My name is Scarlet Rose. You may say my life as a child didn't go as planned... ever since the age of 12, I have gotten into trouble. At the age of 13 I got arrested for hacking the C.I.A they then took me in and trained me as one of their youngest agents, at the age of 14 I managed to escape the C.I.A and the F.B.I and had gone rogue, and trained as an elite assassin. I am 18 years old and I am one of the top assassins in Europe.

Both my parents are dead. The only family I had left was my sister Luce until I found her brutally beaten in an alleyway and five assassins "The Bloods" escaping in a black van. Ever since her death I have had one thing on my mind. To kill "The Bloods". The only thing standing in my way is them.

That is until I fall in love with one of them?


28. Chapter 28

 Chapter 28

Harry’s POV

January 18th, 2008

I was in the car with all of the boys with Gemma driving. Everyone was prepared to fight, but I was too worried about Kali. The girls left to go on an assignment and were supposed to be back by now. I guess Gemma saw me checking my phone when she spoke up.

“Haz… is everything all right?”

“Yeah… I’m fine… I just haven’t seen Kali all day… I tried texting but she won’t reply. The girls went on an assignment today and normally they would be back by now.” I sighed.

“Harry just give her a call. Sometimes things go longer than expected. Just give her a ring; I’m sure she will pick up.”

I nodded and dialed her number. It was on its fourth ring when I thought she finally picked up. I was wrong it was her voice mail I had received for a 9 time now.

‘Hello?...aha sorry, I’m not actually at the phone right now. If you need to contact me just leave me a name and number to call yeah back. Thanks Love!’

I sighed in annoyance and ended the call

“Still no answer?”

“Nope” I said popping the ‘p’.

We drove for another five minutes until Gemma pulled around the block and parked the car. She tossed everyone a headset and brought us online.

“Is everyone online.” Gemma spoke through the mic.

“Yes Hun, Boys you know your positions, Gemma you need to get over here now.” My mum said speaking through the mic.

“On my way.” Gemma said. She turned and looked at all of the boys and me.

“Please don’t get killed. I mean it! Stay safe and see you guys in a bit!”

I rolled my eyes. The all chimed there goody-byes and then Gemma turned her attention to me.

“Don’t be going out and getting yourself killed alright?” I smirked and Gemma rolled her eyes.

“I will try not too.” She smiled and leaned in close to give me a hug.

At the pit of my stomach I had a bad feeling about tonight. It was odd for some strange reason I felt like this was going to be the last time I would ever be able to hug Gemma. I quickly shook the though from my mind, the last thing I needed was to come up with these crazy thoughts. All of the boys and I sat in the car and listened through our mic to hear the action that was happening.

“Guys I’ve lost eyes on Charlotte and James!” Gemma screamed through the headset.

“Hunny come with me, we have to find them.” My mum said sharply.

I turned my body in the chair and looked at the boys. They all exchanged looks and looked to me with worried eyes. Honestly how bad could it be in there? We are the top agency along with another… how could we be struggling? I was pulled from my thoughts when I heard Niall’s older brother Greg’s voice on the headset.

“There’s too many of them, There not an agency I’ve ever seen before… There an even match to us!” Greg sneered out.

Each of us started pulling out our weapons waiting for one of them to make the call and send us in. Zayn was checking over his daggers. Niall was reloading his gun; Liam was talking with Louis discussing our game plan. I was about to tell the boys how we were gonna approach this situation when I looked at all the lad’s faces.

 We were all nervous. None of us said anything, but we knew inside that warehouse was bad. I started to fidget in my seat. I couldn’t sit still, I just wanted to get in there and fight. I was about to make a bet with the guys to see whoever had the most kills by the end of the night when a loud gunshot pierced my headset.

"Anne!” I faintly heard James scream out to my mum.

“James go! Get out of here now! Find Charlotte!” My mum screamed

“Mum!” Gemma shouted.

“G-Gemma. T-Take care of Harry d-darling. I-I love you b-both so much- I’m s-so proud of you” My mum’s shaky voice spoke.

Another gunshot pierced through my ears again.

“Mum?” Gemma said in a panic.

No answer...

“Mum answer me!” I screamed.

“Harry- I-I think-“ Gemma tried to speak, but I couldn’t… no I wouldn’t face reality.

“I’m coming in! She’s not Gemma! She can’t be!”

I reached for the door handle, when all the boys were shouting at me and trying to hold me back. At this point I didn’t care. I needed to get to my mum and God only knew where Gem was. I finally managed to get out car and I sprinted towards the warehouse. I walked in and it was mass chaos. Everyone was fighting, I saw Greg and he made eye contact with me and pointed towards the double doors.

