My name is Scarlet Rose. You may say my life as a child didn't go as planned... ever since the age of 12, I have gotten into trouble. At the age of 13 I got arrested for hacking the C.I.A they then took me in and trained me as one of their youngest agents, at the age of 14 I managed to escape the C.I.A and the F.B.I and had gone rogue, and trained as an elite assassin. I am 18 years old and I am one of the top assassins in Europe.

Both my parents are dead. The only family I had left was my sister Luce until I found her brutally beaten in an alleyway and five assassins "The Bloods" escaping in a black van. Ever since her death I have had one thing on my mind. To kill "The Bloods". The only thing standing in my way is them.

That is until I fall in love with one of them?


30. Chapter 30

Chapter 30

Mystery POV

I watched from the café as the ambulance rushed past me. I quickly pulled out my phone and dialed the number.

On the final ring they picked up.

“What is it?”

“They have both taken the bait. We delayed the others flights so they have no way of getting here for a few hours but there here in Paris.”

“Do you have sight on them now?”

I grabbed my money out of my wallet and paid the waiter. I grabbed my motorcycle and climbed on.

“I’ve got sight on the ambulance. There plane landed a few minutes ago. He must have called from inside the plane because they were on sight when they rushed her out. The ambulance is signaling 3 sirens call which means it’s critical so there awaiting for at the hospital. Do you want me to go there and see what I can do?”

“…No… this is perfect… lay off them… Observe them only. I want Intel; they will be paranoid for the next couple of days especially her boyfriend. Delay the others flight for as long as you can. I will call you again to see what you have learned.”

“Alright I’ll see what I can do.”

I clicked the phone shut and started the engine and sped down to find the hospital.


Sarah’s POV

I was standing beside Bri in security check. I took of my shoes, jewelry, Cell phone anything really with metal in it had to go in the damn box… correction no cell phone. I had forgotten Zayn’s little outburst of Calum texting me… Let’s say he didn’t take it well and crumpled my phone in his hands. I walked through the metal detector and it sounded. Great just bloody great. I thought I had taken everything off.

“Miss could you step over here please?”A young gorgeous guy asked me.

I swear I felt my mouth drop. I heard Zayn snort behind me. I spun around and gave him a death glare and happily walked over to the insanely built security person.

“The machine went off and it’s our job to make sure no one is smuggling. I’m really sorry but it’s procedure to check to make sure your not carrying any metal objects on you.” He smiled sweetly. I turned to see Zayn with a smug look on his face. Fine two can play at this game.

“Yes of course.” I said cheekily and stepped closer to the Security guy. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Zayn’s body tense up.

 Yes! Keep going Sarah it’s working! As the security guy brought the metal detector around my body and started going lower. He stopped and looked up at me.

“Sorry miss you’re going to need to spread your legs for me.”

I smirked at Zayn and spread my legs for the guy. The guy was all finished with his search around my feet when I lent him a hand and pulled him up. Only instead I crashed the security guy into me and we both fell over with him on top. He quickly scrambled off of me and helped me up this time and I tripped into his chest.

 He caught me and I looked up into his eyes and faintly saw Zayn over my shoulder. Damn I’m good. For the finale I tucked a strand of my hair underneath my beanie and shyly looked down at my shoes.

“I’m so sorry, I’m a klutz.” I smiled back up at him and he chuckled a deep laugh.

“I should be the one who is sorry, I hope you’re alright.” He said sincerely

“Perfect!” I beamed

“Good because I didn’t want to hurt a beautiful girl like you” He said softly

I stifled a laugh and nodded my head.

“Well thank-you for catching me.”

“No problem.”

I grabbed my things and as soon as I turned around there beside Niall was Zayn and boy was he fuming. I smirked at him and walked over to Bri who was trying desperately not to laugh. I grabbed her forearm and I quickly walked towards our gate so that I wouldn’t be near Zayn when we lost it.

“As much as I admire what you did, you know Zayn is going to bloody lose it?!”

I looked at her and sighed

“…I know.” But boy I wished it wasn’t true.


Louis POV

I was currently walking with Liam to our gate when I got a text.

Scarlet: Louis I’m going to kill him.

Louis: Please just bare with him. It’s only an hour and a half plane ride please I promise I will be there soon ok?

Scarlet: I guess I can try; He even tried yelling at the fucking pilot because he came over and talked to each of the passengers while everyone was boarding.

