My name is Scarlet Rose. You may say my life as a child didn't go as planned... ever since the age of 12, I have gotten into trouble. At the age of 13 I got arrested for hacking the C.I.A they then took me in and trained me as one of their youngest agents, at the age of 14 I managed to escape the C.I.A and the F.B.I and had gone rogue, and trained as an elite assassin. I am 18 years old and I am one of the top assassins in Europe.

Both my parents are dead. The only family I had left was my sister Luce until I found her brutally beaten in an alleyway and five assassins "The Bloods" escaping in a black van. Ever since her death I have had one thing on my mind. To kill "The Bloods". The only thing standing in my way is them.

That is until I fall in love with one of them?


24. Chapter 24

Chapter 24

Everyone was fairly quiet the entire afternoon. Everyone was off doing their own thing. Part of me thought they just wanted to spend time together, but when I looked at Harry I realized why they were spending their time alone. None of us knew what the outcome of tonight would be; no one knew if things were going to go as planned or end up crashing down around us. I was curled up to Harry on the sofa in the common room. I was reading while Harry was looking over blue prints. I was almost finished the last chapter of my book when Harry spoke.

“Scarlet, you know I love you right?” He spoke hesitantly.

His question surprised me; of course I knew he loved me, why in the word would Harry say that? Then it clicked. He was scared. He wouldn’t admit it, but he was afraid to lose me.

“Yes of course Harry, why would you ask such a thing?”

“Well if things don’t go right tonight. I need you to know that I love you in case something is to-“

“Harry nothing is going to happen, everything is going to go fine, remember your gonna see me at the ball, and we will dance, as soon as someone spots them I go in, it’s as simple as that, and then you’ll see me when I get back from the mansion, and we move on with our lives.” I smiled at the thought of our future that Harry and I were going to have together.

“Yes but Scarlet what if it doesn’t? What if something does happen? This plan isn’t exactly full proof, they know about me, what if they try something to tear us apart? What happens if we get separated?”

“It won’t, you just have to stay focused like the rest of us. We all have things to do during the time were going to be there. Babe we are the top assassins in Europe, I highly doubt anything is going to happen. There is five of us all trained, have been for years. We’re going to be fine.”

That’s the thing I had to keep saying to myself all day. I was going to be fine. All of us would get in and out. All of us had to be fine. But the reality was something was bound to happen. I had a horrible feeling in my gut that something bad was going to happen either way, but I wouldn’t let my doubts bring the rest of the group down with me.

“Wait five? Isn’t there six?” I sighed before replying. “No… Liam approached me this morning; he asked if he could stay at the house with Danielle. She alone here and no one can get over here in time if something happens at the house. I agreed to it, I don’t want Danielle left on her own, if Liam’s here I doubt anything will happen.”

“Oh, well that’s understandable.”

I looked up at the clock. Sure enough it was 6pm. I turned to Harry whose facial expression suddenly shifted. It was time. I sighed before getting up and putting my book back up on the shelf. I turned back around to Harry who was now sitting on the arm rest, legs extended and hands crossed over his chest.

“Hazza why are you being so difficult?!”

“Me? You wanna know why Scarlet? Huh? It’s because I can’t even begin to tell you all the crap that’s running through my mind, thinking of all the possible outcomes of tonight. The worst one I have come up with is you dead. So excuse me if I’m not happy about tonight!”

I winced at his words. Why! Why did he have to be so fricking protective! Jesus I am not some china doll, I don’t shatter. I hated when Harry got like this, I couldn’t stand it.

“NO ONE IS HAPPY ABOUT TONIGHT HARRY! Jesus get that through your mind! You’re over annualizing this too much! To the point where you are driving me nuts! Nothing is going to happen! I’m going in, and then we are scouting, as soon as I find him, I have to go to the area off the camera’s, once I get him alone, I kill. It’s as simple as one, two, three! Harry you know I can do this why the hell are you over reacting!?” I raised my voice at him.

