My name is Scarlet Rose. You may say my life as a child didn't go as planned... ever since the age of 12, I have gotten into trouble. At the age of 13 I got arrested for hacking the C.I.A they then took me in and trained me as one of their youngest agents, at the age of 14 I managed to escape the C.I.A and the F.B.I and had gone rogue, and trained as an elite assassin. I am 18 years old and I am one of the top assassins in Europe.

Both my parents are dead. The only family I had left was my sister Luce until I found her brutally beaten in an alleyway and five assassins "The Bloods" escaping in a black van. Ever since her death I have had one thing on my mind. To kill "The Bloods". The only thing standing in my way is them.

That is until I fall in love with one of them?


13. Chapter 13

Chapter 13

I didn’t bother leaving my bedroom that night. I didn’t want to run into Harry again. I actually didn’t want to speak to any of the boys really. I called both the girls later that night and left them a message saying I was safe and back at the mansion. I was thinking back to the night I had gone to go see Uncle Lucas.

He was the only one who really knew the truth about everything. Everyone else I had hid the truth from. I still hadn’t told anyone I was assassin. It was slowly ripping me apart on the inside. This house, these people, were all slowly ripping me apart. I needed to get out. I needed to go see the one person who I still considered family. I needed to go see Uncle Lucas.

I slowly crept to the window. I opened it up and stepped out onto the balcony. It was high up but I could easily use the small flag poles as high bars, like in gymnastics. I walked back inside and changed my outfit.

I pulled on my washed out torn jeans, my black Adidas Hoodie, with my black tank top underneath, grabbed my black studded leather gloves, changed my phone case, put on my black combat boots, and went to do my hair and make-up. I curled my hair off to the side and added make-up. I walked back over and grabbed my black beanie and I was all set.

I quickly grabbed a pen and paper and began to write.

Dear Lou,

You probably figured out I’m not here. Thanks for checking up on me, but I just needed space for awhile. I’ve gone out to see a friend of my mine. I’ll be back soon, I promise. Please don’t tell the boys where I have gone. I’ll be back hopefully by midnight. If they need to speak with me can you please cover for me? Thanks again for everything.

Xx. –S

P.s – Leave the window unlocked, that’s how I plan on getting back into my room without the boys finding out. Thanks again Lou, for everything.

I folded up the note and put it in the front page of ‘The Tale of the Two Cities’ and placed the book on my bed side table. I walked back out into the balcony and slowly closed the window. I stepped up on the edge and put my gloves on. I quickly jumped to the first pole, and flipped over to the next bar. I then dropped myself to the one below. I did a few turns on the bar, before releasing myself and landing on the ground silently. Perfect formation as always.

What I didn’t realize is I landed right in front of the common room windows. The boys hadn’t noticed me since they had their backs turned, but one did. Louis looked at me wide-eyed before he focused on something else and then back at me. I pointed upstairs to my bedroom and help one of my fingers to my lips. He winked and I took it as a signal to leave before anyone else noticed.

I ran down the long driveway and sprinted to the warehouse. I finally reached the front steps, and walked in. I walked in and a lot of people smiled at me and waved. I walked into Lucas’s office but he wasn’t there. I walked into the supply room to see him digging for something.

“Hey Uncle Lucas.” He quickly spun around with a shocked looked before a smile grew on his face.

“Scarlet! I’m so happy you came! Haven’t seen you in a month, how are you?”

“Um, I’ve been better. Listen I was wondering if you could help me with something?”

“Yes of course love, anything you need! Just let me clean up first and I will be right with you.”

Lucas quickly put away the things he had been searching through, and walked me to his office. He shut the door and sat behind his desk facing me.

“So what is it love?”

“Um I need to ask you something about my parents...”

“Oh... of course what is it?”

“How did my parents meet? I mean I knew they were both rogues but do you know how they fell in love?”

He smiled at me before continuing.

“Your father and I were training here when your father got called on duty… he had to job of trying to kill your mother, and your mother was assigned to kill him as well. They both found each other and fought. She managed to get on top of him and was about to kill him with a knife, when she looked into his eyes, and your father told me he did the same and he said she had to most beautiful eyes, He said no matter how hard your mother had tried to kill him, as soon as she looked into his green eyes she fell in love. After that they both couldn’t force each other to complete the deed, they eventually couldn’t hide their love and both of them gave in and got married and had you and Luce.”

