Niall burst out into a fit and Harry stood there confused.

“Did I miss something this morning?” He asked.

“Nothing Haz lets just go, now.” Zayn sneered and he shoved past me to the door.

I couldn’t stand it! The way he got under my skin by doing the most annoying things! I did a Front handspring, round off back handspring, back layout. I reached just behind him and was about to knock him out by touching his pressure point when someone caught my wrist. Niall pulled me back before I could do anything.

Zayn turned around, and looked me in the eyes.

I hadn’t noticed it before but he had the most amazing brown eyes with tints of hazel flecks in them. No scarlet not with the eyes! Why the eyes! I quickly came to my senses when Harry stepped in between our gaze.

“Come on let’s just go already.” He said impatiently.

We walked out to the front of the mansion, I looked at the driveway it was very long. I looked to my left and there sat my bike, and two others. Wait there was four of us, how was this gonna work?

“Zayn since your still recovering you will be riding with scarlet and make sure she doesn’t try anything, Niall and I will be riding right behind you.” Harry spoke coldly.

Zayn smirked and pulled out my knife and started flipping it between his fingers. I grabbed my helmet that lay on my bike and climb on. I hadn’t realized all the boys staring at me until now

“What!” I said sharply.

“Nothing babe you just look good on your bike.” Zayn smirked.

All three on the boys mounted the bikes and we were off. Zayn looped his arms around me, pressing my knife close to my stomach.

I could tell this was going to be a long ride.

Finally we reached my flat. I was unlocking the door when suddenly I froze with fear.

“SURPRISE!”  Sarah and Bri had said in unison.

I turned round to see all three of them just as surprised as I was. What the hell were they doing here at my apartment? Then I remembered my lie, my stupid business trip. It had been three days since I left, and here the girls stood their smiles fading when they saw the boys behind me.

“Hey guys.” I said timidly.

“Um Scarlet who the hell are they?” Sarah asked cautiously.

“Hi I’m Harry Styles, this Here is Zayn, oh and this is Niall.” He smirked as he walked over to Bri and Sarah and shook their hands.

After a brief small talk occurred, I quickly pulled the girls aside into my walk in closet locked the double doors, and saw them giggling.

“Holy shit, did you see the way Niall talked to me?! I think he likes me!” Bri screamed with excitement.

“Holy God. Zayn is- I mean- wow.” Sarah said in a day dream effect.

I couldn’t tell them what they were. But I had too; I couldn’t keep this in any longer.

“There assassins and they killed Luce.” I said coldly.

They quickly snapped back to reality and looked at me dumbfound. 

“WHAT?” Bri screamed and I covered her mouth. When she was finally calm I released her.

“There after me, there gonna kill you to if I don’t stay with them. That’s why I’m back, to pick up some of my clothing and go. I wasn’t expecting you guys to be here. But you need to know the you need to keep an eye out for them ok, if you see them run, don’t look back run, but right now I need you to, to act as if your still into them and happy and what not. I do the best I can to keep you safe, but right now I need you guys to go back to pretending.”

I paused for a moment.

“I’m sorry you got brought into this.”

As soon as I said this, both girls hugged me, and murmured reassuring words in my ears. I quickly packed my things and walked out of the closet with the two girls.

All three boys were discussing something when I cleared my throat.

“All ready to go for your next business trip, Scar? Can’t keep the plane waiting.” Harry had said.

I can’t believe they were going along with this, trying to keep my lie going so the girls wouldn’t find out. But they already knew. So I played along and said.

“Oh Harry I think you made a mistake our plane doesn’t leave till tomorrow, we have one day to relax.” I smirked as he started fuming.

Niall then stepped forward and shot me a glare before looking into Brianna’s eyes.

“So if we do have one day until we “fly out” will you too lovely birds like to join us for dinner tonight?” Sarah turned to me with pleading eyes, while Brianna stepped forward.

“Oh course love, just get scarlet to text us the details, we would be honored to come.” Bri said smugly. Both Sarah and I looked at her wide eye before I looked back to Harry and said.

“In that case I will need to get a few more things, girls I could use your help again.”

I stormed into my closet with Bri was being dragged by Sarah into the room; I quickly locked the doors again and turned to face Bri.

“WHAT was that!” Sarah sneered. “Yeah Bri did you not hear what I just said?” I chirped in.

Bri looked to Sarah and then to me before responding.

“You told me to play it like I was still head over heels! So that’s was I’m doing, it’s the only way the boys won’t know and wont suspect a thing.”

“Wow- I mean- wow your good.” Sarah said.

“Thank me later! But right now we need to find a nice dress for Scarlet.” Bri said as she walked over to my line of dresses.

Sarah started grabbing shoes and smaller accessories. We placed the dress in the bag and headed to my bathroom to get other items. Once finished we walked out of the closet, and out to the boys sitting in my common room.

“Ready to go then, yeah?’  Zayn said.

“Yup, I guess I’ll- I mean we will be seeing you tonight?” Sarah asked as she stepped closer to Zayn.

“Of course love.” He winked at her and kissed her softly on the hand, before all the boys were getting up to leave.

Niall then turned to Bri.

“It was nice meeting you babe” He placed a small kiss on her hand, as she blushed.

“Nice meeting you too, love” She winked and stepped back over to Sarah.

I was praising the girls silently! They were great actors, even had me convinced! I walked over to Harry and he escorted me out of the apartment and snaked his hand around me waist. I snapped back from my thoughts and hit him in his sweet spot he doubled down in pain as both boys ran over to him.

“Don’t ever try that again. Or next time it will be harder.” I smirked as I stepped over his body and down the stairs.

We got on our bikes and drove back to the mansion. I prayed that tonight, things would be all right. But of course, we all know things never go as planned.

We were about five minutes away when five other men boxed us in and started firing at us. Zayn pulled out his knives he had brought and started throwing.  I managed to weave in and out of traffic to try and take cover from the bullets.

We were in the clear, when I screamed in pain. I felt another sharp pain in my side. We were almost to the mansion, we I slowly began to lose feeling.

Zayn and I just needed 30 more second to get up the hill; I heard Zayn’s voice one last time. He was carrying me into the house as my vision faded in and out. I could feel my eyes begin to roll back in my head.

“Scarlet? You are gonna be ok, stay with me Scarlet!”

That was all I heard before my world went black.



I apologize for the cliff hanger but I had too! Any who early update! Hope you all enjoyed, if you did give it a vote or comment down below! Spread the word! If I get up to 80 views by tonight I'll update chapters 8 & 9 as a bonus! :) Take Care Xx.

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