My name is Scarlet Rose. You may say my life as a child didn't go as planned... ever since the age of 12, I have gotten into trouble. At the age of 13 I got arrested for hacking the C.I.A they then took me in and trained me as one of their youngest agents, at the age of 14 I managed to escape the C.I.A and the F.B.I and had gone rogue, and trained as an elite assassin. I am 18 years old and I am one of the top assassins in Europe.

Both my parents are dead. The only family I had left was my sister Luce until I found her brutally beaten in an alleyway and five assassins "The Bloods" escaping in a black van. Ever since her death I have had one thing on my mind. To kill "The Bloods". The only thing standing in my way is them.

That is until I fall in love with one of them?


20. Chapter 20

 Chapter 20

We sat around the kitchen for a long time discussing every option we had. Louis and I decided we needed a better look at what we were all walking into. I walked everyone down to the study so I could pull up a floor plan of where this ball was being held.

“Red what are we doing in here?” Harry asked softy. “I’m going to see if I can’t get a floor plan of the ball. What to expect security wise, how many people will be there, and possibly the guest list to see if we can recognize any names.“

“Your gonna find all of that with books?”

“No I’m gonna have Louis help me find all of that using these” I walked over to one of the books and pulled it out. It unlocked and the two book shelves on the left wall drifted apart and I walked into my work room. I had all my computers, a weapons wall, security camera monitors, and other equipment.

I quickly sat down and logged into the main computer. With a little search I was able to pull out floor plans no problem. I then spun around to Louis.  “I've got the floor plans but I need you to hack into the camera’s they have set up, Find a place on the floor plan where camera’s won’t be able to see me. “

“Okay.” Louis walked over and started to type, I turned back around to the others.

“As for the rest of you, I’m sure he will be expecting me to try something. I don’t think he will be expecting me to bring in this much help though. Bri and Sarah you’re going to be my extra set of eyes. I want you two to keep an eye out for anything or anyone that keeps their eyes on me. All of us will have ear pieces in so just let us know if you see anything. Niall Zayn and Liam you guys will arrive shortly after Bri and Sarah, Stay close to them. We will all be wearing masks so it will be harder for them to find out who we are. Harry will be close to me throughout the night, but you also have to keep your distance so that they don’t expect anything. Louis and Eleanor I will meet you at the Ball, I will causally bump in El and that’s when you introduce me to your friend Louis. I will stay by you for a short while until they hopefully spot me. If and when they or someone starts making their way towards me, Harry you will step in and ask me to dance. While dancing that’s when we plan the next step. Everyone will be armed. We should all meet back at Harry’s house, Danielle you will be there watching over all the monitors for anything Louis can’t see with his. You will be our connection to everybody. Everyone will have some sort of tracker, you need to tell us when one of us goes off grid though. Also if things turn bad I want you guys out of there. I don’t want anyone coming in after me. I will take care of it myself."

I looked around at everyone.

“I mean it, Sarah Bri if you don’t leave I will ask Niall and Zayn to drag you out of there. I’m risking your lives enough, so if I’m taken, no matter how much you want to stay, I need you girls to promise me you will leave. Harry I need you to go with everyone else as well. I know what you’re going to say, even though were together, he is after me. He knows what I look like but has no idea who you boys are. So no matter what Harry I need you to get out. You need to trust that I can handle it on my own alright?”

“I won’t agree with this.” He mumbled. I got up and walked over to him. I cupped his face in my hands so that he was forced to look down at me.

“Harry I’m serious… I need you to trust me. I need you to have faith that I can do this, and that I will get out. Harry I need you to promise me no matter what happens you will get out, you will put yourself ahead of my needs and get out with everyone else. Promise me Harry.” I said with a serious tone.

He sighed before looking into my eyes.

“I trust you, but it’s him I don’t trust. Scarlet if anything happened to you. I don’t know what I would do.”

“You won’t have to do anything but get out if things go bad. Harry nothing will happen to me. I will be fully armed, plus if they take me up into one of the rooms, I can always bust though a window. If the drag me outside I can out run them. I was able to take all of you down, and you guys are the best as far as I know, so I don’t think anything will happen. I just need to know you have faith in me, you trust me and you run when I tell you all to run.”