Louis: Seriously?

Scarlet: No of course no Harry is back to normal and is all happy sunshine and rainbows! OF COURSE HE DID THAT!

Louis: Scar please try and calm down. I’m gonna try and get there as soon as I can :)

Scarlet: Yeah, Yeah sure… just please hurry up.

Harry: Lou she is driving me up the damn wall!

I stifled a laugh and texted Harry back

Louis: Haz just calm down

Harry: Oh I’m perfectly calm; it’s not my fault the pilot can’t keep it in his bloody pants

Louis: What even happened?

Harry: … Scarlet was talking to the pilot and then he was getting to close and I was going to strangled him and she almost broke my fingers… No she’s giving me the silent treatment

Louis: Well Haz I think the pilot was just trying to be friendly

Harry: Yeah that’s not it… and you know how this flight was booked? There are empty seats on the plane.

Louis: They could just be no shows Harry

Harry: I don’t think so Lou... I have a bad feeling

Louis: I’m sure it’s nothing, you’re just over stressed

Harry: No I’m not! I’m just… I don’t know how to describe it… something just doesn’t feel right. Anyways I have to go the plane is about to take off. I’ll text you when we land.

Louis: See you soon.

I placed my phone back in my pocket and we all took our seats in the waiting area. We were all doing our own thing. Bri was texting on her phone. Sarah was listening to music. Zayn was glaring at Sarah. Niall had run to go get some food and Liam was reading a book. I decided to text Eleanor since she was still in the hospital.

 We managed to talk for awhile until she had to go because the doctors wanted to run a couple more tests on her.
I sat back in my seat and watched the planes leave and fly into the airport. I was shaking from my thoughts when a loud announcement blared over the P.A system

‘Flight A20 to Paris has been delayed due to technical issues.’

Great… We were going to be stuck here for awhile.


Brianna’s POV

I finally reached the gate with Sarah and Niall took it upon himself to sit beside me. I tensed as he leaned in close to me.

“Do you want anything? Food or a drink?” He said softly

“No!” I sneered under my breath. I could see the hurt in his eyes as he got up and walked away. I hated myself for the way I had been treating Niall but after that night I just couldn’t force myself to let him back in. He had managed to provoke the worst memories I had ever had. I never wanted to go back to those awful days back then… that’s why I moved to London originally... to escape…  But I wasn’t free. My past still haunted me and I had thought Niall was going to be the one to finally set me free of that, but I was wrong.

 I shivered as all of the horrible memories came flooding back and I didn’t want to others seeing me cry. I told Sarah I was going to the washroom and got up and walked away from our group. I felt the tears sting in my eyes just as I made it to the bathroom, locked the door and broke down.

I was a complete mess. I felt my knees go weak so I slid down to the floor. I brought my knees into my chest and cried out in pain as all of the memories of my awful past flashed before my eyes.


April 18th, 2003

 Grade Three so far was really scary. I moved to a new school last month because my parents said we needed a new start. God only knows what they meant. I hadn’t really made any friends yet and my teacher was really mean to our class. Today we got our math tests back. I studied for a super long time to make sure I knew my division and multiplication.

When I took the test I didn’t think I did badly, and I prayed to God that I at least got a B+. My teacher walked around the class handing back the dreaded test. I could tell what some of the marks that were given judging by my classmate’s facial expression. Finally my teacher stopped at my deck.

“Miss Davie, You should be well aware by now that mark’s like these are unacceptable. If I grade another test like this from you I will be phoning home.” She said sharply.

I gulped and nodded my head. She handed me the test and I looked to see the mark I had received.

Oh no… no… No… No!!!!!

There on the test circled was a 45%.

Tears swelled in my eyes. I had never gotten a mark lower than an 80% before in my life. My parents always made sure I strived for success and when they were going to see this mark… I would have no idea what was going to happen.

I tried to take a longer way home to avoid my parents yelling at me for this stupid test. I finally made it up the front porch and hesitated opening the door. I took a deep breath and walked inside.

Maybe if I ran up the stairs my parents wouldn’t ask about the test?

Boy was I wrong. As soon as I stepped foot in the house my mum called out to me

“Brianna! You’re home, come inside dear, I want to hear about your day!” She called out.

I sighed and blinked back my tears.

I walked into the kitchen/Living room and saw my dad reading the newspaper and my mom starting on the dinner for tonight.

