My name is Scarlet Rose. You may say my life as a child didn't go as planned... ever since the age of 12, I have gotten into trouble. At the age of 13 I got arrested for hacking the C.I.A they then took me in and trained me as one of their youngest agents, at the age of 14 I managed to escape the C.I.A and the F.B.I and had gone rogue, and trained as an elite assassin. I am 18 years old and I am one of the top assassins in Europe.

Both my parents are dead. The only family I had left was my sister Luce until I found her brutally beaten in an alleyway and five assassins "The Bloods" escaping in a black van. Ever since her death I have had one thing on my mind. To kill "The Bloods". The only thing standing in my way is them.

That is until I fall in love with one of them?


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

After the note incident, I told the girls I couldn’t make it out tonight. I had to go out and stock up. If I was going to go the Docs in less than three days, I was gonna need to go shopping for some new weapons.

I arrived at the Rogue Warehouse later that night. I hadn’t been to this place since Luce had died.

I walked in through the front door and was instantly escorted to their leader Lucas. I was placed in a chair like I had been taken into one of those questioning rooms, there had been at least five other people who looked like Lucas' closest assets.

“Scarlet! I haven’t seen you in over a year! Thought you were bloody dead! Why haven’t you come?” said Lucas.

“It’s nice to see you too, Uncle Lucas.” I said sarcastically.

Although Lucas and I aren’t blood related he was very close to my parents before they had died. He kept a watchful eye on my sister and I ever since. He even trained me after he found out I had turned rogue myself.

He looked at me disappointed.

“I’m serious Scar; no one has seen you for ages, what the hell happened?” Lucas' tone was more serious now.

I couldn’t avoid the answer any longer, I had to tell him. He needed to know.

“Luce is dead.” I responded coldly.

At that moment everyone turned silent, you could hear a pin drop it was that fucking silent. I couldn’t take it anymore, I looked around with pleading eyes, for someone to speak up, and finally Lucas spoke.

“Scar, I’m – I’m so, I mean how did this happen?” He questioned.

“She didn’t come home after work one night...”

(Flash Back)

It was Friday night and I was getting ready for Luce’s and I movie night. Since she was running late after work she said she would pick up the snacks and I was left to pick out a movie. I had gotten out of training from the warehouse early after finishing up my previous mission with a mass drug deal take down. I decided to text Luce to pick up some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream on the way home. It had been ten minutes and she hadn’t responded to a single text.

I was getting worried, so I decided to call.

No answer.

I then hacked into her phone and pin pointed her location in a matter of second. I ended up in a alleyway about 10 minutes from our flat. Before I could process what was going on, I saw my sister lying on the ground motionless.

I ran over to her and held her in my arms. She was still alive, but was losing blood from her wounds.

All I heard was a person clear his throat.

I turned around to see five boys standing in front of me. They saw that I was holding my sister, glanced at each other and started to walk away.

I turned to Luce and looked into her green eyes. “Who did this Luce? Please babe I need to know.” She looked up at me and slowly pointed to the five boys walking away when she said.

“They had tried-“ Luce couldn’t finish her sentence as she started to cough up blood.

“Lu, I’m so sorry I should have found you earlier. I’m sorry I never meant for any of this to happen, please just don’t leave me! I promise you; whatever it takes I will kill those boys.”

She looked up at me with pleading eyes. I could see how much pain she was in. I wish I could just take it all away from her, why not me? Why her?

“There called 'The Bloods'- they-“ She coughed up more blood before she tried to continue on.

“-They tried- “ She couldn't get the entire sentence out without stopping to cough.

“Shh Luce, it’s ok, I will hunt them down and kill them, I promise you I will make them suffer for what they did to you.”

I hadn’t noticed up until now the tears streaming down my face. Luce looked up at me one last time.

“I’ll always be with you- ok, I’m sorry- s-stay strong for me. I- I love you.” She then closed her eyes and in that moment I knew she was gone.

Just like that Luce had been ripped from my life. All because of 'The Bloods'.

From that point on I had closed down any connection I had ever had with anyone. I looked up from Luce’s body one last time and saw the boys look at me with no emotion, no remorse. They got in their car and drove away.

Leaving me with nothing.

(Flash back ended)

No one spoke, not one said anything. They all just stared at me. Finally someone spoke up.

“Oh Scarlet, I’m so terribly sorry, If there is anything I can-“

I didn’t let him finish, instead I lashed out all my anger that had been bottled up inside for the last year. I had lost it.

“There is nothing you can do! You can’t bring her back! No one can! The only thing that will bring me peace is by killing those five boys that were cowards as they left my sister for dead! She’s dead and there is NOTHING YOU CAN DO!”

I got up and walked out of the room. I then sprinted to the supply area and stocked up on equipment before whipping the tears that hadn’t stopped flowing down my face since I had lashed out on Lucas.

As soon as I got my supplies I was about to reach for the door when someone grabbed my wrist. They spun me around and pulled me into a hug.

“I’m really am sorry love, for everything.” He murmured in my ears. I gave his a reassuring squeeze as we both let go. “You come by anytime you want to talk, train, or just stock up ok? Your always welcome.” He said.

“Thanks Uncle Lucas.”

He smiled and gave me one last hug before I drove into the night.



This chapter was a little bit of a filler but I needed to show how they were involved with Luce's death! Let me know what you think!!!! Scarlet's outfit is down below! Also if you enjoyed this chapter give it some love and if your liking the story so far comment down below! Take Care for Now Xx.

Scarlet's Flash back outfit

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