 I ran and saw James and my mum lying motionless on the floor. I ran to her and cradled her in my arms. Knowing she wasn't coming back, I kissed the top of her head and gave her one last hug. I slowly got to my feet and went on to find Gemma. I pulled out my hand gun and entered a darkly lit room. Their lying on the floor was Charlotte. I sprinted out of the room and started running down different corridors trying to find Gemma. I ran around another corner only to bump into a man. He gritted his teeth and tried swinging his knives at me.

 I ducked and gave him a clean upper cut to the jaw. I didn’t stop there I grabbed onto his shirt and pulled him back to me and sent him a deadly blow to his gun. I turned and rolled off his shoulder as he tried to swing at me. I whipped out my knife and glided it across the back of his legs.  I heard a thump to the ground and I slowly stood and brushed myself off and continued you on. All I cared about was Gemma. She and Kali were the only ones I had left. If I lost them I might as well not live anymore. I heard a scream and the sound of coughing. I turned the corner and saw the one thing I had dreaded the most. Gemma lying on the blood soaked floor.

She looked so fragile. She saw me and I could see the blood coming from her back.

“No…no…no! Gem please don’t leave me to! Gemma no please your all I have left!”

She slowly turned to look up at me and grabbed my hands in hers. I knelt down and held her close. She lifted her hand and brushed the curls out of my eyes.

“I’m sorry Hazza. I love you so much, B-but you need to know that-“

No! She couldn’t think like this! I refused to let another one of my family members die! I swiftly cut her off.

“No Gem, don’t say that! You’re going to be fine; I’m going to get you out of here!”

She shook her head and let out a shaky laugh.

"Haz, I’m alright. You need to find the boys and get out. Remember what mum said… And Harry you need to know that Kali is the one-" She never was able to finish her sentence as more blood came out of her mouth.

She looked as she was about to speak again, But her eyelids started to close, But she managed to keep them open and looked up at me again.

 “Harry, it’s time. I love you so much- mum and I w-will always b-be watching over y-you. Stay strong...”

With that she took one last breath before she slowly closed her eyes.

Realization hit me so fast. I had lost Gemma for good.

I kissed Gemma’s head and slowly stood. I could feel my hands shaking but I continued to walk. Everything sounded so far away. I heard muffled shouts but I ignored them and continued to find my way back to the main room. The boys needed me there and that’s exactly what I was going to do.

I was almost to the double doors when another ring pierced through my stupid headset. I heard Niall swear a numerous amount of profanities and suddenly it got very quiet until I heard Niall’s voice again

“Mate’s…Greg…He’s-He’s dead.” Niall said coldly. I took in a shaky breathe and pulled myself together. “G-Gemma’s dead and s-so is my mum.” I said bitterly.

“H-Harry… Hazza… you need to come here now! It’s K-Kali Harry…”

“What?”I sneered.

I sprinted towards the doors and burst through them. The main room was different from when I first entered. It was no longer mass chaos, but was a deadly silence. Bodies were everywhere. Everyone was finishing up with any survivors but my attention was quickly focused on the lad’s gathered around a small body lying on the floor. I ran to that body but Louis stopped me just before I reached it. I met his eyes and they were bloodshot.

“Haz…She… Why is she here?” I looked over to see Kali was in fact the girl lying on the floor. I looked to Louis one last time before I shoved past him and when and knelt down beside Kali. I slowly picked her up in my arms and she rested her head on my chest.

“H-Harry?” She said softly.

“Who did this Kali? I swear to God I am going to brutally murder whoever did this!”

“Harry calm down...”

“I will not calm down! Kali I thought you were on an assignment!”

She looked lost in thought for a moment

“I was. I-I was sent here… they told us... A massive group of rogues were here so we went. I didn’t think it was this bad.”

Something was up… She wasn’t lying, but there was something Kali wasn’t telling me.

“Who did this to you kali!? Who did this to you?” I sneered.

She looked to meet my gaze and her face grew with hate.

“Gemma.”She spoke coldly.

As soon as the words left her mouth… I couldn’t believe it…I was utterly shocked. So many thoughts were running through my mind debating on weather this could be possibly true. Louis snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Harry you’re not going to believe her are you?” Louis snapped. I turned and glared at him.

I turned back to Kali, to see the color from her face start to drain.

“Is… Is this true?” I whispered to Kali.

She nodded her head and turned her body towards me. She lifted her shaking hand and ripped the dagger out of her back. She screamed and dropped the blood soaked dagger towards the ground.

“That dagger is your proof.” She mumbled. I quickly grabbed the dagger and looked at the engravings at the side of the dagger.  I sucked in a breathe and let the dagger fall from my hands.

I looked back at Kali and noticed her eyes start to close.

“No Kali… Don’t do this! You can’t leave me! I can’t lose you…I love you and I need you.”

“Harry…I’m sorry… Good-bye.” She closed her eyes and went limb in my arms.