I thought about this as Lucas’ told the story. I was just like my mom as soon as I looked into his green eyes, I couldn’t force myself to kill him. It was almost identical to the situation Harry and I were in. The only difference was my mom and dad had given in. I however couldn’t give in. I had made up my mind, and now I had to complete what I set out to do.

I needed to ask Lucas one last question, when my parents died, they had told myself and Luce, they died in a mission, but I never believed it. They were they best, especially when they fought side by side. They were unstoppable. There was no way they had died in a mission.

“Uncle Lucas, can you tell me how my parents really died? I know they said they died in mission, but I always knew they were lying. I want the truth. I’m old enough now and I want the truth. Please.”

He sighed, but I continued to look at him with pleading eyes, he finally gave in.

“They were an unstoppable pair. They were deadly. They were the best in my eyes. But if you’re the best you have a huge target on your back that gets bigger with every kill. Your parents had a very large target. At the time our agency was still upset with your father for not completing his mission to kill your mother; the same went for your mother her agency had also been upset with her for the same reasons. At first we thought it was someone for our agency who had killed them, but I later found out it was a group from your mother’s agency that were now assigned to kill not just your father but your mother from their own agency. “

He sighed, before continuing.

“I think you should know it was a group of five people who killed them. All of them a parent to “The Bloods”… they were the original five, they had kids, who took on the group after our agency and I had killed them… I don’t think Luce’s death was random Scar, They knew about Luce too, and their parents must have targeted Luce next… But couldn’t complete the job… So they must have left it to them to complete. I had been doing some research on them ever since you had told me about Luce. I have some things to show you.”

He got out of his seat and grabbed a file from his desk. He slid the file to me; I opened the file and saw pictures of photos of my parents, and Luce on this large wall. I scanned through the photo’s all of the ones with my parents had been X’d out in red sharpie. My parents both died at 34. I was 13 at the time and had been arrested for trying to hack into the system to find out who had killed my parents, but came up short. They only thought my parents had one kid since I was gone for 2-3 years.

“They didn’t know about me did they?” I asked.

“No you were in the custody of the C.I.A, I have a feeling they never knew because you were always training, either with C.I.A and then us, and so I don’t believe they knew they had a second child.”

I was shocked. I didn’t know what to say, I guess the evidence spoke for itself. They had been after my entire family, and terminated them. It finally made sense. Know I knew there was a reason behind it all. This only made me want my revenge even more. I looked back at Lucas.

“Thank-you for this information, it explains a lot”

“You deserve to know the real truth love” he smiled sweetly and got up to hug me. I hugged back and then let go.

“So have you found them yet?” I was surprised by his question, I couldn’t tell the truth, but I couldn’t lie to Lucas. “Yes, I shot one of them that got in my way, but I’m still after their leader.”

“You’re sure you don’t need my help? I could always give you a hand?”

“No! I’m fine… I need to do this by myself, I have to be the one to kill them even if it is the last thing I do.”

“Alright love, come back soon ok? I’m always here.” He smiled as I walked out of the room.

I walked out into the cold fall air, and started walking back to the mansion. I pulled out my phone and checked the time 11:30pm. I made it back in 20 minutes. I quickly ran and jumped up to the first pole, flipped over to the second. Up to the third finally swinging over the edge and back onto the balcony. I walked over to the window, it was still unlocked. I stepped inside and saw Louis had read my note, and left one single item on my side table. One very large carrot.

I stifled a laugh; I then quickly changed into my PJ’s and passed by the large mirror. I stopped and walked back to the mirror. I looked at my reflection. I had noticed I had my parent’s brilliant green eyes, my mom’s personality and my dad’s smile. I walked away from the mirror and climbed into bed. I sat there for hours, remembering the memories I shared with my family before they died.

I single tear escaped my eyes; I simply whipped it away and fell into a peaceful sleep. I swear I could feel my family’s presence in the room that night. I knew from that moment, that they were watching over me.

I woke up the next morning, with Liam happily waking me up. I was dreading this day. After everything I had learned, about my parents, about them. I couldn’t even look them in the eyes without getting upset. I put on a fake attitude and changing into some joggers, a tank top, a hoodie, and some runners. I walked down the stairs to see Liam patiently waiting. He gave me a quick smile, but I rolled my eyes.

“All ready for a long run? Yeah?” He said cheerfully.

“I guess.” I shrugged.

