My name is Scarlet Rose. You may say my life as a child didn't go as planned... ever since the age of 12, I have gotten into trouble. At the age of 13 I got arrested for hacking the C.I.A they then took me in and trained me as one of their youngest agents, at the age of 14 I managed to escape the C.I.A and the F.B.I and had gone rogue, and trained as an elite assassin. I am 18 years old and I am one of the top assassins in Europe.

Both my parents are dead. The only family I had left was my sister Luce until I found her brutally beaten in an alleyway and five assassins "The Bloods" escaping in a black van. Ever since her death I have had one thing on my mind. To kill "The Bloods". The only thing standing in my way is them.

That is until I fall in love with one of them?


18. Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Scarlet's POV

After a couple more hours and three empty boxes of Stella, and Louis running around the back yard with a flaming marshmallow screaming

“It’s on fire! WHAT DO I DO! WHAT DO I DO?”

Harry always having to blow it out and Louis crying over marshmallow #16. It was clear all of us needed some sleep. Bri helped Niall inside while Zayn carried Sarah into the house bridle style. Harry and I stayed back to clean up and kill the fire, while Louis had finally stopped crying and ate his burnt marshmallow.

“I guess I should probably bring him back to his room.”

“No, I don’t think he will like that, he has claimed DIBS on my room, and so you might as well just bring him up with me.”

“What! Since when!” Harry protested. “Since he followed me up to my bedroom. I didn’t have a choice in the matter! But if it will make you happy you can come to.” I smirked and grabbed the last bottle lying on the grass.  He shot me a mischievous smile with dimples and all. I could help but laugh, honestly these boys could act like such children sometimes.

We helped Louis up to his feet and carried him up the stairs, we walked down to the end of the hallway and I found the code panel and punched in the four digit code. The wall split open and the elevator appeared. All three of us climbed in, the doors chimed and opened again. I swear if I hadn’t held a tight grip on Louis Harry would have dropped him he was like a little kid in a candy shop seeing my room for the first time.

“You have to be joking me!” Harry spun around the room looking at every detail. “Honestly it’s just a room Haz, You need to calm down.” Louis smirked. “Don’t be mean you were just as bad Lou.”

I walked him over to the switches and pressed the second and third button, the right wall instantly pushed back and I walked Louis to the bed of his choice. Of course he had to be difficult and wanted one of the top bunks. Harry and I each grabbed one of his legs and pushed him up to the top bunk, I climbed the ladder and threw the duvet over top of him; he snuggled into the pillows and was soon fast asleep. I was about to climb down the ladder when Harry grabbed a hold of me and lifted me up in the air and carried me over to my bed. But I hated how he was the one that was in control. I quickly untangled myself from him and ran. I did a Front handspring, round off back handspring, back layout and landed on the bed in a perfect stance. Harry on ran and did a face first dive into the bed.

“Show off.” he muffled as he buried his face beeper into the pillows. “Sorry I couldn’t resist.” I smiled and went to go jump off the bed when Harry caught my ankle and tripped me, he then grabbed my waist and flipped me over and then straddled me.  “Sorry but I couldn’t resist either.” He winked.

I let out a laugh and then got up on my forearms and stretched my neck and kissed him on the lips. He went to lean in for more but I caught him off guard and flipped him over so I was on top of him. I smiled and he pouted his lips.

“Sorry babe.” I pecked his lips and quickly climbed off the bed and headed into the walk in closet locking the doors behind me.

I quickly changed into my favorite sweater, and my plaid shorts. I threw my hair up into a braided messy bun and walked back out to see Harry sprawled out on the entire bed. I slowly climbed into bed and was about to shut the lap off when Harry grabbed my sweater getting a better look at it.

“I didn’t know you had a Jack Wills sweater. I have one to.” he muffled. I smiled and titled his chin up to me. “There’s a lot you don’t know about me.” I smiled and shut off the lights.