“So how was school?”

I bit my lip and looked down at my feet

“It was ok...”

“Did you make any new friends today?”


My father folded down his newspaper and added in

“Brianna you have to put yourself out there. You won’t make any friends if you don’t try” He said sternly.

I wanted to say that I do try. I try everyday to make at least one friend, but it’s not easy. The kids at my school judge you and make fun of you if you are smart. I wish we never had to move… I had nice friends back home.

“I’m sure she is trying her hardest right dear?” My mum said.

“Yes.” I replied

“Not hard enough or she would be making more friends at her school.” My father mumbled.

“Anyways dear did you get your test back today?”

I took in a sharp breath. I knew I could lie to my parents they would only end up calling the school. I took in a deep breath and answered.

“Yes mum… My teacher handed it back to us before the bell.”

“Well? Go on tell us what you got on this test.” My dad said

“I… Well… I um… got a 45.” I mumbled under my breath

“Honey you must pronounce your words.”

“Right I um…even after I studied every night… um I got a um 45 on the test” I said nervously.

“You what!” My father screamed.

“Daddy I’m sorry. Really I tried my hardest. I s-studied every night for 2 weeks.”

“Clearly you didn’t otherwise your mark would be in the 90’s Brianna!” My mother yelled. She grabbed me by the wrist. I closed my eyes as she raised her hand. I cried out in pain as I could feel my cheek stinging. I lifted my hand but it really hurt to touch. I looked back up at my mom who was glaring down at me.

“Please mummy I’m sorry!”

“This is absolutely unacceptable. You’re grounded for 2 weeks and you will be going to bed without dinner!”

“Please… I promise I will do well on the next one… I just don’t understand what happened!” I cried out.

“Brianna you know that in this household we do not tolerate these kinds of grades and you most certainly will getting a good mark on the next test because you will be studying 4 weeks in advanced and even when you do not do homework, you will create practice problems for your to complete.” My dad then grabbed my wrist and dragged me up into my bedroom. He tossed me on my bed and slammed my bedroom door shut.

I ran over to the small mirror I had in my room and looked at my reflection. There on my face was a large bruise forming on my skin. I quickly walked back over to my bed and crawled under the covers. I had finally processed what had happened. Never in my life had my parents ever been so mean to me. Never in my life had my parents ever laid a hand on me. Never in my life had I ever wanted to relive a moment like this again.

I let the tears fall down from my face as my stomach growled. I was so hungry but soon my exhaustion got the better of me and I eventually cried myself to sleep.

(Flash forward)

June 6th, 2007

I had a dance recital coming up. I had asked my mom a couple of years back if I could start ballet and she agreed so long as my marks were up. I managed to get a 97% average in all my classes and my mum finally allowed me to join dance. The last two years I had joined one of my aunt’s dance studios and I had found my passion in life. When I danced I felt free, when I danced nothing else in the world mattered. My teacher loved me and I was doing really well in my classes. A few months ago my aunt closed her studio and I had to be moved to a new studio.

It was a living nightmare.

 I was assigned a new teacher and anything I tried to accomplish it was never good enough in her eyes. I would train and train to get the steps down, but she would always point out my flaws. Today was my first dance recital for this studio and my nerves were over whelming. My mum said if I didn’t do well on my solo I was going to be grounded.

“Brianna you should be warming up! I did not pay all this money just for you to go out there and disappoint! It’s about time you start growing up! You know your father’s and I rules. I mean it Brianna do not disappoint us.” She tossed me my water bottle and stormed out of the dressing room.

Finally my solo got called and I was waiting back stage to go on and perform. I was running through my routine one last time until I overheard my mother speaking on the phone.

“Yes hun she is just about to perform…No she doesn’t look good at all… We should have never signed her up for dance… All the other dancers are taller than her… Yes… Alright well this should be quick… No were not staying for awards… No she’s not going to get one for that excuse of a solo… Alright see you soon” She snapped her phone shut and I turned my back so that she didn’t see that I overheard.
My name was called and I slowly took the stage. I bent down into my starting position and saw droplets fall on the stage. I felt my cheek and saw that they were tear stained. This dance was supposed to be a joyful contemporary piece but at the last second the wrong music came on I did the one thing I regretted the most. I changed the entire piece.

