Letter from a WWII soldier after D-Day


4. Dear Samantha and Ms. Mercer

I'm really sorry to be sending you a letter and not talking to you in person or at least calling but as you both know it's hard to ever get any quite time, but just by the beginning you know this isn't a positive letter. Your son and husband was killed in the line of battle, the Nazi's sent in a bombing run on our position and your son and husband was one of the few to go. He lost both his legs in his sleep and woke up screaming and crying saying "I can't lose them, I just can't" but it was too late he was already gone he bled out and passed away. I will send you his tags along with his uniform and belongings, I am truly sorry for your loss he will be buried with all honor and a proper burial just before the Invasion


Best Regards, Sergeant Johnson

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