I pulled the duvet up over us and Harry pulled me closer, I turned myself around and curled into his chest. It felt so right. I fit into Harry’s body perfectly; he kissed the top of my head and mumbled a goodnight. For once in my life I didn’t have a nightmare when I slept. I never felt so safe with someone in my life. Harry was that person; I knew Harry would stop at nothing to always protect me. I smiled at the thought of it and fell into a peaceful sleep.


I woke up the next morning around 7am. I didn’t want to disturb Harry so I quickly snuck into the ensuite showered, did my Hair and make-up and walked into my closet to change into some riding gear. I looked down at the note I had found in my flat the day it had been broken into and I shoved it into my pocket. I walked over to the switches and opened up the windows to let the light into my room. I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. I quickly made myself some eggs. After I was finished I walked over to the fridge to grab some apples and carrots only to find there were none. I looked in the fridge in disbelief, I had just stocked up the kitchen the other day, how was all of the fruit gone?

I walked over to the fruit dish by the knife rack to see if there were any apples in the basket but there was nothing. That’s when I heard a voice clear there throat. I quickly grabbed a knife and spun around ready to throw it. I was surprised the see Louis standing there holding up a bag full of carrots and four apples. He smiled and bit into one of the carrots.

“Looking for something?” Clearly he didn’t have a problem with hangovers. “I could have thrown this into your heart and you’re not the least bit fazed are you?”

“No not really, I just want to come with you to the barn.” Completely ignoring the fact I was in a stance still ready to throw the knife. I rolled my eyes and put the knife back in the rack. “Well you’ve got all of the food, if they like you can ride one, how’s that?”


I walked out back and into the garage, I quickly took the keys off the hook and climbed into the ATV. Louis climbed in on the other side still eating his carrot.

We drove along the path down to the barn. Of course I owned the stables but they were always open for children to take lessons if they wanted it. I got out of the ATV and saw one of the trainers that worked at the stables.

“Hey Eleanor.“ She turned around and waved at me. “Hey Scarlet, I haven’t seem you in so long! How are you love?” She walked over and gave me a big hug.

“I’m good thanks and yeah it has been long, how is everyone?”

“Oh there great! Luke just got back from Ireland and he said he had an amazing time, but he is very happy to be back at the barn, oh and four animals have missed you since you’ve last been here.”

“I was wondering where Bo and Molly are! But before I forget El, this is my friend Louis.”  She smiled sweetly at him before tucking a strand of hair behind her face.

“Hi I’m Eleanor, but you can call me El.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Louis.” he smiled at her and extended his hand. She greatly accepted it and shook it.

I then stuck my thumb and my pointer finger in my mouth and whistled. As soon as this happened I saw two large objects peering around the Barn. As soon as they saw me it ran as fast as it could towards me.

“Hi Guys!” I bent down and rubbed Bo as he gave me kisses to me cheeks. He wasn’t a pup anymore but was still very young. Bo was a 7 years old German shepherd that Luce and I rescued a while back. Ever since then he always stays at the barn with the Staff but as soon as I’m here he never leaves my side. Molly came racing after him, she was a year younger than Bo and she was a Border collie Aussie mix. Bo and Molly never left each other’s side. So when Bo followed me so did Molly.

I then stood up and Bo started the bark at Louis and circled me protectively. Molly ran and stood by my side and started to growl.

“Bo, Molly, it’s alright Louis is a friend.”

With that Bo sat down at my feet and looked at Louis and he instantly was back to himself again.

“They must really like you.” Louis said as he got down the scratch Bo’s ears which earned Lou a kiss on the cheek from Bo. Molly then tackled Louis to the ground and gave him even more kisses.

“I guess so, well El I think me and Lou are gonna go visit you know who, and maybe go for a ride later on with everyone else. Would you like to join us later?”

“Oh of course if I’m not a bother to anyone.” She said shyly. Louis quickly spoke up.

“Not at all! The boys will love you!”

“Bri and Sarah are here also just to give you a heads up.”

