My name is Scarlet Rose. You may say my life as a child didn't go as planned... ever since the age of 12, I have gotten into trouble. At the age of 13 I got arrested for hacking the C.I.A they then took me in and trained me as one of their youngest agents, at the age of 14 I managed to escape the C.I.A and the F.B.I and had gone rogue, and trained as an elite assassin. I am 18 years old and I am one of the top assassins in Europe.

Both my parents are dead. The only family I had left was my sister Luce until I found her brutally beaten in an alleyway and five assassins "The Bloods" escaping in a black van. Ever since her death I have had one thing on my mind. To kill "The Bloods". The only thing standing in my way is them.

That is until I fall in love with one of them?


34. Chapter 34

 Chapter 34

I was soon awoken by sound of a very loud voice. Knowing me I thought this was Harry’s way of revenge so I snuggled back into bed but I was awoken again by someone trying to shake me awake

“You have about three seconds to get your hand off my shoulder or I will bite you.” I mumbled into my pillow. “Scarlet I’m not joking get up!” Harry snapped.

 I rubbed my eyes and I realized this wasn’t some prank this was real. The alarm grew louder throughout the house; I bolted upright in bed and ran out of the room. I saw all of the boys rushing out into the hall in confusion as the alarm continued to sound.

“What’s happening!?” Louis asked frantically.

“Scarlet what the hell is going on?” Zayn Snapped.

I didn’t respond instead I ran past them down the stairs. The boys followed quickly behind me and I ran straight to common room. I ran over to the computer and checked.

Target Located.

I quickly shut off the alarm and breathed a sigh of relief. I had forgotten I had set the notification to an alarm if this man was ever located. I tracked the location and found he was still in Paris and was moving rather quickly. I turned to the boys who all stood there on high alert.

“He surfaced, that’s why the alarm sounded. We’ve got the lead, but I think he knows you’re here. We have to move now or we will lose him for God only knows how long!” I spoke swiftly.

“But it’s 7 in the morning! What about breakfast!?” Niall groaned. Liam slapped him upside the arm and Zayn rolled his eyes.

“You can pick up something on the way, but right now we need to get suited up and have a plan before we leave this house.” I looked to all of the boys who nodded in response.

“Plan is simple, he knows that were here but you aren’t, you will be the surprise attack he wouldn’t expect. Niall and Liam can lead him towards Zayn and I. He’s a runner so we can lead him to you and Louis and you catch him off guard, and we go from there” Harry stepped forward.

“Easier said than done Haz, he may not go in the direction we want him to go in.” Louis mumbled.

“Yes but we can move towards him, we will all have earpieces, we can cut him’s not that difficult.” I spoke without realizing I had taken Harry’s side over Louis’. Harry smirked at me and I rolled my eyes.

“Alright so everyone meet back down here in thirty minutes and we will gear up and head out?” Liam spoke. Everyone nodded and quickly rushed upstairs to get changed.

As everyone walked into the guest bedrooms, I headed towards my room and headed straight for my closet. I changed into black jeans and a black crop top. I grabbed my combat boots and walked into my ensuite to do my makeup and hair. Before I headed out the door I changed my phone case and added a few accessories. I ran downstairs and into the basement. I unlocked the door and grabbed all the weapons we needed. For myself I grabbed my Black Hand gun and my twin black daggers.

What can I say black just suits me? Finally I handed over the rest of the gear to the guys and grabbed my ray bands and my leather jacket.

“All set?”I asked. They nodded. We headed out the door and I quickly shut the door behind me. I walked to the garage and opened it up. The boys stood there in shock seeing all of the cars and bikes.

“Liam and Niall you guys can take the hummer. Zayn and Harry you guys can take the bikes and Louis and I will take the Audi. Everyone knows their positions. Once Louis and I have him in our possession we will wait until you guys arrive yeah?” I asked. Everyone nodded and the boys raced to their vehicles.

I laughed; I guess the saying was true.

Boys and their toys. They can’t live without them.

I pulled Louis to the Audi and climbed in. we all sped to our positions waiting for Liam and Niall to spot him.

“Everyone is online right?” Louis spoke into the earpiece. Everyone mumbled a response. “So what exactly are we going to do to this guy once we catch him?” Niall asked.

