Stay Strong

Look guys, this may not be the best inrtoduction and all but I made it for a friend.This is a book for people who cut, think about committing suicide, or that harm themselves in any way.I don't cut but my friend does and just know that you are better than this.Things will get better, they always do.Stay Strong.


1. The Breakup

(A/N) This is my first story on Movellas so if there are any mistakes, just look past them.Stay Strong my Beautifuls.<3 

 I wait for my boyfriend outside my classroom,so he could drive me home but he's taking longer than usual.Maybe he's still in his classroom.I head down the hall to his classroom to get him.But instead of seeing him heading to my classroom like always,I see him kissing another girl up against the lockers.

Tears fill my eyes as I watch and then he stops.So I turn around before he sees me cry, he doesn't deserve my tears.

"Emma!Please wait!" Dylan shouts while trying to catch up with me.

"Leave me alone, you're just like the rest!" I say as a tear runs down my face.

He tugs on my shoulder,"C'mon Emma, what we had was special."

I turn around, revealing my tears,"Apparently not."

I rush home knowing that is was going to happen again..I've tried stopping but I just can't.There's too much pain to handle.


"Please!Stop!" My mom screams from upstairs.

My dad yells,"You did this Kelly!

Mom starts to cry,"Can't we just be a happy family again?"

"Can't you see?We will never be a happy family again." Then he starts to beat her again.

I run to my room before he notices that I'm home.


I help my friend build a sand castle outside.

"Let's put some more sand over here for our castle." I say, finishing up one side of the castle.

"Can there be princesses?" Lily asks.

"Yeah!But there can only be one princess..." I frown.

She smiles,"I know!We can both be a princess!"

"Yay!Do you want me to get my dolls?" I ask, jumping with joy.

Lily nods her head as I rush inside my house to get my dolls.I'm so glad we're best friends..we're gonna be best friends forever.

I hear my mom scream,"Robert!No!"

"You know you deserve this!" Dad yells while smacking her.

I run to her,"Mommy!Are you okay?" 

She faintly smiles,"Yes sweetie.Go outside with your friend."

"No, she's not going anywhere." Dad pushes my mom away and slaps me.

"Rob-" She starts to say.

He slaps me again.This time, I bleed.I feel my face and look at the blood all over my hand.

Tears well up into my eyes,"Daddy?"

His voice fills with anger,"Tell your friend to leave now."

I walk outside to Lily,"Bye Lily."

"What happened?" She asks.

"Please leave.." I say, looking towards my dad.

My dad out on the porch,"Leave!"

Lily runs away crying, and I look down at my bloody hands again.

"Emma,get inside." Dad says as he pushes me inside.


I start to cry again,thinking about the flashback and what happened today.I can't believe Dylan cheated on me.I couldn't stand the pain anymore so I raise my mattress up off my bed and grab my blade.I look at it a few seconds and debated if it was worth it.


The blood drips from my wrists and the pain is gone instantly,every single worry and problem is gone along with it.All of the sudden,there's a knock at the door.I pull my sleeves down to cover my fresh cuts and scars.

I slowly open the door,afraid it may be my dad.

My mom's head peeks in,"Hunny,are you okay?"

I start to glare at her,why would she care?After I tried taking up for her when I was little,dad would always beat me.One day it got so bad that he left a scar on my leg where he cut me.Although,you couldn't really tell which one it was because I started to cut on my legs after that.But then again,I couldn't ignore her forever..she is my mom.

I look down,"Yeah."

"No you're not,I heard you crying." She says with worry in her eyes.

"I wasn't crying." I lied.

Hurt comes across her face,"You know you can tell me anything."

She starts to tuck some hair behind my ear,"No." I say sternly.

"Why?" She asks.

"Because you don't really care about me," I look straight in her eyes,"and you never have."

After that I shut the door in her face.I know she's trying but it just can't be that way,my dad would just beat us more for talking.He says that we can never be a happy family.Sometimes I wander if my nice dad is in there somewhere...the one that actually cared about us.


I wake up on my bed with my blade right beside me,so I tuck it under my mattress as usual.Next,I go to the mirror to find that there are dark circles and bags under my eyes.I groan and grab my phone,and start to play Breakeven by Samantha Jade while taking a shower.

Still alive but I'm barely breathin'
Just prayin' to god that I don't believe in
'Cause I cot time while he's got freedom
And when a heart breaks,
No it don't break even

That song plays over and over about four times before I get out of the shower and dry my dark brown hair.Then,I pick out a blue over-sized T-shirt and some skinny jeans to go along with my blue converses.Next,I get dressed,I put some concealer on to cover up the dark circles under my eyes and then some mascara to extend my already long eyelashes.After I got dressed I brushed my hair and straightened it so I would look presentable.Finally,I'm ready to go.So I grab my phone and head to school.

Before I know it,I'm at the entrance of my school.I look around and  I'm guessing I'm early because hardly any people are here.I sit down under a tree for shade, and start on my homework from last night.

"Now,this" Someone says.

I look up to find that it was Cole,"What?Me doing my homework?"

Cole was my best friend.He had helped me through everything,thick and thin.He had bright blue eyes and dark brown hair.I was so jealous of his blue eyes,I'm stuck with light brown.A lot of girls liked him but he didn't really care much for them.

"Hello?Earth to Emma?" Cole says snapping me out of my thoughts.

I shake my head,"Sorry,I've had a lot on my mind lately."

He gives me a confused look and then he lifts up my sleeves to discover fresh cuts.

Sadness appears in his eyes,"What happened?"

I told him everything about Dylan,when I found out he was cheating on me and how the abuse my dad does to my mother is getting worse.

I stare at the ground,"Then she came in my room and asks if I'm okay.I know she doesn't care."

"Maybe she does,give her a chance Emma." Cole says.

A faint smile reaches across my face,"Maybe I will."

I look over to Cole and he's lit up like a Christmas tree,smiling.

"What?" I ask,wondering why he was so happy.

He blushes,"Nothing.I just love it when you smile."

After that,the bell rang and I headed to class.Maybe,just maybe,this day wasn't going to be so bad after all.












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