Letter from a WWII soldier after D-Day


1. Dear Mom,

Hey Ma, it's your son sorry for not writing sooner. I had some stuff going on at base but it's all been cleared up now, but I really need to get some stuff off my chest. As you see in the papers the whole world has gone to shit and the US is caught in the middle, first it was the French asking for help we help them then they need soldiers what more can they need, Jesus. Well we gave them the support then Japan thought it was a smart move to go up and bomb Pearl Harbor like we didn't already have enough on our plate as is. But yeah Ma I still got more to tell you so make sure you have a strong stomach and just listen. Where do I start off.. Oh D-Day what a complete fucking disaster, I lost two of my buddies to heavy MG fire on the beach, you remember Brooklyn and Goggles (We called him goggles because of his goofy glasses.) Yeah well anyway as soon as we got off the boat the Fire started Brooklyn got a whole round put in him, his entrails and stomach were hanging out the back that poor son of a bitch. Well anyway Goggles was the last to go as soon as we got the bunglelors put down and blew a hole in the fences we pushed up to the MG nest to get the Jerries out but it wasn't as easy as we thought we were still getting pelt by MG bullets. We took cover behind a wall still getting rained on but goggles...  Sorry Ma for the pause I had to wipe these tears of the paper where was I, Oh yeah, goggles he thought it was clear and stuck his head out from behind the wall and got popped right in between his eyes his brain blew out the back of his head and on to my uniform, I don't know what happened I just couldn't move I was like a statue I saw both of my best friends die right in front of me I just fell apart. Well I'm writing this after the assault we made it through but I'm just so scared Ma.. I'm just so scared of dying I have no clue what's gonna will I be accepted into the holy gates or the fiery depths of Hell. I have no idea when I'm gonna send this or if I'm still gonna be alive but just know that I love you Ma and I can still hear you calling my name every morning for breakfast but every time I look I see death. Pray for me I love you


Love your caring son, Jonathan

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