I refused to believe I had lost yet another person who I cared about. I started to shake Kali in my arms.

“Kali? Kali! Kali don’t do this!” Liam walked over and felt her pulse. I looked up at him with pleading eyes and he slowly shook his head.

“No… No I refuse to believe it! She’s not dead! SHE’S NOT-“

“Harry enough! You have to let her go.” Louis came up and placed his hands on my shoulder. I snapped. The pain.

 It was just too much. Everyone who I actually gave a damn about had left me. No… I wouldn’t do this. I was an assassin I was the new league of “The bloods” Who the hell was I kidding I was just a teenager! I stood from the ground and grabbed the dagger. I examined it one last time and turned back to the lads. All of them were covered in blood and injured pretty badly. They all looked at me for some kind of response, but no words came. I looked back at Kali and then back at the boys.

I did the one thing that felt right.

I shut off my feelings, my emotions, everything for good.

I gripped the dagger tight in my hand and then tossed it to the floor where they stood. I saw Louis pick it up and gasp. All the boys saw the initials and looked back to meet my gaze. Instead of giving them an answer I simply turned around and started to walk out of the warehouse.

I walked through the doors and looked up to the night sky, not bothering to look back at my past.

End Flashback

*End Harry’s POV*


Scarlet’s POV


That word seemed to define me. I wasn’t light, I wasn’t good. I killed innocent people, pushed people away and when the darkness came it overcame me. Controlled me and turned my heart black. When the people I trusted the most tore my heart out darkness stepped in and filled it.

I could tell I was in a hospital. The sound of the stupid heart monitor wouldn’t shut up. I slowly opened my eyes and looked around the room. Someone was curled up on my sofa. At first I thought it was Harry and I was about to scream for the security.

I couldn’t deal with Harry right now and I wasn’t in the least ready to forgive him. Just because I said we were even didn’t mean he could just come back into my life no problem. I took a closer look and realized it was actually Luke sleeping on the sofa. I quickly relaxed at the sight of him.

However now one question popped into my mind. Where were the others? More importantly if Luke was here…. Then where the hell was Harry?

I looked back at Luke and noticed he had bandages wrapped around his arms and scratches from the glass shards on his face. He had a nasty black eye and a swollen nose. I adjusted my body and took in a sharp breathe. I slowly lifted myself from the bed. I ripped all the IV’S and the trackers attached to my chest. I flicked off all the machines so that I wouldn’t awake Luke. I hopped over to the bathroom and locked the door. I looked up into the mirror and gasped in horror.

I was absolutely shocked.

I was staring at the broken girl standing before me. I had bandages over my knuckles; my ankle was wrapped in a sprain. I had minor cuts along my arms and my back was wrapped in gauze. My right arm was in a sling and I had a swollen lip. My jaw was bruised and I had a small black-eye, however it wasn’t anywhere as bad as Luke’s. I slowly lifted up my shirt and saw massive bruising along my stomach.

I was bad.

Normally I would simply shrug off my injuries, but this… this was the worst I had ever seen myself. I was a mess.

One thing my mind couldn’t comprehend was the fact that if fate wanted Harry and I together, why was fate now tearing us apart? All I wanted was Harry, But yet he broke me in ways I didn’t think I could be broken.

I decided with the extent of my injuries a shower was just not the right thing so I decided on food. I unlocked the door and walked out to see a note on my bed beside a pile of clothes.

I didn’t bother to look at the note, assuming it was just Harry writing his words on paper because he was to bloody cowardly to face me himself. I slowly got changed and fixed my hair the best I could. When I came back the curiosity got the better of me and I grabbed the note.

- Glad to see you’re up. I see your impatience got the better of you. I’ve gone to find the doctors. Don’t leave the room. I mean it Scarlet.Things have changed. It’s not really safe. I will be back soon.

Xx. Luke

I furrowed my brow at the thought of it. How the hell was a hospital not safe?

I brushed off the thought and took a step outside my room... I really should start listening to Luke more often.

There among the chaos was Louis and 9 security guards, and three doctors trying to pin someone down. Zayn was threatening some guy I didn’t really recognize, but he was being held back by Liam. Sarah was hiding behind the guy holding him back as well. Brianna and Niall were nowhere to be found and God only knew where Eleanor was. I turned my attention back to the man struggling against Louis and the other people trying to hold him down.

But it wasn’t just anyone. It was Harry.

“I said let me go! I should be there! I need to be there when she wakes up!” Harry screamed, throwing blind punches to anyone who tried to restrain his arms.

“Harry please! Enough!”Louis pleaded

“That fucking idiot shouldn’t be in there with her! I’m going to kill him Louis!” Louis eyes widen… if only knew how real that threat truly was.

