Stay Strong

Look guys, this may not be the best inrtoduction and all but I made it for a friend.This is a book for people who cut, think about committing suicide, or that harm themselves in any way.I don't cut but my friend does and just know that you are better than this.Things will get better, they always do.Stay Strong.


4. The Mystery Girl

(A/N)Hey everyone!Hope you're liking the book,feel free to show it to your friends.Also, if anyone would like to make a cover for this book just email me.My email is .Read on!


I raise up from my bed as my alarm goes off.I groan at the thought of going to school.Luke and I texted all night last night and I fell asleep while texting him.He seemed pretty cool, but he went to another school that was near mine.I found out that he had two sisters.One was four and the other was fifteen,and that he was sixteen.It didn't really feel awkward talking to him..I actually loved talking to him.

I rub my eyes and walk into my bathroom to take a shower.


After I take my shower, I brush my teeth and straightened my hair.Next, I put on some foundation and some mascara.I walked out of my bathroom to pick out clothes to wear.I grabbed a turquoise blouse,skinny jeans,and my blue converses.You probably know by now that my favorite color is blue.

I grab all my things and started to head out the door.

Someone taps me on my shoulder before I could walk out onto the porch,"Where were you last night?"

I turn around to find that it was my dad,"I-I was with Cole."

"I've already told you, I don't like that boy." He says with anger in his voice.

"I can explain-" I start to say.

"No!Your mother and I come home from dinner last night to find you gone!" He starts to raise his hand as if he was going to hit me.

My mom rushes over between us and takes the hit.A tear escapes my eye as I watch her get hit, again.But instead of her being scared or hurt, she looks him dead in the eye.

"Kelly, get back in the house!" My dad shouts.

She gulps,"The beating stops from here on Robert.It's not said last night that you would make us a better family."

He sighs,"Go inside and let me finish this."

She gives him a stern look"No,you need to go inside."

He glares at her but quickly loses the attitude and walks back inside.I look at my mother as she starts to cry.

I pull her into a hug,"Are you okay?"

She cautiously puts a strand of hair behind my ear,"I'm so sorry for never fixing our family,I'm sorry for never taking up for you.That was not being a responsible and caring mother-" 

I interrupt her as tears come into my eyes,"It's fine mom.You don't have to apologize."

"Yes I do-" she starts but I interrupt her again.

"You know what mom?" I ask smiling.

She gives a confused look,"What?" 

"I love you."


I sit there in my Math class smiling like an idiot while playing over and over what happened earlier before school.Things were actually starting to go my way.After I told my mom that I loved her she said she loved me too and asked me if I wanted her to take me to school.Sitting there in the car with her..I felt so special.Like she actually cared.I finally felt like a normal teenager going to school for once.

What's even better,Katina and Dylan weren't here.So I wouldn't really feel awkward  sitting in that seat while taking my test. 

As if on cue my teacher speaks,"Emma, aren't you supposed to be taking your test?"

I snap out of my thoughts and begin my test.


After Math class, I walk to my locker to get my English book.When I get to my locker Cole is standing there smiling.

I open my locker,"Why are you so happy?"

He answers almost automatically,"I found someone." 


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