“Alright sure I would love to come, I guess I will see you later then?” She smiled and then turned to Louis. “It was nice meeting you Louis.”

“It was nice meeting you too.” I grabbed onto Louis and pulled him up to the barn with Bo and Molly fallowing right behind. I shoved Louis with my shoulder.

“You fancy her!” I said with a mischievous smile growing on my face. “I do not!”

“Oh Louis you got it bad.” I said dramatically. “Oh just shh it.” He said.

I walked down the stalls gliding my hand over each name tag

Roxie, Lux, Patch, Anna Bell, Hercules, Roulette, Tank, Trio, Thor, Finn, Tilly, Phoenix, and finally Scotty.

Phoenix and Scotty were always my favorites. Phoenix and Scotty shared one large stall because they were always very close. We had to build one giant stall for the two because Scotty would always manage to unlock his stall and wait outside Phoenix’s door until morning when I would come to feed them. It got so bad That Scotty ended up breaking the wood that was put between them just so he could be beside her. So my father and I ended up building a double stall with no wall so they could be together. I pulled Louis towards the double stall, and they instantly ran over and started kicking the door.

“Alright, alright, calm down you two!” I looked back at Louis; he looked terrified as he looked up to Scotty who was much taller than the both of us.

“He’s-I mean he is- He’s not gonna eat me right?”

“No but he may bite if he doesn’t like you. To avoid that I’m gonna feed them each first and then you’re going to follow exactly as I do alright?”

He gulped.


I walked over to Phoenix first and stuck of my palm, she instantly came forward and nuzzled my hand, I looked up and rubbed her muzzle which seemed to calm her down I then opened the bag of carrots and held out my palm flat. She brought her nose down and ate the carrots. I moved onto Scotty and did the same thing. I then turned back to Louis who was holding the apples.

“Ok go up to Phoenix slowly. Hold out your hand and look at the ground, and wait till she comes to you.”

He did exactly what I said. Phoenix looked at me and I encouraged her forward. Louis slowly looked from the ground and looked into her brown eyes. He started to rub her muzzle and she nudged her head forward. She clearly was found of Louis.

“This is absolutely brilliant!” He said quietly.

“I know, know feed her the apple, oh and it may be ticklish. But whatever you do don’t jerk away.”

“O-Okay.” He held up the apple to her and she gladly took it. He laughed out but kept his hand as still as possible for her to eat. One she finished she nuzzled Louis hand again.

“She is stunning.”

“She is isn't she?” I walked back over to her and brushed her along her back with my hands.

“Alright now see if you can’t give Scotty the apples, just think of trying to feed Niall, if you do you’re in his good graces.” I started to giggled and Louis burst out into laughter.

“Alright go on and do the same to Scotty."

I tossed him an apple and he held it in his right hand. He lifted his left hand and turned to look at the ground. Scotty backed up but then realized Louis wasn’t a threat, he walked closer to Louis and pressed his nose into Louis palm. Louis then looked up to meet Scotty’s eyes. Louis then took the apple from behind his back and held it in front of him. He backed up again and looked at me.

“Scotty is gonna do a trick for you Louis so just keep your hand still.”

“He’s what?-“ Louis never got to finish his sentence because Scotty came close and nudged Louis hand upwards knocking the apple up into the air. Scotty saw it fly up and caught it in the air and turned to phoenix and gave her half of the apple. I Looked to Louis who stood there in awe.

“Holy shit-how did he? - I mean cane horses even do that!?” He turned to me in disbelief.

I burst into a fit and Phoenix and Scotty started to nicker.

“Alright, alright we should probably go call the others and see if they want to go for a ride.” I smiled at Louis and then turned to the two horses.

“We will be back soon alright?!” I lead Louis out of the stall and walked into the office on the side. I hit the page button to the inside of the house.

“Is anyone in the house?”

I waited for someone to page back.