(This is what i based her dance upon)



I didn’t bother wiping the tears from my face. I just focused on the music. Once I got started I didn’t stop. I knew the song was finally coming to an end I did one final move and walked off the stage. I crowd burst into applause and everyone was congratulating me. I finally felt good about myself and as soon as I got to the dressing room my teacher confronted me.

“Brianna what the hell was that?! I give you original choreography and you go out there and do that? How dare you! You’re dancing was terrible your feet weren’t pointed. Your spins weren’t sharp. If you ever try to create your own dance again, you will never be allowed to dance at my studio again!” With that she spun on her heel and stormed out of the room. I was about to dry my tears when my mother burst through the door.

“Brianna Davie! WHAT DID YOU DO?”

“I-I… they played the wrong music… I just went with it.” I said hesitantly. My mother stormed up to me and dug her nails into my arm. She slapped me across the face. I was about to scream, but she backhanded me.

“Get your things were leaving this instant!”

“B-But mum what about the awards!” I cried out

She turned around and raised her fist to me. I crumpled to the floor in pain. She then pulled me up and shoved me over to me bag.

“Get your clothing and pack up. We are going home. There will be no point in going to the awards; you won’t be winning anything especially with that stupid stunt you pulled. Wait till your father hears about this! Hurry up I’ll be waiting in the car.” She then stormed out in the room.

I quickly changed out of my costume and packed my things. I walked over to the mirror and saw the bruises on my face. I tried to clean away my make-up that I had ruined and walked out of the dressing room. I was almost to the lobby when my friend stopped me.

“Bri!” I spun around to see my friend Sammi holding three awards in her hands.

“Sammi I have to go… my mom is waiting…”

“But what about your awards?”

I took a step back… what awards?

“What awards?”

“Bri you won! The judges handed out an award for best dance out of the entire competition and they gave it to you! Then for junior soloists you won! And this award is for best contemporary. You should have seen our teacher’s face when you won all three awards! Here these are for you!” She handed over all three awards over to me and gave me a giant hug.

“Hey Bri can I ask you something?”

“Yeah sue what’s wrong?”

“It’s your face… It’s all bruised are you ok?”

I bit my lip… I knew Sammi was just looking out for me but I couldn’t bring myself to face the facts.

“I’m fine… I just um… tripped… Yeah I tripped running to the dressing room, that’s all.”

She didn’t look convinced but she didn’t bother to press the issue.

“Okay… I guess I will see you Monday at practice?”


I quickly placed the awards in the pocket of my jacket to keep them from my mum.  After the long ride home my dad was waiting on the porch when I got home. He grabbed my wrists and dragged me up the stairs. He pulled me into my room and glared down at me.

“What do you have to say for yourself?” He said sharply

“They played the wrong music… I just decided to make a dance up…”

Another sharp sting on my left cheek

“Did your teacher not already give you a dance you perform?!”

“Yes but the music wasn’t the music I had practiced with so it wouldn’t have matched”

Another blow to my right cheek. At this point I couldn’t feel my face anymore. My father let go of my wrists and walked out of the room.

(Flash Forward)

 August 29th, 2010

Things had changed over the past couple of years. My 15th birthday had passed and my parents had another baby the bruises are almost everywhere now. I had been planning for months now to run away. My classmates where constantly asking me why I always had bruises on my arms and face. Why sometimes I even had a black eye. My same excuse I had been using for awhile was that I was a klutz.

Truth is I had the best hand eyed coordination yet I had to lie to my friends and teachers every day. Ever since that dance recital the beatings have gotten worse. Almost every day my parents would come home and have something to yell at me about. Every night the punishment would get worse and worse. One night my dad and I got in a really bad car accident and my dad ended up dying while I survived.

My mum wasn’t taking my dad’s death well and started blaming me for his death. She eventually got into drinking and the abuse was almost unbearable.

“I hate you! You’re the reason why He is dead! You did this! We were happy until you came along! He would still be here if it wasn’t for you!”

My mother came up and started her regular beating. I always thought to myself about why I never fought back. I was 15 now, I thought I could at least take her but I didn’t want to test the theory. I just sat there and took it. The smell of vodka on her breath made me want to vomit. She dragged me by the hair up to my bedroom and shoved me to the floor.

 She raised her fist and I felt my jaw snap. I could no longer see out of my left eye, and my nose was definitely bleeding. After a few more punches I think I managed to fall unconscious and my mum eventually left. Later that week my mom must have forgotten about dad because she was sleeping with a new guy who also liked his own personal punching bag.