“I’m not over reacting Scarlet! I DON’T WANT TO LOSE YOU! When I look at you it feels like I’m looking at my other half of me! There has been a hole in my heart for too long and now you fill up that space. If I lose you, I will lose myself! I- I can’t lose you Scarlet, you’re all I have left!” He shouted at me before he collapsed on the sofa with his head in his hands.

I sighed and walked over to Harry. I knelt down in front of him and pulled his hand into mine. He kept his head down and wouldn’t look at me, but kept his focus on our hands.

“Hazza… Look at me.” I said softly.

He slowly lifted his head and looked into my eyes. I could tell he was trying to blink back tears.

I always hated when we fought.

“You won’t lose me, I’ll be in contact with you the whole time, I even asked Louis to put us a separate channel to link us together, we will be able to talk with the rest of the group, but there will be a channel just for us, you’ll hear me the entire time.  Babe your letting this guy get in your head. Don’t let him do this. Don’t let him tear you down. Were stronger than this. I promise I’m not going anywhere, at least not for awhile.”

 He laughed at the last part. He then smiled and showed me his cheeky grin

“There’s the guy I love. I love you alright? Now I really got to go up and get ready and so do you, I’ll see you later alright?”

He sighed and stood up from the sofa.

“I love you too. I’ll see you soon.” I smiled and kissed him passionately. I spun myself and was almost past the common room when Harry grabbed my hand.

“Oh and Scar, I’m excited you chose Red.” He winked and smirked down at me.

I simply burst into a fit and ran up the stairs to see the girls waiting for me. I locked the door and opened the wardrobe. There were all of our dresses and accessories. I hung each dress and placed all the accessories on my bed. I turned to the girls.

“Let’s get started!” They all nodded in response.

After each one of us took a shower, all doing our own hair and Makeup.

Eleanor had gone with a darker eye-shadow that popped her eye color. Her hair was curled and framed her face perfectly. Brianna had gone with curls as well, but she left her bangs out and braided around the crown of her head. For her make-up she wanted to show case her blue dress, so she went with a blue eye-shadow that popped her blue eyes amazingly. Sarah had curled her hair also but used bobby pins to pin up the different layers in her hair. For her make-up she had gone with a black eye-liner and a lighter grey eye-shadow to pop the colors of her eyes.

 As for myself I also curled my hair, but since I was mostly likely going to have to fight, I couldn’t have my hair down. I pinned it back and did a skillful weave of my curls into a bun. For my make-up I did a neutral smokey eye with gold, bronze eye shadow. We all did our nails to the color of our dresses.

We all got changed into our dresses and started to add in our weapons. Since Eleanor was paired up with Louis she needed her cell on her to keep control of the cameras. I also gave her one of my solid black bands to keep in her clutch. All she had to do was press the side and blades popped out of the sides. I also handed her a pocket knife just in case things went bad. For Bri, in case the alarm system went off, and the door and windows went into lock down I gave Bri my locket pick, that also had a small knife and wire cutters. I assumed Niall gave her the gun, because she was putting it in her clutch.

“Niall gave you the gun?”

She turned to look at me

“Um I actually took it… I was doing really well in the shooting range, Niall didn’t think I could actually hit the target but I did it on the first shot, then he said it was just beginners luck, so I picked up his gun and shot the gun a few more times, hitting all the targets. What he doesn’t know was that my dad was a hunter, and when he was little he used to take me out all the time before I started getting into dance. So I decided to take it just in case.”

“Wow, alright then.” I laughed out and Bri simply laughed.

“Sarah what do you feel comfortable with?”

“Anything sharp.” She smirked. I raised a brow at her but that only cause her to laugh.

“Sorry! I mean like any knives or daggers or something, actually now that I think about it probably nothing…” She said hesitantly.

“What? What happened in training? I thought Zayn was teaching you?”