“Hey Scar, it’s Sarah, all of us are here in the kitchen, but Liam, Harry, and Danielle went to the town early this morning. They should be back any minute-“ Sarah stopped as multiple voice came onto the mic.

“Everyone please pipe down in on the line with scarlet!”

The noise died down and Sarah spoke again.

“Should we all take the ATV’s down to the barn?”

“Yeah, I wanted to go for a ride out on the path if everyone is up for it, tell them to get changed into some comfy clothes, if Danielle, Bri, or you don’t have and clothing to wear just go up into my room and grab the extra riding gear that I have up there.”

“Alright, meet you down at the barn in five?”

“Sure I’ll have everyone saddled up by then.”

“Ok see you soon babe.” I ended the call and turned back to Louis.

“Time to get them all saddled up!” I said cheerfully. Bo and Molly who were following us the entire time Barked in agreement.

We walked back out to the stalls and stood there and thought out which horses would match well with each person.

“Ok Louis we will start off with Anna Bell and Hercules. That will be Niall and Bri’s horse, she has ridden Anna Bell before and I’m sure Hercules will like Niall, he eats just as much as him.” I Walked over to Anna Bell’s stalled and walked her out and hooked her up to the side, I quickly got her ready and moved onto Hercules.

“Alright Louis I need you to grab me one of the larger saddles that’s hanging up over there, it’s heavy so be careful.”

“Ok, anything else?”

“Um yeah grab that green saddle pad.”

Louis quickly returned and I got Hercules ready. We then moved onto the next pairing.

“Ok find Finn’s Stall and I’m gonna Get Roulette ready for Sarah. If you can take a carrot or to and give it to Finn so that you can walk him out and clip him up to the side alright?”

“Sure thing Scar.”

“Thanks Lou.” I quickly grabbed a black saddle and a purple saddle pad to match once I was finished with Rou; I made my way over to Finn.

“Hey bud.” I brushed Finn’s neck and quickly got the saddle and saddle pad. Once he was finished we moved onto the next pairing.

“Let me guess, umm Roxie over there and umm Thor?”

“Exactly.” I smirked.

I pulled Roxie out while Louis enticed Thor out of his stall with two carrots. By the time I finished with Roxie I looked over to see Louis putting the Saddle and Saddle pad on Thor.

“I’m impressed, you catch on quick.”

“Thank love.” He winked and we moved onto our second last pairing. That’s when Eleanor came out of Tilly’s stall and hooking Tilly up to put her saddle on her. I turned to Louis.

“Louis you get Tank. He sounds intimidating but he’s a big softy. He and Tilly work really well together so if you want to get him saddled up I’ll go see if the others are here.”

“Ok!” He beamed.

I ran down the long hallway to see the others coming down the path.

I turned to see Eleanor and Louis getting Phoenix and Scotty ready. The others pulled up to the Barn and quickly got out of the ATV’s.

“Ok guys I’m gonna bring out the pairs one by one and introduce you to the horse you will be riding. I matched them up according to which personality suited the horse the best, yeah?”

Everyone nodded and I ran back inside the Get Anna Bell and Hercules. I unclipped them and walked them out to Niall and Bri.

Bri stepped forward to Anna Bell right away.

“Hey babe, I missed you!” She rubbed Anna Bell who nickered in response. I turned to Niall still holding onto Hercules.

“Alright Niall this is Hercules, he eats almost as much as you plus he and Anna Bell partner really nicely, I want you to walk up slowly to him and put your hand out to greet him alright?”

“Sure thing Scar.” He did as I told him and almost instantly Hercules had connected with Niall.

Both Bri and Niall climbed onto their horses and I fixed stirrups. Once those two were settled I brought our Roulette and Finn. Sarah greeted Rou the same as Bri had and quickly climbed on.

“Zayn this is Finn.”

“Wow he is absolutely brilliant Scarlet.” I smiled and gave him a hand with getting up on Finn. I ran back inside once more and grabbed Thor and Roxie.