We walked outside and started the stretch, once then we were off. Half way through the run Liam attempted to start a conversation.

“So what’s your favorite weapon?”

I looked at him with a bored look on my face before answering.

“My Celtic Dagger that Zayn stole from me.” I mumbled. He stifled out a laugh.

“He claims he borrowed it.”

“More like stole.”

“Well personally I like the M1911 pistol.”

“Not bad but I much rather have the stainless steel SIG Sauer P226.”

“Not a bad chose Scar” He smiled as we stopped at the pier. We sat on the docks and watched the calm water. I was so focused on the silence I hadn’t heard Liam speak to me.


“I was trying to tell you about Harry last night.” I sighed and looked over to him. “What about Harry?” I snapped.

“Well I think you should know this, I think he may be falling in love with you Scar… I’m no expert in this kind of stuff, but I see the way he looks at you… it’s the same way I look at Danielle. I really think you should try speaking with him; he’s never acted like until he met you… could you at least try? Please that’s all I ask.”

“Look, I tried… but the words, they won’t come. I not sure what to do anymore Liam, it’s not as easy as you think… Things with me and him, are very complicated… actually with all of you.” I stopped myself before I said anything more. The last thing I needed was to lash out.

“Complicated? All of us? Scarlet may I remind you, that you are the one who was sent to kill us… not us trying to kill you.” He said coldly.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to go before I did something I was going to regret.

“Liam, I suggest you bloody open your eyes. You don’t even know the half of it, you know what never mind let’s just get back.”

“No not until you tell me what the hell is so complicated”

“I said drop it! You don’t know a thing, so stop acting like you care, when I’ve seen you. I know. You have never cared one ounce for anything you have ever done to anyone! I know because I saw it firsthand!” I stopped myself before I brought up Luce.

“What are you talking even talking about?”

“Don’t you dare play dumb with me Liam! All of you know what you did! And I will never forgive you for what you did.”

Before I could say anymore I spun on my heel and ran away back to the mansion. Liam called after me asking me to explain. How dare he I thought. I ran back to the mansion and looked back to see Liam just reaching the bottom of the long driveway. I sprinted through the door and ran up the stairs. I ran into Louis.

“Scarlet are you ok?”

“Get the hell away from me!” I sneered.

“Scarlet please? What’s wrong?”

“I said get away. I don’t want to have anything to do with you are any of you so leave me alone!” I looked at his pained face as I pushed passed him.

I couldn’t take it anymore. Knowing the truth of what they did, what their parents did. I was so appalled. I was so hurt, so angry at them. I quickly locked the door behind me. I walked over to my bed and cried. I heard Louis voice faintly outside my door.

“Haz I don’t know what’s wrong with her… I have no idea what we’ve done, but you should have seen her face Hazza, it’s wasn’t the Scarlet I know… Something’s wrong but she won’t talk to any of us.”

That’s when I heard banging on my door.

“Scarlet open the door right now!”

“I said leave me alone I don’t want to speak, look, or listen to any of you! Not now not ever!” I yelled with hate. My words were like venom.

“Scarlet, Please talk to us.”

Instead of answering I grabbed my other chopstick and held it behind my back, I walked over to the door and opened it up.

Harry looked down at me with a concerned face he was about to speak when I cut him off.

“I am so done with all of you. Especially you.” I screamed at Harry.

He winced at my words. Louis also looked disheartened by my words. I quickly stabbed my chopstick into Harry’s stomach and he crashed to the floor instantly. Louis was quickly on his knee, holding Harry’s head up.

Harry’s eye filled with tears as he tried to blink them away. I was about to walk back into the room, when Harry caught hold of my wrist.

“I don’t understand… Why scarlet? Why?”

“Why don’t you ask your parents Harry? Oh wait that’s right there all dead! Just like mine!” I glared at Harry.

He let a tear slip down his face before he went unconscious. Louis looked up at me with pleading eyes, but I only replied.

“That goes for you to Louis you’re just as bad” this time I let the tears flow from my face, before I turned around and walked back into my room, and locked the door. I crashed on my bed; I cried and cried what had seemed like days.

I had done two things I should have never done.

I had chosen the right decision, but it wasn’t the decision I wanted.

I had hurt the one I cared about the most. I had pushed away all connections I had with the boys.

October was always the worst month. I had just added another horrible memory to this month. Then it hit me. I quickly got out of bed and ran to my phone. I looked at the date.

