1. cant take it

"Louis' point of view "

Me and Harry met when we where only 6 years old. Even then we where best friends. And we still are. Now where in high school. And we will go to the same college in just 2 month. I'm so damn exited!

He's just so cute. I can't take it. And those curls! Wow.! WAIT! What am I thinking. He's my best friend. And I'm not into dudes? Or am I. All I know is that Harry looks smoking hot today.

LOUIS! Harry interrupt my thoughts.

Yes Harry, what is it? I said with a smile on my face.

What where you thinking about? You looked like a creep at me?!

Nothing, I'm just hungry. I lied. Harry couldn't find out about my obsession with him. First of all it would ruin everything in our friendship and second he couldn't know when I didn't even knew what it was. I just had to get over it.

LOUIS! You're freaking me out with all that thinking and staring at me. Sure there is nothing that bothers you Lou?

Yeah in sure haz.

I stood up and walked over to my car.

Why are you leaving? Is something wrong?

No, Harry everything is fine. It's just I have to go home. See ya in school tomorrow.

I sad in my car for awhile just thinking that I just lied for Harry, for the first time. Because everything wasn't okay. IM IN LOVE WITH MY BEST FRIEND! That isn't normal. That's just creepy.

I don't know what I'm gonna do about it.

- when I got home it was 18:33 and I wasn't tiered. But I just walked strait into my bed and laid there for the rest of the evening. When I was about sleep I got a text. It was from Harry.But I didn't read it.

"Harrys point of view"

I am on my Way to met louis on the bar. We often met there. I dont even know why? But i like it. It's a great place with great people. And It's louis' favorite place. I Parked my car out front and Went inside. I saw louis with one of the tables. He looks great.

I Went over to him and sat Down.

Hi louis, how are you?

He didn't response. Hmm, i could see he was thinking. But what was he thinking of. Or who?

Lou, are you okay? Is something wrong?

Still no response. I really hate when he does that.


Yes he reakted! But wait he is still thinking. There is something really bothering him. I wish he would just talk to me about it.


Omg what's wrong with him? And did he just left me here? By myself? I Went out to my car. Thinking what i would do the rest of the evening. It was only 18:35. I Went to a Club down town. And Went inside. There was alot of people. And the music was loud. There was alot if cute womens. And i mean ALOT! I walkt over to the Girl so we where side by side. She looked at me. I could see she was Drunk.

Even though i like to Drink. And like to party i left ealy.

It was around 21:25 when i was home . I Went straight to my bed. But i texted louis first.

To lou<3

Hi lou. I hope u r okay. Hope u know i'm here for you and Care for u. Love u man


Hey everyone!

That was the first chapter of the story. Hope you all like it. Just give me some feet back on it so I know what I should do different.

I'm sorry if there is some spelling mistakes.


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