That night I finally managed to gather enough courage and leave the house. I booked the first flight to London with all the money I could find and boarded the flight.
This was it; I was no longer going to be haunted to the past. I would start over. That night I promised myself I would never go back to those awful days, the painful memories. I would start a new life and find someone who wouldn’t break me like my parents did.

But I was so wrong.

(End Flashback)

I slowly stood and looked myself in the mirror. There in the reflection was the broken girl from so long ago. I guess my mom was right. It was my fault. I had not only killed my dad but I had no killed another person as well. On top of this the boy I had trusted had lied to me. He was just like them. The one thing I tried to escape from my past had caught up with me. I was shaken from my thoughts when I heard a knock at the door

“Bri love its Sarah can you open up?”

I didn’t respond. I could tell Sarah wasn’t alone because there was another voice out in the hall

“Bri please open up, I’m getting scared that something has happened. If you don’t open the door , I may have to go get one of the guys to open it. Please babe open up.”

“Leave me alone!” I screamed. My voice felt raw and weak. I slide back down the wall and brought my knees back up to my chest.

“Bri baby it’s Niall please your scaring all of us. Please open the door.”Niall spoke softly. But I didn’t budge I remained seated on the floor as more memories flooded my mind.

“We have to get to her Niall…She’s never done this…” I heard him sigh before responding

“That’s because I’ve caused this…I’m going to break the door down. She locked it from the inside.”

A loud bang shook the door, but it didn’t break. Another bang and I heard the bolts start to split. Niall banged the door one final time and broke through the door.

I didn’t even bother moving my head to look Niall in the eyes. I just reached out my hand for him to grab. I felt his warm hand against mine and I tugged him down beside me. I looked over at Niall and saw nothing but sadness in his eyes.

I took a deep breath as fresh tears formed in my eyes

“I think it’s about time I tell you about my past…”


Zayn’s POV

I was downright furious. Sarah was driving me up the bloody wall. So what I broke her phone, but she was texting Calum so of course I had ever right to break it… Ok maybe I went a little overboard but she has no right texting that asshole.

So I didn’t like that guy could you blame me... alright so maybe our history went a little deeper than him rescuing Sarah… The point is he can’t be trusted.
Sarah had managed to give me the silent treatment ever since we got to the hospital. We were now sitting at the gate and I was still furious about what she pulled in security.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I got up out of my seat and grabbed Sarah but the wrist.

“Woah- Hey what the hell!” She sneered. I didn’t bother to respond by I dragged her over away from watching eyes.

“What the hell is your problem? Honestly I get that you have every right to be mad at me about the phone but you can’t trust Calum!”

“I can’t trust Calum? I’m sorry but he hasn’t given me a reason not to trust him! What the hell is the deal with you two?”

“Nothing never mind.” I couldn’t just tell her. It wasn’t something you could just say.

“You see this is why I am bloody pissed off! You never tell me fucking anything and I’m down right sick of it Zayn! Honestly why can’t you just-“ I cut her off and pressed my lips against hers.

 Her hands linked around my neck and my hands snaked around her waist. I knew she had a point but I couldn’t tell her… it was for her own good. I broke the kiss and rested my forehead against hers

“I love you and I’m sorry alright?”

She sighed and finally met my eyes

“I love you too, but you just can’t go off on these tantrums alright?”

“I can’t promise you I won’t knock out anyone who tries something on you.” I smirked

“I wouldn’t have it any other way Malik.” with that she leaned in and kissed me again. We both broke the kiss out of breath. I interlocked our fingers and walked us back over the rest of the group. I pulled Sarah down onto my lap and she snuggled in close to my chest while I twirled a strand of her hair around my finger.

Niall came back a few minutes later with food for everyone.

“Where’s Bri?” He asked. Sarah suddenly gasped and face palmed herself.


“What’s wrong babe?”

“I should have seen it in her face. Damn it, I’ll be right back but Niall you need to come with me”

She climbed off me and grabbed Niall’s wrist and dragged him off into the direction that Bri had walked off to earlier.

Liam then looked up from his book

“You to look happy again.”

I smirked and turned to Liam

“Yup” I said popping the ‘p’.

“Malik are you going soft on us?” Louis chirped in. I stuck my tongue out at him and crossed my arms over my chest.