“Well he was, and he was going on and on about different Knives, and I kinda got really bored so I took one of the knives on the table and threw it at him to get him to stop rambling on… I aimed the dagger so it was just an inch from his neck. I didn’t know I could do it, but he stopped talking and then asked me to use the throwing daggers. I grabbed all three and threw them one after another. I didn’t think I was throwing that fast but even Zayn was impressed. I looked over to the targets and I landed all three in a different bulls-eye. Scarlet, I thought I was good at throwing darts… this is just insane!”

Bri and Eleanor burst out into a fit with Sarah’s facial expression. I walked over to the knives I had. I grabbed a small stainless steel dagger and three ninja stars. I walked back over to her and placed them in her hands.

“It’s not insane. It could save your life. That goes for all of you. You all run when I say get out of there. If you get caught you do whatever it takes to get free, even if it means using these things.” Sarah nodded and put the weapons in her clutch, and attached the knife to her thigh.

As for myself I walked over to what was left of the weapons pile. I attached my gun holster to my thigh, attached my 9 mil hand gun. I attached my other gun to my other leg. I then attached my throwing knives in the back of my dress, so I could easily reach behind and whip them out; I also added a switch blade on the right side on my back as well. I grabbed my black clutch and folded my silver bow inside along with my extendable arrows and my nail armor. I also threw in the other black bracelet that I had also given to Eleanor. Finally I placed two throwing torpedo’s in my hair and made sure they were well hidden.

I turned back to the girls who were adding last minute touches to their outfit. I noticed each of them had on a locket similar to mine.

“I guess I’m not the only one who got a locket?” They spun around and each of them looked at each other and then grabbed their locket.

“Guess not, Zayn gave me mine today.”

“Niall gave me mine after we came back from the vacation house.”

“Louis gave me this last night.”

I raised a brow at all their answers. Why had the boys each decided to give them each a locket?

“Do you think it’s a coincidence? Or are the boys planning something?” Eleanor asked.

I shrugged. “Honestly I have no idea, but I do think it was planned.”

 I smiled and walked over to grab my heels. After we each managed to get our heels on, we walked over to our final accessories. Our masks.

“I feel like a superhero with masks on.” Sarah said.

Bri burst into a fit.

“I feel so mysterious and sexy!” Bri squealed. At that Eleanor and I burst out into a fit with Sarah.

I looked at all the girls and tossed them a small skin toned ear piece.

“Everyone put these in. As soon as were online we should be able to hear everyone.”

I clicked mine on and placed it in my ear.

“Louis are the rest of the boys online?”

“Yeah Scar, Harry and Niall just left, Zayn and I are leaving now, we will see you soon alright? Oh tell El to start up her phone!”

“Louis I’m turning it on now!” El spoke.

“Oh right sorry I forgot all of us have ear pieces! See you ladies soon.”

“Sarah you should head out first, I’ll meet you inside babe.” Zayn spoke out.

“Ok.” She walked over to the door.

“I’ll see you guys soon!” She waved and then left the room.

“Bri are you online? Your taking my white Audi, the keys are inside the car already.”

“Of course I’m online Niall! I’m heading out now! Oh and before I forget no eating until I get there!” Niall groaned

“Ahh please!?”


I could hear everyone laughing through the head sets.

“Eleanor, you should probably head out now, I’ll meet you at the entrance after Hazza goes inside."

“Ok.” She said softly. She turned to me and gave me a hug. She then walked out of the room and left me alone. I started pacing back and forth. Then I decided to walk down the stairs to go see Danielle and Liam in the common room on Louis’s computers.

“Wow Scarlet you look gorgeous!” Danielle beamed. I blushed and Liam spoke into the mic.

“Oh Harry, she does look amazing!”

“Shut up! Scarlet when are you leaving!? Louis won’t shut up about how shocked I’m going to be when I see you.”

“Hey! All I’m saying is your going to be stunned! I’ve only seen their dresses but I have a feeling on what she is going to look like! Harry put on your mask; they will recognize you before you even bloody enter this place.”