“I trust you and I have faith in you. If things go bad, I’ll get out, but scar-“ I didn’t let him finish I put one finger over his lips to stop him. “There are no buts Harry. I can do this. Everything will go as planned.” I smiled at him. He searched my eyes before finally giving in and didn’t argue anymore.


“Thank-you” I kissed his forehead before returning back to Louis.

“Alright I got into the cam’s and as far as I know there is a certain place where the camera’s don’t cover so if you go over to the west wing, I’ll be blind and won’t be able to see you. So try and stay away from the west as best as possible. Also the have a higher security. If an alarm goes off, guests have exactly 2 minutes to exit before everything inside gets locked in, until the system is reset. Sadly if this happens I can’t reset it, it only has DNA coding system, so be careful of who you kill. Also once the system is activated the only door that won’t get sealed is the roof door. You make it up to there, and I’m sure you will be able to find a way down.” He took a death breath, letting his info sink in before continuing.

“One last thing, they will have security at the front door checking the invitations, and will have security placed around most exits, so we all have to keep an eye out for those men as well. The only problem is when checking the invitations there must be something in the invite itself because the scanner they have picks out the fake ones. So I have no idea what were going to do about that.”

“Easy give me the invitation.” Louis handed me the scripted invite. I placed it in a small machine. I scanned over the entire invite. I then punched in 8 and it slowly made out 8 copies of the original. I pulled out the eight copies and grabbed my own and walked over to a small scanner that was the same one they would be using at the ball. I put the original through first it scanned it over and confirmed the invite. I ran the other 8 through to see if the matched up with the original copy. All 8 were confirmed and I turned back to everyone.

“Here all of them will be cleared once they get checked. Now that’s settled, Lou I’m sending all of the info over to your data base. All we need to do is head out and head back to the house. I just need to do some things first, but if you guys what to get set up and head out to the hummer, I’ll meet you guys all there in 10?”

Everyone nodded and slowly headed out. I turned to shut everything down and noticed Harry was still there. I quickly finished up and turned back to look at him

“You alright?” I asked hesitantly.

“Yeah, I just wanted to know if you needed help.” He smiled sweetly.

“Sure.” I grabbed his hand and pulled him upstairs to my room.

“Exactly what are we doing up here?”

“Need to grab a few things from my closet.”

“You seriously need to grab clothing?” He questioned me. “I never said that.” I smirked and pulled him to the dresses I owned.  “You need to grab a dress?”

“Nope.” I smiled before shoving the dresses aside and revealing a large door hidden behind them. I unlocked the door and flicked on the light. My walked into the room and started scanning through my selection of weapons. I turned back to look at Harry who stood there in disbelief.

“Oh sorry, help yourself love.” I then turned back to me selection of guns. I grabbed a duffel bag and started to fill the bag with different hand guns and silencers. I then moved on to the knife wall. I grabbed 16 different knives that ranged from pocket knives, to long daggers. I then moved on to grab certain equipment to hold certain items. I grabbed two gun holsters, an ankle holster for each foot, a knife belt, a gun belt, a shoulder belt that could hold two longer daggers, a small pocket knife holder that clips onto the inside of what your wearing.

I turned around to grab one last thing. I grabbed four hair pins that when clicked, they release a toxin allowing to pierce into your victim and make them go unconscious and paralyzed.

I looked over to Harry throwing different guns, revolvers for Niall, Liam’s favorite hand guns, and a few daggers that Zayn would like. He then grabbed my platinum hand gun and looked over to me.

“Can I use this one?”

“It’s my favorite, it contains smaller bullets, so instead of it have a barrel round of 25, and it has one full barrel round of 65. Extra rounds for that gun are just in the drawer below it.”

He turned and grabbed 10 other barrels. He then turned back to me.

“All set?”

“I think so, I’m gonna go visit the barn one last time, and do you want to go anywhere else before we leave?”

“Uh yeah, the tree, if that’s ok with you.” He asked hesitantly.