“Louis I can still strangle you in this airport, and I haven’t gone soft, she’s… she’s just changed me.” I smiled at the thought of it. I couldn’t picture myself with any other girl but Sarah.

“Whatever you say Zayn.” Liam responded.


Mystery POV

I was sitting in the waiting room watching as she got rolled in on a stretcher. She still looked awfully pain even after undergoing surgery.  The doctor pulled the guy aside and asked to speak with him in private.

“Are you Mr. Styles??” The doctor asked

“Yes, look is she going to be ok? She has to be ok right!?” He sneered under his breath.

“We are still in surgery, they brought her back to life but she is in critical condition”

“But she is alive?”

“Yes you brought her back to life, With you performing CPR her heart restarted long enough for us to take her into surgery and stop the bleeding, however she has recently been in a severe accident and due to the extent of her injuries we have to be careful. She is going to be in surgery for a few more hours, is there anyone you can call to come stay with you?”

“Yes but their flight got delayed; they should be getting on a plane soon.”

“Good Scarlet will be in surgery for another couple of hours so just sit tight, I will come and update you if I hear anything else.”

The doctor walked away and Styles walked out of the room. I got up from my seat and followed him down the hallway. I saw him turned to corner and heard his voice.

“Louis! Why the hell aren’t you here yet?! Scarlet is in the hospital… we got attacked on the plane… Someone set us up. Louis when are you coming? Just get here as fast … Louis what if she’s not? You don’t know that just get over here before something else happens.”

I heard him walking back towards me and I hid in an unused patient’s room. He walked passed and no later my phone buzzed


“It’s me, what going on?”

“Well she must have died in the ambulance but lover boy brought her back to life. She’s in surgery right now and they’ve stopped the bleeding but she is still in critical condition. I have some Botulinum poison I could put in her IV’s if you wish it.”

“I don’t want to bloody kill her yet! What I want is for her to wake up. Once you get word she has I will send you further instructions as of now, un-delay the second flight to Paris. We have to be patient. Await my next orders.”

With that the line went dead. I clicked into my phone and did as the boss asked. Soon the rest of their pathetic little group would arrive. Once my work was done I headed back down to the waiting room to await and news on Scarlet.


Harry’s POV

Everything felt like slow motion. The boys had finally arrived and waited with me while they still worked on Scarlet. Finally after what seemed like days of waiting to doctor came back in

“Mr. Styles?”

I jumped from my seat and quickly met with the doctor.

“She is very critical right now, we did the best we could to stop the bleeding but we ran some tests, recent accidents and fatal blows to the kidney’s has caused a reaction. We tested it to see what it was and found out that she had a very little amount of Amatoxin in her kidney, we have hooked her up to several IV fluids but her chances are looking grim. One final question Mr. Styles. Do you know where she could have received a dosage of this toxin?”

I shivered at the thought of that awful night. The night she had been poisoned.

“She got poisoned not too long ago, they said as far as they knew all of the toxin was out before it could cause any damage, Are you telling me something might have activated it?”

The doctor gave me a look as if they were panicking. I shrugged off the thought when Louis appeared by my side

“We are not sure. However she is awake now and is asking for a Louis? Is that you?” Louis nodded and stepped forward. I pressed my hand against Louis’s chest and pushed him back.

“She’s my girlfriend, and I should be the one to see her.” I sneered at the doctor. I could feel the anger boiling up inside me.

“I’m terribly sorry Mr. Styles but that is who she asked for and we the hospital must accept those wishes. She is critical and she know and the other doctors know it would be a miracle if she even survives this”

I couldn’t believe it. There was no way… this wasn’t happening, not bloody again. I glared over at Louis, who looked visibly upset by what the doctor had just said.

“You liar. You said she was alright! You said she was alive! You said you stopped the bloody bleeding and now you’re telling me she might not bloody make it!” I spit. My words were like venom as I stepped closer to the doctor. Louis grabbed me by the collar and pulled me back.

“Hazza please give me less than a minute and I will let you see her. She wouldn’t be asking for only me if it wasn’t important. It’s probably something to do with El; I promise I will be quick. Please keep your temper under control.”

I tore from his grasp and crossed my arms over my chest. Louis nodded and ran to Scarlet’s room. Moments later he came out with tears in his eyes and motioned me with his hands to come meet him.

“What wrong?”