“We kill him. Plan and simple Niall.” Zayn snapped over the mic. Harry and I both responded at the same time “We get Intel and then we kill him.”

Louis looked over to me and smirked.

“You two are more alike then you give yourselves credit for.” Liam sang through the mic. I sighed in annoyance and Harry mumbled an incoherent sound under the mic.

“I think we have a read. He is heading towards 5th and Charlot.“ Louis typed into his computer and spoke into the mic. “Zayn you can cut him off once he hits Charlot and force him towards Rivoli where Harry is located.”

“I’m on it!” Zayn yelled through the mic.

“Harry they should be heading your way in about 2 minutes. When he turns onto that street with Zayn he will look for any alley way to escape, it’s your job to take those options away.” Louis spoke into the mic.

“Harry he is heading straight towards you. Once he is in your sight I will loop around and help you out.” Zayn said.

“I see him, Zayn take the alley way on your left and meet up with me once he gets closer to Scar and Lou.” Harry said. “Were crossing over one of the bridges, I think were on Branley now!” Harry yelled through the mic.

“Scarlet he is heading towards the Eiffel Tower. He wants to go into the public, he is going to try and lose us through there.”

I turned and smirked at Louis.

“Not on my watch.” I revved the Audi into action and sped down Suffern and pulled the car over. Louis hopped out and I ran towards the tower. “Where are you going?!” Louis yelled out.

“Force him to go up in the tower! If I’m correct none of the tours have started yet, meaning we can trap him up there without causing a scene!” I spoke through the mic.

“Everyone meet at the Eiffel Tower and hurry up!” “Were on our way!” Liam and Niall spoke. “Harry how far away are you from the tower?” Louis asked

“You seriously think I have the answer to that Louis! “

“Haz just turn your head to the left! If you can see the tower then your close if not then we still have time.”

“Yup I’m close!” Harry spoke.

“I’m in the elevator. If he’s stupid he will pick the top floor. I’ll see you guys up.” I finally reached to top floor and walked out. I was very windy outside and I checked to make sure no security guards were up. Luckily there were none and I looked at my surroundings.

“Shit, he’s in the elevator; He’s heading up to you. Scar don’t do anything until Louis and I are up there. I mean it scarlet!”

“Harry I don’t have time. You can’t just wait for the elevator to go up and come all the way down. I won’t have time.”

“So how do you bloody suppose we get up there Scarlet!?” Harry snapped. “How do you feel about stairs?!” I asked. Louis groaned in the background.

“You’ve got to be joking me.” Louis groaned.

I looked back at the elevator to see he was ten floors away from the top. I quickly took my position in front of the metal doors and counted back from ten. As soon as I heard the bell my eyes flashed open and the doors widened to reveal a tall man with light brown hair that was styled up into a quiff.

My eyes soon met his icy blue gaze and his eyes seemed to widen at my presence I used this to my advantage and lunged for his throat. My hands coiled around and I dragged him out of the elevator. I tossed him to the ground and he slammed his head off the metal floor.

I pulled out my gun and cocked it.

“Rumor had it you were dead.” He groaned as he slowly got to his feet and dusted himself off. He met my gaze once again and gave me a devilish smirk. “I guess we will have to fix that.” Before I could react he rammed me up against the elevator doors and squeezed my throat.

 I brought my knee up and nailed him hard. He released and I fell to the ground gasping for air. I scrambled to find my gun that had been knocked from my hands. He gripped my hair and pulled me back. He sent a punch flying into my stomach and I cringed in pain. I clawed at his arms and he stepped back in pain. Fresh blood was dripping from his arm. I pushed myself up from the ground and pulled the daggers out from my pants. I threw the first one and it tore across his abdomen. The next one I threw he caught and whipped it back at me.

I did a back handspring just in time and the dagger flew out the side of the tower, plummeted straight down below. I ran towards him and knocked him off his feet. I slammed my fist down hard. Once I heard his nose crunch I knew I had shattered the bone. I brought my fist back again but this time he caught my wrist and twisted. I yelped in pain as he released and pushed me away. I lost my balance and slammed my head against the metal structure. I quickly got up and knocked his feet out from under him. I sent a sucker punch straight to his chest and pressed my boots down hard on his throat.

