This story is abut Louis and Megan growing up from the terrible teenager age all the way to being adults.
This story maybe upsetting to Louis fans like me and find it hard to listen and read the chapter of when he was in hospital xx


4. The truth comes out!

I asked Louis 5 times the same question

" where are they?"

He replied

" my mum died and my dad left me at the age of 6, I was took into care until the age of 16 when I could move out of a care home into a flat by myself."

My jaw dropped in shock due to the fact that I didn't know this and that I acted like a big fat jerk!

Soon the Nurse came in and said he wont be going home for a while due the fact the monitor has tracked down the records saying he's still seriously Ill. I told the nurse the exact words he told me, she said that social services don't care for him anymore so that its his own life and he was in charge of it know since he's at a certain age. I felt like I need to tell somebody about this, so I phoned my best friend Ellie and told her to be at my place for 8pm with some noodles.

When she arrived she gave me a huge hug and told me the following words...

"Your very brave and I am so proud of you for what you have done..."

I rudely interrupted with tears and fell to the floor because I was in so much pain with what I have been thinking for all this time, how dare I do that!

Ellie said

"Hey come on lets go inside and eat a big pot of greasy noodles"

I agreed and shut the door behind her still thinking about what I've said to my babe!

Ellie was speaking about Louis for a good hour or so until I yawned, she told me to get some sleep because I've been worrying a lot.

12:30am: Facebook messages reading the same thing

                "so sorry to hear about Louis!"

2:30am: 98 messages from Facebook, all reading

"any news"

6:30 Time to get up and get dressed to get to the hospital.

7:00am: In the hospital already!

When I got to Louis's room I handed him the bacon butty I made him and big bottle of Buxton water which was reduced to 80p at Tesco. I seriously couldn't believe that Louis ate the whole sandwich so fast after he has just recovered from a serious asthma attack. Louis told me to go home and rest because my mascara was coming down my cheeks and my lip stick had smudged all around my mouth due to the tears coming down my face.

I went home and invited Niall & Ellie over for a serious discussion....


Now this disscusion would be top secret so take note girls if you make it public you may get dumped by the man of your dreams with just one snap of the finget ... Which is not the ideal place for a girl to be!!💔💔💔👩👨👩💔💔💔


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