Stay Strong

Look guys, this may not be the best inrtoduction and all but I made it for a friend.This is a book for people who cut, think about committing suicide, or that harm themselves in any way.I don't cut but my friend does and just know that you are better than this.Things will get better, they always do.Stay Strong.


3. Taco Tuesday

(A/N) Hello my Beautifuls!The reason I'm updating so much is because I'm doing this story on my school iPad.Here soon,we'll have to turn in our iPads for the end of the year.So this summer I may not be able to update much.Enjoy!


I stand there reading the note over and over again.Mom never gets along with dad,so much as even go out to dinner with him.This just didn't seem right.Maybe I'm just worrying too much..they could actually be having a great time.

All of the sudden I hear my phone start playing I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz.

I answer the phone,"Cole, you scared the crap out of me!"

"Well I'm so sorry." he says sarcastically.

"My mom and dad went out for dinner and I don't know what to think." I say.

"Woah,when did they start getting along?" He says almost automatically.

"I don't know but I'm not sure if I should be happy for my mom or worried."

He talks in a soothing voice,"Just take a deep breath and relax, everything will be fine."

"Promise?" I ask.

He laughs,"I promise."

There was a pause of silence and he finally spoke,"I think you forgot something."

"Like what?" I ask,confused.

He gasps,"Our special Taco Tuesday!"

"Oh yeahh." I say.

"Want me to pick you up?" He asks.

"Yeah, I'll be ready in ten." I say while smirking before ending the call.

It was just amazing how he could cheer me up or take things off my mind so easily.He was an awesome friend, I still don't understand why he doesn't want a girlfriend.

I walked into my bedroom and changed into a T-shirt and jeans.More than likely, we would get food all over ourselves from having a food fight and I didn't want good clothes to get stained.


After about ten minutes, Cole was at my house like I expected.I walk over to his car and jumped in.

He starts his car,"Cole." I say.

I looks at me in the corner of his eye,"What?"

"Buckle up."I say in a motherly tone.

He laughs,"Yes m'am,now off to Taco Bell!"


We walk into Taco Bell and it was packed as always.I look around and see Dylan in the line.

I groan,"Ugh, Dylan's here."

Cole nudged my shoulder,"Don't let him get to you."

I nod my head and before I know it we're next to order.I look at the cashier's name tag and it read 'Amelia'.

Amelia  smiles,"Welcome to Taco Bell,what can I help you with?"

"I would like five tacos with meat and cheese only." Cole says without hesitating.

"And I would like three soft tacos with tomato,cheese,and lettuce." I say.

Amelia hold out her hand,"That would be $10.50, please."

Me and Cole both start to take out money to pay.

"I'll pay." Cole says with determination.

I laugh,"No, that's fine.I'll pay my half."

"C'mon Emma," He pauses and wiggles his eyebrows,"you can't say no to free food."

I sigh,"Cole just let me-"

I was interrupted by some woman behind us,"Just let your boyfriend pay for your food!"

I look over to Cole and he's blushing.

"He's not my boyfriend.Okay?Now don't get your panties in a watt." I say while rolling my eyes.

"Alright can pay." I say in defeat.

He hands the money to the cashier and we choose a table as far as we could get from Dylan.

"So,what's that new girl's name?" Cole says as we wait for our food.

"Katina.She's actually pretty nice." I say.

"Wait, why would you ask that?" I ask.

As soon as I said that I looked to the corner of my eye and see her making out with Dylan at their table.And you'd think they would get in trouble..

Tears build up into my eyes,"Cole, I have to go."

I rush out of Taco Bell and realize that Cole is the one who drove me here.I break down right beside Taco Bell infront of everyone.I couldn't understand why I still have feeling for Dylan after everything he's done.

After I get done crying my eyes out I wipe my tears away with my sleeves. 

"Hey!Are you okay?" I look up and there's this gorgeous guy standing right infront of me.

I give him a confused look,"Are you talking to me?"

He laughs a little,"Why wouldn't I?You're beautiful."

"Thanks." I say while blushing.

He sits down beside me,"My name's Luke."

"My name's Emma, look I have to go.My friend is my ride." I say.

"Do you have a phone?" He asks.

"" I say while handing it to him.

He hands me my phone back and mouths call me before I walk back into Taco Bell to look for Cole.

Cole asks out of breath,"Where have you been?"

"Outside of Taco Bell." I say simply.

"I've looked everywhere for you!" He says with worry in his eyes.

"I'm sorry..I just needed some time alone." I say.

"No, don't be sorry.Are you okay?" He asks sincerely.

I sniff a bit from crying earlier,"Yeah."

"Come here." He says before pulling me into a hug.


After that,Cole got our food and when we got to my house we ate in his car.It was kind of awkward especially since I had made a big scene at Taco Bell and here we were eating in his car.

Cole looks over to me,"You're done already?"

I laugh,"What do you expect?I was hungry!"

He starts to bust out laughing.

I raise my eyebrows,"What's so funny?"

He looks at me and starts to laugh again and I realize what he was thinking.

"Ew!You're so dirty minded!" I say.

He smirks,"No, I have a sexy imagination."


We sat there talking in his car forever until it got dark and I finally went inside my house.I swear, sometimes I was so bipolar.One minute,I'm really happy and then I'm breaking down into tears.I was so tired of Dylan..every time I try to forget about him he somehow just finds his way back to me.

I pick up my phone and smiled as I read the contact:







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