“Harry you’re tearing open your bloody stitches, Calm down!”

“I will not bloody calm down! I’m fine now and none of you will let me see her!” Harry snapped.

“We need him to stop moving Mr. Tomlinson- so we- can sedate him” One of the female doctors said.

Sedate him? How long had I been out? Jesus Luke wasn’t kidding when he said something’s had changed… Harry had gone bloody mad!

I took a step forwards and cleared my throat. Everyone’s eyes were immediately on me, but the only ones I seemed to notice were the almost black eyes that I could hardly stand to look at.

“S-Scarlet? When did you wake up?!” Harry spoke in a raspy voice.

I didn’t respond. I shook my head and looked down at the floor. When I looked back up to meet his gaze anger flared in his eyes.

“Scarlet answer me! What happened to you! The boys haven’t let me see you, have you been awake this entire time!?”

“Harry… Just stop. I just woke up and Luke wasn’t in my room, so I went to find him” I stood my ground, but I could tell as soon as I mentioned Luke’s name Harry lost it.


“HARRY! Enough! I just bloody woke up, Luke went to go find the doctors while I got changed because I disconnected myself from the machines-" He cut me right off.

“He was in your room… While you woke up… Two days you have been unconscious… Louis you bloody to me you were the only one aloud in her room!"

He screamed out and thrashed against the people still trying to pin him down.

I was now furious.

“Excuse me? Since when is nobody aloud in my room? In case you didn’t bloody know Harry, you’re not the fucking boss of me, I have not a clue as to whether we are even together right now, and at least Luke has been there for me, and didn’t fucking snap my heart like you!” I screamed taking steps closer to Harry.

Harry stifled a laugh

“Luke has been there for you? You have to be bloody joking me Scarlet that guy has been nothing but fucking trouble! He has managed to have you almost killed twice! You’re my girlfriend Scarlet you belong to no one but me!” He roared pounding against the guards.

I took a step closer ready to choke his life right out of him when Louis stood up and ran towards me and tried to hold me back, but I punched him in the groan unaware of my actions and knocked his legs out from under him. I continued to walk over to Harry when I suddenly felt 2 new pair of hands on me.

Zayn and Liam both each grabbed one of my arms. I thrashed around in the grip as the dragged me back from Harry.


I managed to get my arms free and start walking towards Harry again when I felt someone grab my left hand and my right leg. The dragged me to the doorway and I got out of Zayn’s grip again. I gripped the door frame as tight as I could never once breaking contact with Harry. I probably looked crazy clinging my hands to the door frame. I was ready to release to door frame and bloody give up when Harry spoke up.

“THAT’S WHERE YOU ARE WRONG SCARLET! I will kill every person you come into contact with if you try and run Scarlet, I will not lose you! And if your still not convinced I still keep my promises Scarlet and do you remember that promise I made to you that day when I sent you the note? I will not hesitate to bring Brianna and Sarah back into this! Scarlet you are mine and only mine to have.” He sneered.

I looked in his eyes trying to find some sort of bluff... anything... a lie... anything.

Absolutely nothing but the truth.

I couldn’t believe it. I was so in shock I released the door frame and tumbled into the room onto of Zayn and Liam ran to shut the door.

I slowly rolled off Zayn and sat up straight. I started to shake. That was not the Harry I knew. That was most certainly not the Harry I fell in love with. That was a monsterHarry was a monster.

Zayn must have noticed me shaking and he scooped me up in his arms and carried me over to the bed. I looked up and meet Liam’s gaze. He was holding his hands on top of his head and caught my gaze. He rushed over to my bed and hugged me.

“Scarlet… I’m so sorry you had to see that…” Liam said. “It’s fine… I can handle him screaming... but can you two be honest with me for one sec?” The both nodded and I continued

“He wasn’t lying when he said that? I have no choice do I? No one is safe if I really do try and run?” They both looked at each and shook their heads. “I’m afraid not Scar.” Zayn spoke softly.

I looked up to meet his intense brown eyes and sighed.

“Well then I guess I have no choice then. I have to stay.” I replied blankly.



SOOOO UM I UNDERSTAND IF YOU HATE ME...I kinda hate myself, but it's the way this story played out in my head... Harry shut of his emotions and has lost it, but this will also make him more feisty ;p Wink wink, nudge nudge! So on that final note I wanna say I love you guys sooo much! Your all amazing, and you reviews... I swear your reviews are the best. I always think to myself whenever i come across a story with alot of reviews,  I think to myself, I may not have the most views are the most reviews but I have the best readers supporting me and this book and they leave the best reviews :)

I am sooo sorry if I got all sappy on everyone, but I really needed to express how amazing you guys are :D Comment, review, rate :) Chapter 29 should be up sometime next week or I might do one tomorrow depending on the response for 28!


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