“Alright Liam and Danielle this is Thor and Roxie. Don’t worry Liam, Thor is a gentle giant and Roxie is very friendly.” They greeted there assigned horses the way Niall and Zayn had and quickly climbed on. I turned around to go get Louis and El but they were already on their horses walking out of the stall.

“This is Eleanor guys; she works here at the stables and is a good friend of mine. She will be riding Tilly and Louis is on Tank.” Eleanor waved to everyone and Louis quickly introduced the boys. I turned to Harry. “Alight I’m gonna go get our horses I will be right back.”

I ran back to see Scotty had unhooked himself from his side of the stall and was standing next to Phoenix who perked up her ears when she saw me. I unclipped her and walked Scotty and her out to Harry.

“Woah he’s huge.” Harry looked up in awe at Scotty.

“I know, this is Scotty Harry, you will be riding him and I’m going to be riding Phoenix.” I smiled and climbed onto Phoenix. Harry greeted Scotty who instantly took a liking to Harry.

“Alight everyone lets go riding.” I spun Phoenix around and she galloped off onto the trail, Harry and Scotty caught up to me along with the others riding with their assigned pair side by side. We ran along the path for a long time, finally we came up to the meadow and I slowed Phoenix down and turned her to face the others who had come to a stop.

“You guys can feel free to go off on your own around this field if you like.” We all departed in pairs and Harry and I rode along side each other as Phoenix and Scotty started to trot around the meadow. Harry looked over to me to see me with a big grin on my face.

“You look really happy.” He said.

“That’s because I am, I haven’t gone horseback riding in a very long time and I’m really happy Scotty has taken a liking towards you.”

“Well I like him very much, I feel like we bond well together isn’t that right Scotty?”

The horse nickered in response and Phoenix Snorted. She then trotted even closer to Scotty so that Harry and I could hold hands if we wanted to. I then turned and looked up into the sky and closed my eyes. I took a deep breath and turned back to Harry who was smiling dimples and all at me.


“Oh nothing!” He smirked. “Spill it Styles.” I glared at him, which only made his smile grow.

“Nope my lips are sealed.”

“Oh you are so-“ I didn’t get to finish because Harry screamed out.

“Scotty run!” He and Harry sped off like a bullet I looked down at Phoenix who looked at me before speeding off, I pulled Phoenix’s rain and turned her to the left so we would cut them off in their tracks.

I pulled Phoenix right in front of Scotty who came to an immediate stop. Scotty snorted and Phoenix nickered while I burst out into a fit. I slowly came to a stop and whipped the tear from my eye. I turned back to Harry and smiled at him. I knew I couldn’t stay hidden behind a wall forever Harry needed to know the truth about myself, about Gemma, about the break in, and about the ball. I sighed and looked back into Harry’s eyes.

“Harry I need to tell you something...” I began to drift off. “What’s wrong?” I bit my lip. “I haven’t been completely honest with you lately.”

“Scarlet what is it? You’re scaring me...”

“You know how yesterday I left to get out of the house?”

“Yeah? Why what happened? Did someone attack you?”

“Not really, I went to my apartment to grab some things and noticed my door already opened… I walked into my flat and saw everything torn or broken, I thought it was just someone who broke in to steal something, but they trashed everything… I grabbed the things I had left of my parents and of Luce out of the safe, and found they had ripped up almost every photo and broken the frames of picture I kept locked away in the safe…” I stopped myself and took in a shaky breath before I continued.

“I packed up pretty much the rest of my things… I was walking into the kitchen when I found this note.” I pulled out the note from my pocket and gave it to Harry. He quickly read it over and looked back up with me with a concerning look.

“Harry I have to go or they’re going to kill Bri and Sarah, I have no idea if they know who you guys really are, I just think this man knows it was with a group of guys when they tried to attack… but it doesn’t matter I still don’t want to put you guys in the cross fire as well…” I stopped and looked up into Harry’s burning green eyes.