“Yeah whatever! Just come soon alright?”

I chuckled and responded

“Yes Harry, I should be leaving soon.”

“How are we supposed to find you guys, there is like 100 people here, and all we have to go on is what the color of your dress is, well Bri there is like 20 people with blue dresses!” Niall said.

Bri laughed on the other end.

“Well I already found you Niall! I thought I told you no eating!”

“What you’re here!? How did you find me so fast?” She sighed. “Niall you’re the only one stuffing your face in the food right now, it’s not that hard to miss.”

“That and Niall you’ve got crumbs on your tux.” Sarah burst into a fit.

“Are you here love?” Zayn asked hesitantly.

“Just walking down the stairs now actually.”

“Wow you look beautiful.”

“Thanks.” I could tell Sarah was blushing by his comment.

“Scar, you should head over now, as far as me and Louis can tell everyone is in place aside from Niall who is still at the table.” El spoke.

“Hey! I can’t help it, this food is amazing!” I heard Niall grunt.

“Come on, we need to go to our proper places, and you fricking ate before we left Niall!” Bri whispered. She must have smacked Niall.

“Alright I’m heading out now.”

I turned to Liam and Danielle.

“Let us know if anything happens here. We will get out as fast as we can.”

Liam nodded and Danielle waved goodbye to me as I left. I walked out to see a black Lamborghini Murcielago.

“Oh my God!”

I heard Harry laughing on the other end.

“Just get in it, and get over here ASAP!”

I flipped open and lifted the door up. I climbed in and the door came back down and closed me in. I hit the push start and the car came to life. I laughed out.

“Harry you’ve been replaced, I found my new love!”

“Huh? What! You’re in love with a car over me?! I gave you the damn thing though!”

“Oh I’m only joking relax! But it’s a very close second.”

I revved the engine and sped through town. Who knew riding down the highway at 280km/h could bring on such an adrenaline rush. I pulled up to the venue and quickly got out of the car. I walked up the steps and inside. I was star struck. This was such a beautiful venue.

I walked in and quickly made it past security without any issues. I was walking down the long corridor and pretended to be busy fiddling with my clutch as I walked down the long hall of men guarding the exits.  I was walking down towards the stairs when I heard Harry speak.

“Scarlettt are you almost here! I’m getting tired of waiting, plus every girl that has seen me has come up and asked me to dance, if I dance anymore I am going to bloody shoot off my own feet.”

I chuckled and replied.

“Almost there. Hey anyone else notice the heavy security blocking all the exits and windows coming in?”

“Yeah they are everywhere, not so much in the actual ballroom but a lot in the hallways, as far as Eleanor and I have tried to discover so far.”

I made my way to the top of the grand stair case and there was a man waiting at the door. He smiled to me and opened the door. The ballroom was large. Niall was right, there were an insane amount of people here, but it wasn’t crowded because this room was so large. I carefully walked down the stairs.

“Wow Scarlet, you look stunning!” Louis chirped

“Thanks.” I whispered.

“S-Scarlet you look so beautiful.” Harry spoke on our private channel.

“Thank you Haz.”

“I can see now why Louis wouldn’t shut up, I can’t get over how good you look, but a lot of girls are jealous of you right now.”

“Wait why?”

“Scarlet did you not look in the mirror before you left? Um talk about your on fire!” Louis beamed

I laughed and made my way through the crowd. I grabbed myself a glass of champagne and quickly gulped it back as I continued to fight my way through the crowd.

“Anyone see anything yet?”

“Nope were all clear upstairs.” Sarah and Zayn spoke in unison.

“Nothing from what Eleanor and I can see.”

“All clear up here.” Niall said.

“Scar make your way around the room, see if you can’t see anything.” Harry spoke

“Alright.” I was about to take another step one someone tapped me on the shoulder. Crap, I hadn’t even been here for that long and they already found me. I whispered into my mic.