“Of course, let’s go.” I picked up the duffel bag and we headed out to the barn. It took us only a minute before we reached the barn. I looked up to see the boys had cleaned the barn to make it look like it hadn’t received any bullet holes. We walked hand in hand inside. There were no bodies, no blood, and no bullet holes. It was like they had rebuilt the barn in a matter of minutes. I walked down the stalls checking each horse as I went. They all seemed to calm down after today’s events. Harry and I finally reached Phoenix and Scotty’s stall. They both instantly perked up when we arrived.

I walked in and went over to hug Phoenix. I walked up and ducked underneath her head and brought my arms around her neck. She lowered her head down and rested it on my shoulder. I kissed her and stepped back to rub her nuzzle. I looked over to see Harry had done the same. I guess him and Scotty were as close as Phoenix and I.

We both switched positions to say goodbye to the others. I looked up into Scotty’s eyes.

“You keep her safe alright? No matter what, I love you two so much.” He nickered in response and I kissed the tip of his nose.

I put some fresh feed into their stall and Harry and I shut the stall door together.

“Alright let’s go to the final stop.”

We walked hand in hand until we reached our tree. It remained lit even during the day. I walked over and traced over the new mark in the tree. Harry grabbed my wrist and spun me around.

“My mom gave me this when I was 17. She told me to give it to the girl when it felt right. It feels so right to be with you. When I look at this necklace I think of us. So I want you to have it.” He pulled it out of his pocket and placed it in the palm of my hand. I looked down at the object while Harry continued to speak.

“No matter what happen I will always love you.” He smiled and looked down at me to see my reaction. I was absolutely speechless. It was a golden heart necklace and the heart was embossed.

“Harry-I-It’s absolutely beautiful” I looked up to him. I had never seen anything more beautiful in my life. “Do you want me to put it on?” He asked. “Yes!- yes of course.” I turned around and handed him the necklace. I moved my hair to the side and he put the necklace on. It hung perfectly on the centre of my chest. I held up the Heart and turned back to Harry.

“So does this you informally asking me to be your girlfriend?” I smirked. He burst into a fit and finally had the courage to look at me again. “So long as you say yes” he said with a mischievous smile on his face. “Of course!” I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist and looked deep into his green eyes. He leaned in and kissed me.

“I guess we should head back now.”

“Alright, let’s go.”

We drove back to the house and walked over to the hummer. I turned around and clicked the button on my keys.

Everything locked up and turned off in the house. I looked over and saw Harry getting into the car. I grabbed Louis and pulled him around to the back so I could speak with him.

“I need you to make sure he doesn’t go after me. I know Harry will try and come after me if things go bad. I need you to get him out no matter what. Louis I know, you know he won’t run. He will do whatever it takes to help me. I don’t care what you have to do, but I need you to make sure you get him out.”

“Of course love, I- I promise I will make sure and get him out if things go bad.” He sighed and looked me in the eyes.

“Thank you Louis.” I smiled and hugged him tight.

“Just try and make sure not to get yourself in that situation. Scarlet I have complete faith in you, but even the best plans have faults. I don’t want to see him or you for the matter in pain. So please promise me you will try everything you can to not make the call for all of us to run.”

“I’ll try my best Louis.”

“That’s all I ask.” He smiled and kissed me on the cheek and hugged me once more.

We both got into the car. I looked over to see Harry looking over at me.

“What is it now?”

“Nothing Red, You just look good with that necklace on.” He smirked. I stifled a laugh and started driving down the road; I grabbed his hand and kissed the top of it as we intertwined our fingers.

“Well I love it. It’s absolutely stunning.” I smiled back at him. He chuckled and replied. “But not as stunning as me right?” I burst out into a fit. “Of course not babe.” I winked.

I looked back down the road as we headed home. I thought to myself about what Louis had told me outside of the car.


Even the best plans have faults, and in my life nothing ever goes as planned.


Chapter End Notes: Hellloooo, early update! Suprissseee so Scarlet's outfit with the locket is all there, If you guys enjoyed this chapter please give it a vote and comment down below! This is not fully edited, it's a quick update because I had five minutes to myself, thats how busy I am right now, but I hope this can tie you over until the weekend! Thanks so much for reading! Talk Soon Xx


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