October 16th, 2013. 3:00am.

I froze in place and dropped my phone. Pain filled my heart, and I cried out in pain. I fell to the floor, and sobbed. Today was the day. The day I dreaded every year. The day I always remembered.

Today was the day of Luce’s death. This day was the day “The Bloods” had killed her.

I finally managed to get my phone; I called Bri and Sarah on a three way call.

“Scarlet what the hell- its 3 am.”

“Babe what wrong?” I sobbed on the phone, trying to bring myself to speak. “It’s- Today’s O-October 16th” I cried again.

“Oh god, Babe were on our way!”

“Love hang in there were coming as fast as we can.”

I muffled a goodbye, and hung up, slowly walked over to the balcony window and climbed out and sat there until I heard a knocking at the door.

(Sarah’s POV)

Once Brianna and I found out Scarlet had lost Luce it was horrible. We didn’t meet scarlet until after she died, but for the past couple of years, Bri and I always stay with her on this day. Every year this is the one day that is the worst for all of us. To make matters worse she is now living in the house, of the people who caused all this pain.

I locked up my flat and sprinted outside the see Bri pulling into my complex. We quickly drove to the little flower store that was open 24/7 and bought Long Stem Roses. They were the family’s favorite. We quickly got back to the car and drove to the mansion. Bri and I ran up to the door and started pounding for someone to answer. Finally Niall and Zayn came to the door. Great… I was so not in the mood for this.

“What are you two doing here at 3am in the mornin’?” Niall said.

“Get out of my way right now! I don’t have time to explain! I said move Niall!” Bri yelled. Niall looked petrified. This is the side of Bri she would try and never show him, but only on this day, this side would come out.

Zayn looked at me with a concerned look as we ran into the house. I was running with Bri when someone grabbed my hand.

“Babe, what’s wrong?”

“Not now! I have to go see Scarlet, I’ll explain later but right now she needs Bri and I.” I said with pleading eyes.

He slowly let go of my hand and I ran upstairs, to see Bri knocking frantically.

The door opened and Scarlet appeared. This was the worse I had ever seen her in my entire life.

She didn’t have to speak we walked right in and locked the door; we pulled the duvet off the bed and walked out onto the balcony. We sat on either side of her holding her close as she cried. Finally the tears slowly came to a stop around sunrise.

“We brought the flowers so we could go today. I don’t care what the boys’ rules are. We are going babe.” I said.

She turned to me and nodded, she got changed, and came back to Bri and I. we unlocked the door and grabbed either arm of her, flipped up her hood, and started walking down the stairs. We were almost to the door when I ran back into Zayn.

“Now where are you going?”

I couldn’t hold it in any more. Today was not the day to get in either Bri or I’s way. I lashed out on him.

“Get out of our way! We will be back later. We are taking her out! She needs to get out of the god damn house. I wouldn’t do this if it was any other day but today I am! So get out of our bloody way!” I sneered.

He looked hurt by my words by quickly stepped aside. We made it outside and into the car.

Every year we would buy flowers.

Every year we would sit outside with our best friend and sit in silence.

Every year we would become a different personality because today was about Scarlet and Scarlet only.

Every year we would drive up to the cemetery to go see Luce’s Grave and her parents Grave.

(End POV)

(Scarlet’s POV)

I sat in the car with my head pressed up against the window. I allowed the new tears to fall from my face. We pulled up to cemetery, and walked to find Luce’s grave with my parents next to her. I slowly bent down and knelled in front of Luce’s grave.

I ran my fingers across the engraved letters it read

Here Lies


A loving daughter, friend, and Sister.

She will be forever missed but always remembered

March 6th, 1994 – October 16th, 2011

I put my head in my heads and cried my eyes out. I missed her so much, it was bad enough my mum and dad had been killed, but to take away the only person I had left. It cut me deep. Sarah came over and gave me a hand full of roses I kissed each one before I placed it on her grave. I then slowly got up and walked to my parent’s grave. I once again knelled down and ran my fingers over the letters craved into stone.

Here Lies

James and Charlotte Rose

Loving parents

Buried side by side. Their love was un-dying.

They will be forever missed but always remembered.

June 23rd, 1974- January 18th, 2008

July 29th, 1974- January 18th, 2008

Brianna slowly came over this time and handed me the rest of the roses. I kissed each one like I had for Luce. I whispered something to the last rose as I placed it in between my parent’s grave and my sister’s grave.