“Um guys?”

“He’s clear, just a guest, mingle with him!” Bri said sharply.

I spun around to meet a tall man with blondish hair that swept over to the side. His eyes were ice blue, and his smile was incredible.

“I was wondering if you would like to dance.”

That accent. Oh dear lord. I knew exactly who was standing in front of me as soon as he spoke. I simply nodded unable to produce words. That’s when I heard Eleanor.

“Scar I think that’s Luke…”

That’s when it clicked. His voice belonged to Luke. The same Luke who worked at the barn. The same Luke I had grown to love over the years. He was one of my best mates. His family and my family were always so close, it was only a matter of time until Luke and I became close as well. We started dancing, but I needed to confirm that it really was indeed Luke.

“Lu-Luke?” I sputtered.

He looked down at me

“Holy crap Scarlet?”

“Luke what the hell are you doing here?”

“Me? What the hell are you doing here? My friends invited me to come along to this event… Why are you here?”

That’s when Harry spoke

“What the hell is he doing here Scarlet! Get away from him! I don’t want that guy touching you. Get away from him Scarlet… I’ve got a bad feeling.”

I turned to Luke and held up my finger.

“Harry shut it! He’s a friend so just calm it will you?”

I turned back to Luke who looked at me with a concerned look.

“Ear piece. Everyone is here. Luke I don’t think you should be here. It’s not safe. You should take your friends and get out of here while you still can.”

He sighed and shook his head.

“Scarlet I think it’s time you know… I’ve been working or training as an assassin for awhile. Decided to follow my parent’s footsteps. I work at the barn when I’m not training with the lads… I’m sorry I never told you before.”

“Y-You… your one of us?” I grew wide-eyed and he simply nodded.

“Oh my goodness, so wait the friends you’re here with you tonight… are they?”

“Yeah they are, we work in a group of four, been working together for six years now.”

Man this night was just full of surprises. That’s when Harry decided to chirp in again

“Great that’s just fantastic Scarlet, how wonderful that this stupid idiot just loves gloating doesn’t he?”

“Louis I’m disconnecting myself for a moment.”

“Oh... Alright.”

I heard a beep and knew I had my ear piece disconnected.

“Anyways Scar you never told me why you were here tonight.”

I sighed before explaining everything to Luke as we danced. “… and so now we’re all here tonight, I am going to kill this guy tonight as soon as I find him, but you really need to get out of here before things turn bad.”

He laughed and shook his head.

“Babe I’m not leaving you here, especially now that I know for a fact something is going to happen tonight, come on let go get a drink.”

I re- connected my ear piece to hear Louis in mid sentence

“- I swear it’s him guys, I know the red hair anywhere! I have to see if it’s Ed.”

“Lou what’s wrong?”

“Louis thinks he recognizes one of our friends Ed.” Liam spoke.

“We will see, I’m going in now.”

“Guys I don’t think he is the only one who recognizes someone here tonight… I think I just saw Jack.” Niall mumbled.

“Who the hell is Jack?” Bri responded.

“She…well she... uhh well she was an ex of mine…” Niall spoke hesitantly.

“Why the hell would they be here?”

“Guys its Ed! He said he received an invite through the mail asking him to come, apparently on his invite he said he would have a chance to catch up with old friends.”

I turned to Luke who was now listening through my ear piece as well.

“Why would they have people that we all know here? I mean first Luke Scarlet, Now this Ed guy and Louis, and Niall thinks he just saw his ex, isn’t this a little odd?” Eleanor spoke.

“That’s not all Zayn I think I see Perrie on the dance floor.” Liam spoke.

“Wait What! Oh for fuc-… yes, she’s here.” Zayn sneered.

That’s when it clicked. Luke. Ed. Jack. Perrie. He had set this whole thing up. He knew I was going to bring everyone. He knew there past and mine. We were trapped in one big set up.

