Stay Strong

Look guys, this may not be the best inrtoduction and all but I made it for a friend.This is a book for people who cut, think about committing suicide, or that harm themselves in any way.I don't cut but my friend does and just know that you are better than this.Things will get better, they always do.Stay Strong.


5. Jealous Maybe?

(A/N) Hey everyone!I know I don't have many chapters but I think this will be the last one for a few months because our last day of school is tomorrow.But please don't stop reading my book just because I won't be able to update this summer.I will start updating as soon as school starts back again!Stay Strong.<3

I stand there in awe,"What's her name?"

I was so surprised.He had never really hung out with any other girls that I know of and he just never seemed interested.

"Remember the cashier at Taco Bell?" He asks.

I give a confused look,"Amelia?"

He smiles,"Yeah!Well when I couldn't find you,she talked to me for a little bit to calm me down.Turns out, she's really cool and she goes to our school."

"I've never seen her around.Are you two together now?" I ask, surprised.

He blushes,"She gave me her number and we texted all night last night.And this weekend I'm thinking about asking her on a date..what do you think?"

I start to think about how Luke gave me his number last night and we texted all night too.

I open my locker and grab my English book,"I think you should.Who knows?It could work out."

"I'm glad you were thinking the same thing." He says.

I close my locker and head to class with Cole.Things felt different if everything was going too perfect.

When we enter the classroom Mr.Kinnard rushes us to our seats.

Mr.Kinnard speaks up, "Everyone, pass up your essays.They are for a one hundred point grade." 

Cole and I look at each other confused.

I raise my hand,"I thought it was due next week?"

"Yes but we are on a tight schedule today.It is getting very close to summer and also close to the end of school.I lost track of the time and decided it would be due today.Now, if you actually worked on it last night, you will get a one hundred." Mr.Kinnard says as he holds his hand out for my essay.

I hand him my essay and everyone groans while passing up their un-finished essays.

Cole rolls his eyes,"I didn't even finish my essay."

"I know,why are we even on a tight schedule anyways?" I ask.

Mr.Kinnard hushes all the students,"Okay class,next week we will be competing in a play against another school.This is why we're on a tight schedule.Yes,I know,this is new to all of you.I will decide all of your parts tomorrow after auditions."

The bell rings, signaling all of us to go to lunch.


Cole and I walk into the lunchroom and grab our trays.

I grab a slice of the school pizza,"I can't believe we have to do a play."

Cole shrugs,"It's not that bad."

I sigh,"Yeah but the thing is, I'm really shy around the class.You know that." 

He faintly smiles,"You never might like it."

As soon as he says that this blonde headed girl comes running towards him.She wore a short skirt,tight shirt,and had a lot of make up on.

Cole's face lights up,"Amelia!"

Woah, she looked..different.

She smiles and hugs him tightly,"It feels like it's been forever."

I awkwardly stand there and clear my throat.They quickly stop hugging and Cole gives me a apologetic smile.

We sat down at Cole's and I's usual table.I look over to Cole and Amelia was whispering something in his ear.

He grins,"Alright."

They both get up and start walking to the table with all of the jocks and cheerleaders.

Cole looks over his shoulder,"I'll see you in fourth!"

I roll my eyes and begin to eat my pizza.I would normally be happy for him but she just really gets on my nerves. I jealous






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