My name is Scarlet Rose. You may say my life as a child didn't go as planned... ever since the age of 12, I have gotten into trouble. At the age of 13 I got arrested for hacking the C.I.A they then took me in and trained me as one of their youngest agents, at the age of 14 I managed to escape the C.I.A and the F.B.I and had gone rogue, and trained as an elite assassin. I am 18 years old and I am one of the top assassins in Europe.

Both my parents are dead. The only family I had left was my sister Luce until I found her brutally beaten in an alleyway and five assassins "The Bloods" escaping in a black van. Ever since her death I have had one thing on my mind. To kill "The Bloods". The only thing standing in my way is them.

That is until I fall in love with one of them?


31. Chapter 31

Chapter 31

Liam’s POV

All the boys were sitting in the car as Louis drove. It seemed like we were on the road for hours. The girls had decided to head back to London due to the fact of recent events. Everyone was torn. I sighed and decided to text Dani and see if the girls had made it back safe.

Liam: Hey babe are the girl’s home safe?

Danielle quickly replied

Danielle: Yes… they are really shaken up though Li… I still don’t understand why they were after her Liam? Does that mean someone is after you?!

Liam: We all are hun, as to why they were after her it was a mystery… and I’m not sure hun, its part of the job, there is always going to be someone after us. That’s why I never want you involved… If I ever lost you love I don’t know what I would do

Danielle: Li I’m not going anywhere :)

Liam: I love you. You know that right?

Danielle: I love you too, and always.

I was about to reply back to Danielle's text when Louis called up from the front.

“Shit…guys I think we have a problem…”

I raised a brow and followed Louis' gaze as he looked out the on the car mirror. I turned myself around and looked through the back window and sure enough a black S.U.V was behind a couple cars following us.

“What’s wrong Lou?”

“That S.U.V has been following us for awhile; I have no idea why though.”

“Everyone check your phones. Niall check under the seats and Liam look around the car and see if you can find anything?”

“What’s going on mate?” Niall mumbled.

“I… I think were being followed. There’s no way! I was being bloody careful to!”

“Louis give me your phone! Niall! Zayn! Check yours and Harry…I need..” I never finished my sentence because when I turned to Harry he was fast asleep with recent tears on his cheeks. All the boys were upset about Scarlet’s death… but Harry took it the worst… the boys and I had never seen him this bad before. He looked shattered.

I quickly pulled out my phone and torn off the casing on the back. As soon as finished my search I checked Lou’s for any bugs.

“I’m all clear.” Niall mumbled.

“My phone has nothing either.” Zayn said

“Lou’s is clear and so is mine.” I said.

“Liam wake Harry up now. We need his phone.”

I slowly shook Harry awake and he looked around in shock. His eyes met mine and I saw pain flash across his eyes.

“Where are we? Man I had the scariest dream of my life… Liam it was nuts, I thought…” He managed to stifle a laugh “I thought Scarlet actually died.” I couldn’t look Harry in the eyes.

“Liam… why are you…no… no please…She’s… It was just a dream! NO NO NO! SHE CAN’T BE DEAD! Liam tell me she’s not dead!”

I turned away from Harry and looked down at the floor.

“Liam when I ask you a question you better fucking answer it!” Harry screamed. I turned and met Harry’s gaze. He didn’t need an answer as soon as he saw it in my eyes.

“Harry we need your phone. There is an S.U.V following us and all our phones are cleared but we need yours.” Louis spoke swiftly.

Harry looked around at all the boys and slowly pulled out his phone. He handed it over to me and I checked the phone for any trackers. Sure enough Harry had a bug planted in his phone.

“Louis role down the window. We have to throw out all the phones. Now!” I yelled out.

Harry grew wide-eyed and ripped the phone from my hands

“Harry!” Niall sneered.

“You’re not throwing out my phone! This is all I have left! You don’t understand... I have pictures… if you throw this out I will have nothing left of Scarlet!” Harry croaked.