“Guys…. It’s a set up, there here to distract us. You have to focus, this is what he wants’. Whatever you do keep your focus on the plan.”

“Scarlet I think we see him… You should start making your way over to El and I now.”

“Ok I’m on your way.”

I turned to Luke.

“I’m sorry but I have to go, you need to get out of here, this was all a set up. Take your friends and get out while you still can.”

“I’m not leaving you here alone Scarlet.” He looked deep into my eyes. I never really noticed how Luke’s eyes always enticed me; I almost forgot what I had to do until Harry brought me back to reality.

“Who does this guy think he is? Honestly thinks he is all high and mighty with his stupid accent. Where is he from down unda?”

I ignored Harry’s comment and focused back on Luke.

“Alright just be careful.”

“Scarlet don’t worry about me. Look go, you need to focus, I will get the boys and we will keep an eye out for anything.”

I looked up to Luke with pleading eyes I quickly ran and gave him a hug.


“Scarlet start walking towards El now.”

“Ok I’m coming!”

I was almost to Eleanor and Louis when I heard Harry’s voice.

“G-Guys… I- no it can’t be…”

“Harry what’s wrong?” Niall spoke.

“Lou… it’s her… it has to be her.”

“Harry she’s dead! That’s bloody impossible! You have to focus get over to Scarlet now!”

“Liam do you think it’s her?” Zayn Spoke.

“I honestly have no idea lads… But she’s off the cameras I lost sight of her.”

“Guys I swear it was her…It has to be.”

“Harry it wasn’t just get over here now.”

I was so fricking confused. Who the hell was this girl? Why in the hell was Harry so focused on her? All of these things were running through my mind. I quickly managed to re-focus myself and started fiddling with my clutch when I bumped into Eleanor.

“Oh I’m so sorry.” We were back on track.

“Oh that’s alright don’t worry about it.” I smiled at her.

“I was wondering if you could take a picture of me and my friend”

“Oh of course.”

I grabbed the phone out of El’s hand and noticed she typed a message for me to read just before I switched over to the camera

*He’s making his way over as soon as you take a picture turn around, Harry will be right behind you. Good luck :)

I switched over to camera and took a picture of her and Louis. Sure enough as soon as I spun around I walked right into Harry.

“Oh gosh, sorry.”

“It’s alright love, would you like to dance?”

I nodded in response and he escorted me to the dance floor.

“Keep going a man is following you through the crowd.” Sarah mumbled.

Harry and I started to dance. I swear I felt like a feather the way he twirled and spun me around the dance floor. We both never broke our gaze. I wish Harry and I were frozen because this was one of the best moments of my life. I then noticed a shift in Harry’s expression.

“Haz are you alright?”

“W-What? Yeah I guess.”

“Guys I can’t find Niall!” Bri sneered.

“Liam where’s jack?” I asked hesitantly.

“I… We have no idea, none of them are on any of our monitors.” Danielle spoke.

“Niall? Mate answer.” Harry spoke nervously.

“Guys his ear piece is off. He either took it off or someone took it.” Louis said.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me right now. Sarah and Zayn do not split up. I have no idea where Niall is but I have a feeling he didn’t go willingly.”

I looked back up to Harry and then peered over his shoulder to see a man never looking away from Harry and me.

“Harry it’s almost time…” Louis spoke.

“Oh... Ok.”

Harry looked down at me and then started to speak.

“Scarlet whatever happens I love you and I will see you when I get home alright?”

I was about to respond when someone tapped me on the Shoulder. I turned to see a girl who was the same height and build as me; however she had hair black as night, and piercing grey eyes.

“I’m sorry may I cut in?” I nodded and she took Harry out of my grasp.

I was stuck standing in the dance floor, when Luke quickly stepped back in.

“Miss me?”

“Luke bloody hell I thought I told you to leave!” I sneered.

“There are guys surrounding the dance floor. As soon as this song ends, I have a feeling there going to come after you Scarlet.”