“We are almost to the top!” Louis yelled through the earpiece.

I was about to reply when he gripped my ankle and pushed up causing me to lose balance. He still had hold of my foot so I slammed my left boot for his hands. I stopped for a brief moment and looked around for the gun. I found it and turned back to Marcus. I slammed my foot towards his hands and he released my foot. I crawled towards my gun, but he pulled me up by my hair and slammed my head hard against the metal frame.

He gripped tightly around my neck and lifted me off the ground. I tried clawing at his eyes but I was losing focus.  I did one last ditch effort and slammed my elbows down on his arms. He released me but shoved me hard. I didn’t even get a footing before I crashed through the safety rail.

I screamed out as I felt myself falling. My body went into overdrive and I reached out to grab the tower. My hand grasped the edge as tight as I could. My palms became sweaty as I tried to find a better grip. Marcus walked over with a devilish smile on his face.

“So how does it feel to be beaten Scarlet?” I struggled with my grip as my fingers slowly started to slide. I glared up at Marcus and responded.

“Who said I had given up?” Marcus only stepped forward and raised his foot down hard on my pointer finger.

“Where’s your lovely boyfriend hunny or his friends? Did they realize you are nothing?”

He slammed his heel down hard on my left hand and I cried out in pain as I lost my grip on edge. I was now holding up all of my body weight with one hand, most likely 100’s of thousands of feet in the air with nothing but a free fall to the bottom.

Great. Honestly this was just turning out to be a fantastic day.

I looked back up to Marcus who only laughed. “Shouldn’t be long now, before you know well, your body won’t be able to hold you up due to exhaustion, It’s a sad death really now that I think about it.”

I smiled as I heard Louis’ and Harry’s footsteps climbing up the last set of stairs.

“I highly doubt that.” I smirked up at him.

“And why is that love? You see I have the upper hand.” He raised his foot and was about to slam his foot down again when I burst out into laughter.

“Because it’s three against one you idiot.”

With that he looked behind him and saw Harry running towards him with Louis hot on his heels. Marcus turned back to me and said

“That’s where you’re wrong it’s two on one.” With that he slammed his foot down hard on my left hand. My grip loosened and I let go of the edge.

I closed my eyes as I accepted my death.

It was short lived when I suddenly felt a strong grip holding me up. I opened my eyes and looked up to see the piercing blue eyes and Louis’ smiling face looking down at me.

“Louis!” I called out. “Give me your other hand!” He yelled over the wind.

I swung my right hand up and he grabbed it with ease and started to pull me up. Once my feet were safely back on the floor my eyes scanned the room frantically for Harry. I quickly spotted him throwing punch after punch to Marcus.

“Harry we still need him! Harry enough!” I snapped as I ran over to where Harry had his legs around him.

“No! He thinks- He can just- bloody- do that- to you- he is so fucking wrong! How- fucking-dare-you-bloody-touch-my–girlfriend-you little-“ Harry said between punches. I however quickly cut him off before he could say or do anything else.

“Harry ENOUGH!” I sneered and grabbed Harry by the collar of his leather jacket and pulled him off of Marcus who coughed up blood.

I shoved Harry towards Louis who instantly locked his hands behind Harry so that he couldn’t lash out. I ran my fingers through my hair and sighed in annoyance.

“Louis you would do best to let go of me this instant!” Harry’s words were like venom. His once green eyes were now black as they narrowed on me.

“Haz calm down.” I said softly.

Harry’s nostrils flared and soon his breathing slowed. He blinked a couple of times and soon his eyes were back to normal again. Louis released him and he slowly walked towards me.

“Are you alright?” Harry looked me over checking to make sure I wasn’t hurt or broken. I quickly waved him off and rolled my eyes.

“I’m fine. It’s my fingers that go the worst damage.” He grabbed my hands lightly and looked them over. Once he was satisfied and saw that I was okay he pulled me into a tight hug.

“Next time we stay together alright? I don’t want to have that feeling again.” I pulled out of his arms and walked over to Marcus. I then turned to Louis.

“Do you have any knives?”