“Harry give us the phone. We have to throw it away!” I sneered.


“Haz your phone has been bugged, we have to get rid of it!” Louis called out from the front.

“No! I won’t let you! Lou you don’t get it… these pictures are all I have left… I can’t… Lou please this is all I have left of her!” Harry cried out.

“Harry! Give me the phone. I won’t throw it out the window. Mate trust me, give me the phone.” Zayn spoke.

Harry looked to Zayn with pleading eyes before slowly handing over his phone. Zayn taped away on the phone and looked back to Harry.

“I sent all your photo’s back to the house. They are all saved Harry. Now we really need to throw out your phone.” Zayn said roughly.

Harry nodded and we all grabbed our phones.

“On the count of three, throw them out the window as the cars pass by!” Louis yelled over the roar of the highway.


“Two!” Everyone gripped their phones.

“Three! Now!” We all tossed our phones and watched them break into millions of pieces as the cars ran over them.

Louis rolled the windows up and looked up in his rear view mirror to us.

“Now that problem is solved we have another… The S.U.V is coming closer.”

“Louis take the next exit and go onto the bridge and see if they still follow us.” Zayn spoke

Louis pressed on the gas and headed towards the exit. Sure enough the S.U.V followed. Louis ran a red light and managed to make it on the bridge. Louis gunned the gas and looked back up in the rear view mirror. I saw an idea flash before his eyes and instantly knew what Louis was planning on doing.

“Louis are you fricking crazy?!”

“No Liam I’m creative!” Louis smirked.

“Lad what exactly do you plan on doing?!” Zayn said hesitantly.

“Well I plan on getting the car to stop following us.” Louis said calmly.

“Are you bloody mad?! Please tell me were not going into the water?”Niall called out.

“No no no… but they will be if this actually works.” Louis stepped on the gas and spun the wheel spinning us back around.

He shifted into gear two and stepped on the gas. We were now headed straight towards the S.U.V we were almost in range of impact when the S.U.V swerved and crashed through the rail guard and off the bridge. Louis cut the engine and everyone breathed out a sigh of relief. We all quickly scrambled out of the car and ran to the side of the bridge. We all looked to see the black S.U.V sink below the river.

Louis was about to say something when sirens were heard off in the distance.

“That’s our que to leave. Let’s go!” Zayn sneered.

“Yup, come on we still have a long way to go.” Louis muttered. All the boys started to head back to the car when I realized Harry hadn’t moved from his spot.

“Harry come on, the cops will be here soon, let’s go!” Louis yelled over the blare of the sirens that seemed to be getting closer.


“Harry we don’t have time for this get in the car!”

“No… Louis. I want to know what Scarlet told you while she was in the hospital. What did she say to you?” Harry growled.

Louis looked to me with pleading eyes and then responded to Harry.

“I’ll tell you in the car but right now we really need to go!”

“No. What the hell did she say to you Louis that was so important? I want to know now… and that is an order!” Harry snapped

I looked over to the entrance of the bridge and sure enough the police were speeding towards us. I gripped Harry’s arm and dragged him towards the car. Louis jumped into the car and started the engine. He stepped on the gas and drove away from the crime scene.

“Lou… hurry it up will you!?” Niall sneered.

“I’m trying!”Louis snapped

We managed to get away from the cops and get back on the highway. It was a fairly silent ride and the tension between Harry and Louis was boiling up until Harry couldn’t take it anymore.

“Louis tell me what she said.”

We turned off the highway and started driving along a country back road.

“Well she told me to take care of El.”Louis said softly.

“Wait... then why did she make me promise not to hurt you? What did she really tell you Louis? I will not ask you again!” Harry snapped.

Louis sighed and pulled up into a long driveway.

