Letter from a WWII soldier after D-Day


3. Dear Samantha,

Hey Samantha! I really do love talking to you, you really bring light to this horrible time that we are in, as usual I just need someone to talk to and my future wife seems like the one to talk to. My Sergeant just came up to me today and said that we are invading Normandy tonight and Me and my squad are going in by jump. To be real with you love I'm really scared like always, but I just cant seem to shake the feeling I lost my heart and a little bit of feeling. Remember when I told you about my friends passing and how that really changed me? Well, some of the boys in my squad say I'm cold and one of them said I don't hold nothing back when it comes to the Nazi's but hell, I don't see why I should they aren't even human especially the snipers the way they picked my men and best buddy like they were a animal or something. Well I'm gonna tell you what I did to one when I caught his Adolf loving ass, first thing that happened was that we got in a little tussle then I was on top of him, I drew my pistol and shot him in both his knees then he started saying something in German but I can tell by his eyes was that he was begging or praying that I don't kill him. But why should I show mercy none of them show mercy to us when we beg oh and have you ever seen a man cry or beg.. It changes you,It's just so damn dreadful. So while he was begging I cut his tounge out his mouth and slit his throat by the time my squad came up the tower the only thing you could hear in the room was the sound of him gurgling blood and slowly dying. Now I don't think I'm that cruel or inhumane, I just don't have control when it comes to a Jerrie but hell I don't think anyone does, It's nice to have a Marine Nurse to talk to hopefully I see you soon love,

Love Bryce

P.S. Don't think I'm scary I just need love.....

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