He nodded and reached behind his jacket and pulled out a Cudeman dagger and tossed it over to me. I caught it with ease. I heard Harry pull out his gun and load it.  I walked around to the back of Marcus and held the dagger tight against his throat and pulled his hair to look Harry up into his eyes.

“Harry would you kindly get us started?”

“My pleasure.” Harry smirked and sent a hard left hook to his face dislocating his jaw.

“You were there the night our parents died. Why?” I asked.

“I ain’t telling you shit!” He spit out blood to the side of him. I turned and nodded at Harry who sent another punch to his gut. He gasped in pain but didn’t say a word. I was starting to get fed up with him and my patience’s was wearing thin.

“Lou trade places with me.” He nodded and I stepped over to where Harry was. I crouched down on my knees and twisted the dagger in my hands  

“Now I’m going to ask you one more time. Why were you there that night at the warehouse when our parent’s died?”

He only smiled showing his bloody teeth and laughed. It was cut short when I got fed up and stabbed the dagger into his shoulder.

Could you blame me though? He had wasted what little patience’s I had left. He cried out in pain as I turned the dagger ever so slightly. He looked at me with pleading eyes. I tore the dagger out and wiped the blood off with his shirt. I then twisted my dagger in my hands waiting for an answer.

“You might as well kill me sweetheart, because you can rot in hell before I say anything!” I smirked and looked up to Harry who shared the same idea as me.

“Who said we have to kill you? We’re going to cause you so much pain you will be begging us to just kill you and get it over with. But that isn’t any fun so I suggest you tell us or you will start off with losing mobility in your legs” Harry said eerily calm.

Marcus only laughed and Harry nodded towards me. I rammed my knife down hard just above his left knee cap. He screamed out in pain, I quickly pulled out the dagger and moved over to his right leg and slammed it down hard. He let out a blood curtailing cry and finally spoke

“STOP! Please stop! I’ll tell you. I tell you everything. Just no more!” Marcus screamed as he continued to cough up more significant amounts of blood.

“You need to slow down or he is going to bleed out more quickly.” Louis spoke calmly. I nodded and looked Marcus in the eyes. “Why were you at the warehouse?” Harry sneered.

“I got a call from an unknown number asking me if I wanted a chance to get revenge on Rose’s for killing my brother. So naturally I took the offer without a second thought. They gave me a time and place. It was a bonus that “The Bloods” were there too. It was like killing two birds with one stone.” Marcus said smugly. This time Louis intervened and punch Marcus in his already broken nose.

“Who called you?” Louis snapped. I had never really seen Louis with such rage in his eyes

“I don’t know!” Marcus snapped.

“Wrong answer!” I slammed my dagger into the over side on his shoulder and twisted.

“I don’t know! I swear I don’t know!” I ripped the dagger out and sent a glare towards him. Marcus was ghostly white. We had maybe about one more minute until he was going to pass out.

“I don’t think we’re going to get much more out of him. What time do the tours start again?” Harry asked.

“Um I’m pretty sure 3? It’s 2:50pm right now, what do we do with him?” I said looking towards Harry and Louis for answers.

“You can’t just leave me here!” Marcus screamed out. I laughed out with Louis while Harry let a soft chuckle escape his lips

“Watch us.” Louis smirked. We all turned to walk towards the elevator when Marcus called out again

“But I have more info! If you save me I’ll tell you something Scarlet that is more important than anything else in your life!” Marcus yelled.

I stopped dead in my tracks. I spun on my heel and walked back over to him. I was beyond furious as the anger boiled up inside me.

“Why should I trust you?” I sneered.

“Because I have Intel that you need. Someone is after you. Let’s just say they would pay a lofty price for your head.”

My breathing picked up and I lost all control. I grabbed Marcus’s shirt in my hand and pulled him close to my face

“Who is it? OR SO HELP ME GOD I WILL THROW YOU OVER THAT EDGE!” I screamed out. Marcus shrunk back in fear and closed his eyes.

“Look at me!” I snapped. He quickly opened his eyes and gulped.

“Her- Her name is Kali.” Marcus sputtered out. My eyes grew wide. I couldn’t believe it. I dropped Marcus and took a step back. Marcus gave me an evil smile.

“But I bet you already know who that is sweetheart” Marcus laughed out. 