“She gave me a piece of paper that had directions on it Harry. She said we would need to go to it as soon as possible and that although she won’t be with us anymore… she would still be with us, watching over us. I swear Harry that’s what she asked me to do. She wrote down the directions and gave me the paper and said she her goodbyes to me and then sent me out to get you...” Louis voice cracked at the last bit. I could tell he was also really shaken by the fact Scarlet was no longer here.

Harry took in what Louis had said when confusion crossed his face again.

“I believe you Lou… but it just doesn’t make any sense… I… she said… I don’t understand! None of this bloody makes any God Damn sense!” Harry’s fist connected with the window causing it to crack. Louis sighed before cutting the engine.

“I know… just come on, it’s getting dark and I for sure as one want to know why she sent us here.”

He climbed out of the car and walked up to the front porch and grabbed the handle. Louis pressed down but the door didn’t budge. He tried again and again but nothing worked.

“Did she give you a key?”

Louis furrowed his brows and shook his head

“No just directions” He mumbled. Zayn flung his hands up in frustration and sat on the porch.

“Great this is just great! She gives us directions to a house that locked! Wait does anyone have a pick lock?!”Zayn said

Everyone shook their heads no and Zayn sulked back on the porch.

“Guys… even if we did have a pick lock there is nothing to pick… there is no key hole… Isn’t that odd? A door with no key hole?” Niall muttered.

“Wait no key hole? That means… she has too… It’s got to be around here somewhere!”Harry spoke.

“Haz what is it?” I asked.

“You guys don’t get it? No key hole! That means there is a key pad around here somewhere!" Harry exclaimed.

“Yes but Harry even if we find it, we still don’t know the code!”  I snapped.

Harry ignored me and started knocking on one of the walls. I leaned back against one of the pillars and sighed.

“Got it!”Harry yelled.

We all gathered around as Harry pressed a small button and a keypad appeared. Suddenly I got an idea.

“Louis do you still have the note?”

“Yeah why?”Louis asked confused.

“Just give it to me.”

He dug into his pocket and pulled out the crumpled note. I unfolded it and saw Scarlet’s hand writing. Sure enough there inscribed in her handwriting were digits that could be seen as letters for the common eye.

“I got the code. She wrote it in the address. Smart girl.”I said.

“She always was...” Harry voice was filled with pain.

“What’s the code!? Hurry up Liam I’m starving.” Niall responded.

“Ok, just give me a second. 6 is the first, and then it’s um… 1, and then 3, next is a 1 and then an 6 and finally a 0.”

Harry typed in the code and it light up green. We heard the door unlock and we slipped into the house. We didn’t bother turning on the lights since the house was already lit… Odd that the lights were turned on. I looked around in awe. This was an amazing house similar to our mansion but slightly different.

“So um… what do we do now?” I asked nervously

“Well I’m off to find the fridge.” Niall quickly ran off in the direction of what he thought was the kitchen.

“Is this a safe house?” Louis asked aloud

“I… I’m not sure… Scarlet never mentioned it to me before.” Harry spoke softly.

“Guys!... You might want to come see this!”Niall shouted from another room.

I sighed along with the rest of the boys

“Honestly what is so damn important Niall?!" Zayn yelled as we walked through the living room into the kitchen.

“Yeah Niall what there’s no food?” Louis snorted which caused the rest of us to burst into laughter. We came into the kitchen and noticed Niall was looking in the compost.

“You called us over to look in the compost?”I said.

“No… well yeah but look, I was pealing myself an orange and I went to go throw the peel in the compost and look what I found!” Niall pointed towards the compost. We all stepped forward to take a look. There was nothing but rotten food.

“You called us over to look at compost? Niall you’re losing it!” Zayn sneered.

“What? No there is an apple core right there.” Niall turned to go point where the apple core was but nothing was there.

“Niall you’re seeing things.”Louis smirked.

“No honest lads! It was fresh like someone had just eaten it! I swear I opened the lid and there it was then I left the room for like three seconds and now it’s gone!”Niall said.

