Stay Strong

Look guys, this may not be the best inrtoduction and all but I made it for a friend.This is a book for people who cut, think about committing suicide, or that harm themselves in any way.I don't cut but my friend does and just know that you are better than this.Things will get better, they always do.Stay Strong.


2. The Note

(A/N) Hey everyone,hope you've enjoyed this book so far!If you could,please help me make a cover and just email it.My email is,thank you!


When I went to my first class,everyone was staring at me except Dylan.I usually sat beside him but I didn't feel like looking at much as even be near him.So I took an empty seat on the opposite side from where he was.

Mrs.Dalton clears her throat,"Alright class,since this is Math class and you have a test tomorrow,you will study with the person beside you.This test is very important test so study wisely."

"Hi!The name's Katina!" Katina holds out her hand for me to shake.

I smile and shake her hand,"Name's Emma."

I could tell Katina was a very loud and bubbly person,I wander why I haven't seen her before.She had bright green eyes and light brown hair.

"Are you new here?" I ask.

She smiles,"Yeah.I transferred here a few days ago."

"Oh okay,well I guess we'll start studying." I say.


Before I knew it,class was over and I had learned so much about her.She transferred here from California and was an only child.Surprisingly, she's not like the rest of the snobby girls here.Maybe we'll actually become good friends.

I go to my locker to grab my English book for my next class and I see that Dylan was heading over to me.So I quickly grabbed the book and walked away.

"Emma!You can't just ignore me forever!" Dylan shouts.

I get to my English class and sit down in my usual seat.Which is beside Cole.

Cole sits down beside me,"I heard Dylan back there.What happened?"

I shake my head,"I don't know but I don't want to hear him right now."

"I wouldn't blame deserve better." He stares at me with sadness.

I love how he could understand me so easily and knows exactly what to say.

I smile,"Thanks."

"Okay everyone,you will be writing an essay about the book we read last week.It is due next week." Mr.Kinnard says.

I groan at the thought of having to do an essay.I'll just do it over the weekend.

Cole silently laughs,"You don't want to do the essay,do you?"

"Of course not.Who would?" I ask sarcastically.

"I don't know..maybe people who actually do their work." He says while smirking.

I fake being offended,"Hey!I do my work!" 

He chuckles,"Yeah,sometimes."

"Get to work you two." Mr.Kinnard says strictly.

For the rest of the class I work on my essay and by the time the bell rung, I was finished.Next was lunch and I was definitely hungry.

Cole speaks up as we go to lunch,"Did you finish your essay?"

"Surprisingly,yes." I say.

He holds his hands to his chest over-dramatically,"I never knew this day would come."

I laugh,"No one did."

For some reason, today was different.I didn't really feel depressed,confused,or mad.I don't know..but for once,I'm actually happy.

I walk in my house expecting to hear my mom being beaten but I heard nothing.This really scared me because he could have killed her ..he's attempted it several times.

Those five words played over and over in my head 
He could have killed her.
He could have killed her.
He could have killed her.

I start to feel sad,hurt,and angry.I haven't cared much for her after what happened but now tears are coming up into my eyes.

What did he do to her?

I run through the hallways,"Mom!"

"Mom!Where are you?" I say while crying.

I walk into the kitchen and see a note attached to the fridge:

**Don't worry Hunny,your Dad and I are out for dinner.If you get hungry,I fixed supper and it's in the fridge.

This didn't seem right.







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