I grew livid. I looked up to see Harry and Louis standing there in shock. I walked over to Harry and tore the gun out of his hands and walked back over to Marcus. His laughing died down as soon as he heard me load the gun.

“W-Wait I gave you Intel!  That was the deal you s-save me and I give you info!”

I was beyond livid at this point. I looked down at Marcus and returned an evil smile.

“Your right. I almost forgot about that.” I said sweetly. I raised my gun and loaded it between his eyes.

“What are you doing!?” Marcus screamed.

“As I recall you said I will give you Intel if you save me. Well you get your wish; I’m saving you from your suffering and saving you the trouble of going to a hospital.” I smirked and pressed the trigger. Marcus fell back and bled out on the floor. I walked up to him again and for good measure I loaded the gun again and shot directly at his heart.

“That’s for our parents.” I sneered.

I looked back up to see Louis was still in shock but Harry was now livid as well. I walked up to Harry and slammed the gun hard against his chest. I pushed past him causing me to push his shoulder. Instead of taking the elevator I started my way down the stairs. I pulled out my sunglasses and put them up. I rushed down the stairs not bothering to look back. I finally made my way to the bottom and pushed past Liam and Niall. I tore the earpiece from my ear and threw it to the side. I found Zayn leaning up against his bike. He tore his earpiece out as well and threw me a helmet.

For some odd reason I didn’t want to confide in Louis to comfort me. I didn’t want to be told it was going to be okay. I didn’t want to have to deal with Harry and I figured Zayn understood and I was right.

“Get on, unless you want to deal with him.” Zayn said as he nodded towards Harry who was yelling at Liam and Niall and then turned his attention to me.

“Gladly.” I spoke.

He was downright furious. He started walking over to Zayn and I but I only got on the bike. Zayn revved up the engine and I put on the black helmet and slammed down the visor. I snaked my hands around his waist and we sped off before Harry could give me a piece of his mind.

I didn’t know where Zayn planned on taking me but I was happy it was anywhere Harry and the rest of the gang wasn’t. The anger continued to boil inside me as I was left to process everything Marcus had just told me.

Finally it was getting Dark and it felt as if Zayn and I had been driving for hours.  He pulled into an underground parking lot and cut the engine. We both dismounted the bike and I ran my fingers through my hair pulling at the strands.

“C’mon lets go. We walk on foot from here.” Zayn spoke quietly even though there was no one else I the parking garage.

“Where are we going?” I asked the frustration building up in my voice. “Somewhere I used to blow off steam when I was a teen. Ever heard of underground fighting?” Zayn responded sending me a smile.

“Won’t that be an unfair advantage?” I raised a brow at Zayn.

“Let’s say it’s not your typical underground fighting. Now c’mon.” Zayn grabbed me hand and pulled me along. We walked past security and walked into an outdoor arena. There was a huge crowd cheering on the two fighters that beginning round three of their match. What surprised me was a girl about have my size fighting a man about double Zayn’s build.

“I’m gonna go sign up I will be right back.”

With that Zayn disappeared out of sight, but was soon back with a small schedule in his hands.

“My fight is up next, I am facing that guy over there.” Zayn point to a man who looking around his 20’s with a large build. “Like I said isn’t this an unfair advantage?” I asked

Zayn on laughed and shook his head.

“Nope there just like us Scar. That’s why they put me up against him, I think he is the runner up for most number of wins and zero loses.” I smiled up at Zayn as he began to take off his leather jacket.

“Well I guess you have to change that.” I said devilishly.

As soon as the bell’s chimed Zayn gave me a quick smile before he headed off to the ring. I rushed up to the sign in table and quickly signed myself up for the last fight of the night. Zayn was right if I wanted to blow off steam now was the time to do so. I then walked back over and watched as Zayn and his opponent step into the ring.

I thought to myself as Zayn threw his final knockout punch...


What the hell have I gotten myself into?



Authors Note: Next chapter is big, this is all leading up to what I have in mind, Funny how Kali is back again? Ohhh the plans I have!!!!!!  New Update is when a comment goal of 100+ is reached!! It's  really simple guys!!!!! Good Luck! Pic of Marcus is below! Link to her outfit as well!

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