“Well whatever it is Niall it was just your imagination. I’m going to be goodnight!” Harry snapped and slammed the compost bin shut. He stormed up the stairs and slammed the door to a room.

Once the cost was clear Niall spoke.

“Honest guys you have to believe me!”

Louis and I shared a look and tried to be rational.

“Do you maybe think it was a maid?”Louis asked.

“But that doesn’t explain why the apple just suddenly vanished!” Niall replied.

“I’m not sure… Scarlet didn’t have a maid at the family home… maybe relative?” Zayn spoke.

“No, the only family she had was us… you think it was a break in?” Louis whispered.

“I don’t think it was a break in… all the lights were on when we came in did anyone else find that odd? And who else would have access to this house?” I responded.

“That’s what I’m worried about whom else besides Scarlet and us know about this house?” Louis replied.

“I’m not sure but we should really be heading to bed. We have other things to worry about. I’m sorry Niall but an apple core is not our top priority right now.” I said.

All the boys nodded and headed towards the stairs.

“I’m actually gonna explore the house for a little bit and see why she sent us here.” Louis said softly. I nodded and replied

“Alright just make sure you get some sleep. Haz is gonna wanna leave tomorrow and God only knows what he is going to be like tomorrow, anyways night Lou.”

Louis nodded and said goodnight. I turned and headed up the stairs and found a spare bedroom where I crashed for the night.


Louis POV

I waited until everyone was asleep before I started to explore the house. Maybe I was crazy, maybe I was insane but there was no way someone could break into the house. Someone knew what they were doing when they came into this house and they knew this house existed.

I passed down the hallways opening and exploring each room. Finally I opened a door that must have led to the basement. I followed the stairs and sure enough they led me into a very large basement. Everything seemed to be in place and nothing was out of order. I walked over to the sofa and felt along the seats.

Damn they were all cold. Ok so maybe I was actually going crazy, but I just felt like I wasn’t the only one down in the basement. I walked past the pool table and noticed a door. I tried to open it but it wouldn’t budge. I looked around for another key pad but I couldn’t find any finally I got an idea. I looked around the room.

My eyes wandered across the room. Nothing seemed to stick out. I walked over behind the bar and felt under the table. I crouched down to get a better look when I heard a noise. I instantly shot up from my position and grabbed the closest item to me. My eyes scanned the room and I stood there in shock. There on the far end of the room was one single window open. I quickly ran over and looked out the window. I scanned the backyard.

I rubbed my eyes as I looked out the window.

I was in absolute shock.

I swear I had just seen someone run into the back forest.

I quickly snapped out of it and locked the window up. I checked over each window and ran upstairs. I went over every window and door and made sure everything was locked. I was about to turn around and head upstairs when I was suddenly face to face with someone.

“Louis what the hell are you doing up? It’s 3am!” Harry sneered rubbing his eyes trying to adjust from the lights.

“Uhh… I was just um… exploring… I didn’t realize the time, I was just coming up to bed.” I muttered.

“Louis are you alright? It looks as if you have seen a ghost?”

My thoughts quickly filled with the person I saw running into the forest. I snapped from my thoughts when Harry looked towards me for an answer.

“Uh... Yeah I’m fine. I-just um nothing, I’m just tired, Lets go to bed yeah?”

“Ok.”Harry walked away and I followed slowly behind.

Realization hit me hard. Someone had been in the house. Someone knew we were here.

I thought back to what I saw when I looked through the window.

That someone wasn’t just anyone…

I shook the thoughts from my mind, I was going crazy. Don’t do this Louis, you’re tired and not thinking straight. You need sleep. I walked into a spare room and climbed into bed. So many thoughts ran through my mind, but only one stood out

I wasn’t going crazy. I knew what I had seen. I wasn’t dreaming.


That someone wasn’t just anyone…


That someone was a female





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Scarlet's House

Front Entrance

Kitchen Area

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