“Oh shit.” Liam yelled through the ear piece.

“What’s wrong?”

Liam never got the answer when I heard one single voice through the ear piece.

“Hello Harry.”


That was all he said before the line went dead.

“Louis what’s happening!?”

“Scar… he lost connection… Oh my god this is bad… very bad!”

“What’s wrong Louis?”

“Scarlet it’s… she is-“ He was never able to finish his sentence when Luke got tapped on the shoulder.

We both broke apart and I looked around to see a tall lean figure standing in front of Luke.

“Can I help you?” Luke spoke up, pushing me behind him.

“Um… I was just wondering… if I could cut in… But I’ll just go now.” I hit Luke. This guy was harmless. Luke nodded and replied.

“No, mate it’s fine here you go.” Luke turned and winked at me. I felt a hand snake around my waist and this man pulled me closer. We started to pick up from the dance as it continued. I was actually enjoying myself until he bent down and whispered in my ear.

“You’re an idiot for bringing along your friends. He sent me to come get you. You can either follow me off the dance floor and come with me, or you can cause a scene. Your choice Love.”

“Guys I can’t find Sarah… and I have no idea where the hell Perrie is.” Zayn spoke.

“Scarlet don’t go with him, were going to get you out of there, stall for as long as you can…” Louis said.

I simply sighed. I looked up to the man, and then looked over to Louis who was rushing over to me. I quickly mouthed to Louis. I’m so sorry. I nodded towards the man who grabbed my wrist and started to pull me off the dance floor.

“No… Scarlet don’t you dare! Scarlet don’t!” Louis screamed into the earpiece.

But it was too late. I had done what I set out to do in the first place. I forgot about the plan. I went rogue like I always had. I did the only thing I’ve done my whole life. I ran away. I ran from the plan. I only managed to say one last thing to everyone before I was going in.

“Find the girls. Keep them safe. Louis find Harry. Tell him I love him and I’m sorry. Don’t break my promise Lou, I’m holding you to it, and keep El safe. El if... if something happens I’m giving the barn to you and Luke. Guys remember if I said I told you to get out and run, well it’s time to run. I love you guys. I’m so sorry, but I have to go.” I whispered under my breath so the man who was grabbing onto my wrist wouldn’t hear. We were turning down a long hallway when I caught sight of something that shattered my heart into a million pieces.

There pressed up against the wall was Harry and the girl with the black hair kissing. As soon as she saw me and the man she broke the kiss and wiped her hand across her mouth.

“Well that was fun. I guess I haven’t formally introduced myself, I’m Kali.” she smirked at me.

Harry looked around and saw me standing there frozen with shock. He squinted and finally realized the broken girl standing in front of him.

“Oh my God Scarlet! It’s not what it looks like. I swear to God-“ I quickly cut him off.

“Save it Harry. Go back to whatever you two were doing because you clearly have forgotten me. So you know what here. I don’t want it. Take it because I’m done with you Harry!” I screamed and ripped off my locket and whipped it at Harry.

 I could see tears forming in his eyes but I didn’t care. I was suddenly being pulled by the man again. We were walking through a room and the man was locking the doors, when I heard Harry screaming out my name. I turned around to see Harry trying to push past the man. I turned around and looked Harry in the eyes. I guess my nightmare had suddenly turned into a reality. I had pretty much lost the only person I had left.


I had lost the only person who mattered most to me in the world...

I had lost Harry for good.

Those were my last thoughts until the doors were slammed shut and I turned to see 20 men with guns aimed at me.




Chapter End Notes:

Wooo alright here is all four girls outfits :)





Scarlets Car

The Venue

The Hallway

The Ball Room


Obviously Luke, is played by Luke Hemmings from 5SOS. If you don't know who those lovely lads are, go crawl into a hole until you heard them.

Also, finally this is Kali. Soooo with that being said, please comment and review chapter 25 will be up shortly.


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