This story is abut Louis and Megan growing up from the terrible teenager age all the way to being adults.
This story maybe upsetting to Louis fans like me and find it hard to listen and read the chapter of when he was in hospital xx


12. the secret

OK look before I go and ERM.-harry


Look there's a secret which I need to say. I'm not Robert who's a lawyer I'm a Prince who you maybe familiar with. I'm Harry, today I'll be attending the royal birthday party for my grandma the Queen. The helicopter will be here I 1hour go and get your bags packed because we will be moving there. -Harry

Of course but don't you think its to soon to live together because I don't have the money for a new house down there-me

No megan don't worry we will stay at Buckingham palace where my grandma will be having her birthday party-harry

Okay I'll be back in a hour-me 

He waved as I got in my car, is it me or would I be the next royal princess. They was no time to lose I had to get ready and pack! Just in case the paparazzi wanted a glance at me I wore my Ralph Lauren dress with my ohreally Louis Vuitton heels. When I got to the mansion there Harry stood a side of the royal helicopter I couldn't beleive this were really happening. 

Hey gorgeous-harry

Hey let's go then-me

Flying was amazing, first going over the dales then going into a massive city it was amazing!! When we landed I was overwhelmed with the place, I was in the queens actuall garden... What the heck!! 

Grandma this is Megan she will be staying here at the palace with me to celebrate your birthday, I hope you'll enjoy every moment with her-harry to Elizabeth

Of course Elizabeth said before shaking my hand

Your majestyn the honour to be here on your birthday is just amazing-me

She smiled and walked off. 

Harry walked me to our room, he left for 1hour so that he could go and talk to designer to try and get a outfit sorted for the following night. The queens party! Whilst he was there I phoned my mum to tell her what were happening she couldn't believe it!!

What was I doing in a palace hey?! 

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