Letter from a WWII soldier after D-Day


5. Dear Diary

Dear Diary, I haven't used this thing in years but I think this is the time to use it. I just loss the love of my life and we just got married but I kinda figured it was gonna happen, I just had a strong gut feeling that it wasn't going to last but not this soon. I loved him and it wasn't his time to go why must you take him away from me why so soon. I don't think I can live without him I just can't and when the Sarge told me about what he said just before he died made my heart quake I just cant....



Her co worker statement


I can't believe she did that. I found her in her bed she looked like she was breathing but as I got closer she got paler and then I pulled the covers off her to reveal that she had slit wrist.. I just can't cope I just can't, she was a loving friend and future mother and in her letter that she was gonna send to her husband was that she was pregnant and the day she wrote it was the day she received the letter of her husband death.

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