“Harry she is giving up. She’s dying Harry. She said she’s ready to go. She wants to see everyone now and say goodbye.” Louis said sadly. I couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t just go I refused to believe Scarlet… My Scarlet would just give up

I stormed into the room and saw Scarlet looking so fragile. I ran over and wrapped my arms around her. She weakly put her arms around me waist. I couldn’t fight it any longer the tears stung my eyes.

“Why are you giving up? You can’t leave me. I need you Scarlet. So much that it hurts, please don’t do this… please don’t leave me, I love you. Scarlet your mine and I refuse to lose you.”

I released her and pressed my forehead to hers. She slowly lifter her frail finger to my hair and brushed the curls outs of my eyes.

“Harry… I can feel my body failing. Harry you need to be strong. Please do it for me.”

No.No.NO! I couldn’t let Scarlet just do this. She needed to fight! The doctors would find a way. They would help her. She can’t do this. Scarlet was truly my other half. If I lost her… I would lose myself.

“Please don't go.”

She nuzzled her head in the crook of my neck and I brushed my fingers through her hair.

“Harry you need to listen to me. Louis is going to tell you something when I leave. You have to promise me you won’t hurt him, or anyone for the matter. Promise me Harry” She whispered.

I had no idea what the hell Louis had to do with anything but I didn’t care

“Yes I promise but Scarlet you need to fight, you can’t give up on yourself.”

“Harry… Love it’s alright, I’m not in pain, and Harry you should know by now I never give up a fight.”

With that she kissed my forehead and her hands touched me cheek before her eyes started to get heavy and she fell limp in my arms. It was like déjà vu hit me for a second time because one long beep filled the room.

My eyes were blurry as they filled with oncoming tears. It felt like my heart had been ripped in two. For once in my life the pain had gone away. Scarlet was the only one to do that, and now there was a bigger hole in my heart because she was gone. The doctors rushed into my rooms and slowly took the IV’s out of her arms but didn’t bother to move me from her grasp.

 Eventually I heard the boys come in and tears me from her. I screamed out in anger. All I wanted to do was hold her in my arms, and they were taking her from me. I tried to escape out of Zayn and Liam’s grasp but I felt weak.  

I felt useless.

I was lost.

I finally gave in and the boys walked me out of the room.

I looked over my shoulder one last time to see Scarlet’s lifeless body lying in bed.

Once the boys walked me out of the hospital my walls caved in. The pain in my chest was too much to bear and the world around me finally came crashing down into reality

Scarlet was dead.

And there was nothing I could do.

I leaned up against the car door staring into open space. At this point I cared about nothing. I placed my hands in my leather jacket and noticed my gun. I thought about it for a moment before I pulled out the gun and held it in my hands.

So many thoughts ran through my mind. I was around the other side of the car and placed a silencer in the gun. I didn’t care about my life anymore. I was worthless. I loaded the gun and shifted it in my hands. One shot was all I needed. One shot to take away the pain. One shot to be free.

With that I lifted to gun as tears blurred my eyes. I clicked the trigger and fell hard to the ground with a massive weight on top of me. I saw Louis out of the corner of my eyes and realized that taking my own life would do me no good.

“I’m sorry… I just… make the pain go away… I can’t deal with this anymore. I feel nothing. I’ve lost everything… I’m sorry Lou.”

“I know Harry. I know.”

I felt him pull me up and tear the gun out of my hands. I leaned back against the car and looked up towards the sky.

“Harry we need to go. We have a mission to carry on with and there is something I need to tell you…”

“What Louis? What could be so god damn important right now?” I snapped.

“Get in the car. I will explain everything but we need to go now. You made a promise to Scarlet before you know… anyways you have to keep that promise… But right now I really need you to get in the car”

I rolled me eyes and climbed in. Louis hopped in on the other side while the rest of the boys were just climbing in.

“Where are we even going?” I mumbled.

“Somewhere where we won’t be tracked or followed.” Louis said sharply.

I let out a long sigh and drew my focus out the window. I leaned my head up against the car and closed my eyes as I listened to the sound of the rain hitting the car.



Okk so, yes I know more flashbacks but you needed depth into some of the other characters, so yeah, comment down below. I apologize for this chapter... it was extremely hard for me to write but it needed to be done, the story is not over yet! Vote and comment for another update!!! The more reviews and comments, the faster 31 gets posted! But it all depends on how fast yous guys want an update ;p Xx.

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