“Well I’m not letting you go alone; I’m going to protect you no matter what.”

“That’s not all that I know… Harry you know when I passed out yesterday? Well I met your sister…”

I must have hit a nerve because as soon as I said sister Harry’s eye grew dark and cold.

“There’s no way… Gemma... She’s dead how could you have possibly spoke with her?”

“I have no idea, she came to me… She was only able to speak with me because we shared something called a connecting link, you were that connecting link. She also told me it was my decision if I was willing to allow fate to bring us together or set us both free. But she warned me that the consequences are very high and could cost a life in the process. Harry something is gonna happen at this Ball I have no idea what but that’s why I need to go. You know on the car ride here when I asked you to trust me. I need you to do that now. I need you to trust me, Harry I choose you; I don’t want to live my life without you so I choose you. I need you to know that’s why I came up here. I made my decision and I need you right now more than ever and I love you I need to know if you’re with me/”

He looked at me his green eyes studied me before he answered.

“Of course I’m with you. Scarlet I- I have never told anyone but the boys about my sister she died with my parents that night after the failed to protect yours. I didn’t ever speak about her to you, and the fact you know her name and she came to you… that’s all I need I believe you. I love you and I will always be there for you alright, but I think we need to tell the others since this date is coming up soon alright babe?” Harry looked at me with concern. I sighed in relief.

“Ok but I think we need to do something first.” I smiled at him and turned Phoenix around so Harry and I were face each other I leaned in and grabbed his face. I was about to kiss him when it started pouring. I started to laugh but Harry only pulled me in closer

“I’ve always wanted to do this.” He cupped my face and kissed me in the pouring rain. Our kiss quickly deepened when suddenly I was jerked apart by Phoenix. She started moving back and forth get very anxious I looked over to Scotty to see his ear pricked forward and started to make sounds that he does when he feels threatened. I quickly spun and slammed Harry down on the saddle as a bullet just missed him. I turned Phoenix to the others.

“Harry we need to go the house NOW!” I looked at Scotty before Phoenix lifter herself in the air to stand on her back legs and called out to the other horses; they quickly ran over to us. I pulled Harry back up and Hit Scotty to start running. I turned around to see five guys in ATV’s gunning towards us. We booked it along the path running and weaving in and out as shots kept firing at us.

“We need to get to the Stables! Put the horses in any open stable and quickly lock the doors!” I screamed as we approached the barn. I rushed everyone in and ducked off of Phoenix just in time as the shot hit the door frame of the barn door.

“Scarlet what are you doing get inside!” I quickly ran Phoenix inside and closed the barn doors. Niall and Louis had already shut the other doors.

“El! Get the horses in the stables in pairs!! Danni, Sarah, and Bri hide in the stables closer to the back get in the stables with a male and female! Do it now! Grab Bo and Molly and make sure they don't bark! Boys come with me!” I lead those around to wear the saddles were always hung, I quickly punched a code in the side of the barn and a safety door opened up to reveal a wall of weapons.

I quickly grabbed a pair of daggers and shoved them in my ridding boots I then grabbed three guns. Two shoved in my back and the other in my hand. The boys quickly stocked up on their own weapons and I quickly shut the door again.

"Louis Harry in front Niall Zayn at the back door I will be in the middle, and Liam go up into the Shafts up top and see if you can shot them from up there. These doors won’t hold for long, so be ready.” We all took our positions and everything went silent. Liam looked out the window and went wide-eyed.

“Scarlet… there are at least 30 men outside I can’t get a good read I’m coming down.” He whispered.

I turned my attention to Harry I called him back and Liam took the front with Louis.

“I have a feeling we work better together.”  He smirked and kissed me quickly before looking into my eyes. “I couldn’t agree with you more.” My smile quickly faded as multiple shots were fired all around the barn.

Everyone was silent even the horses. They then broke down each door. I turned back to Harry.

“Ready?” I smirked. “Always”

With that we began to shoot.



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