“I miss you all so much, it seems like not a day doesn’t go by where I’m not reminded of you. I’m sorry for everything. I just wish you were all here.” I slowly placed the rose down and got up.

The girls walked me back to the car. We drove back to my terrible nightmare that awaited me back at the house. We got out of the car and started walking up the stairs. The door swung open and all five guys ran out blocking our way. Harry looked furious so I was assuming, he had just woken up.

“Where the bloody hell did you go!” He screamed.

I didn’t respond I only looked at bri and Sarah to not say anything.

“I said answer me scarlet! First you stab me, and then you bring up my parents? And then I wake up from being unconscious for hours only to find out you left! I want a bloody explanation and it better be good!” He was furious.

“Harry just shut it! This is not the day to start! And this most certainly isn’t your day to act out of anger, when you’re the one who caused all of this in the first place!” Bri screamed.

I looked at her wide-eyed and pulled her aside to calm her down, Sarah then came over and grabbed her wrist and pulled her behind her. Niall stood there in disbelief as Bri had unleashed all her anger.

“What do you mean caused all of this? I have no idea what I’ve even done!?”

I couldn’t take it anymore if the truth had to come out, it had to be now weather I liked it or not. That’s when I ran at him and grabbed his shirt and threw him down the steps, he glided across the gravel, and I slapped him across the face.

“Don’t you dare act like you don’t know? Harry do you know what day it is? It’s October 16th! The day you five all murdered my sister in that alleyway! You left her for dead when I found her! You wanna know the worst part; all five of your parents murdered my parents! I was only bloody 13! You guys took everything from me! EVERYTHING! You killed my parents, and then you killed my only family I had left! You killed my sister!” I screamed.

I couldn’t control it I broke down and fell to the ground. Bri and Sarah were right beside me holding onto me as I cried.

“How do you know we killed her? It could have been anyone.” Liam spoke harshly.

I looked up at him with dagger eyes.

“Because I was there. I found her lying dead in that alley way. You guys looked me in the eyes and walked away. You didn’t say anything you just left her. I asked her who you were and she said you were “The bloods” she confirmed it that’s how I bloody know!”

Harry slowly got up rubbing his cheek. He, Liam, walked into the house and slammed the door. Niall and Zayn came down the steps and tried to grab Bri and Sarah.

“Leave me alone Zayn. I can’t even look at you right now.” Sarah sneered.

“Babe please talk to me” Niall said, blinking back his tears. Bri let the tears escape her but kept her focus on me. “I don’t want anything to do with you. Just go.” She said bitterly.

Both boys looked at each other and walked into the house. Louis was the only one left outside as the girls tried to help me up.

“Scarlet pleas, I’m so sorry for everything.”

I looked at him with cold eyes.

“You don’t get to say sorry Louis not this time. Just leave me alone.” I said emotionless.

I looked up into his eyes to see the few tears escaping his eyes.

The girls walked me inside and up to my room. They stayed in my room all night, never leaving my side. Five Things came to my mind as I tried to fall asleep.

The truth was finally out.

I had been finally broken. I could no longer pick up the pieces.

I had finally destroyed all connections with the boys.

I had cut away the final tie I tried to hold onto for as long as I could.

I had cut away Harry for good.

The worst part of it all was that ever since I had told the boys the truth, I wanted to be able to forgive them. I wanted to tell them it was in the past. No matter how much I wanted to my mind stopped me. I knew from that moment I had made the wrong choice. I had broken everything, before I had a chance to go back and change my mind and fix the things I broke. But it was too late.

I had broken the one thing I tried so hard not to break.

I had cut Harry so deep; there would be no way to fix things between us.

It was impossible to fix anything.


That’s when I thought back to my mum and dad. They had gotten into a huge argument when Luce and I were little. It seemed like the damage was done, and one of them was going to leave. I told Luce it was impossible to fix any relations they had left, but my Mum turned to me and said “Scarlet, nothing is impossible to fix, if you love someone enough, you tell them 3 small words. Before you know it the impossible becomes possible” She turned back around and walked up to my dad before he left, she cupped his face in her hands, and said those three small words ‘I love you’ he dropped his bags and kissed her. All these problems were solved with three small words, because they were so in love.

I knew from that moment I was in love with a boy who had made a mistake.

I was going to try and fix the impossible.

I lay there that night holding onto the one thing I had left.




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