This story is abut Louis and Megan growing up from the terrible teenager age all the way to being adults.
This story maybe upsetting to Louis fans like me and find it hard to listen and read the chapter of when he was in hospital xx



Today me and Louis headed to Newcastle for their annual music festival, it was my treat since Louis`s favourite band white eskimo were playing not only that 5SOS, The Script and The Artic Monkeys were performing on that stage. We caught the train there and had a little bit of time to grab a sausage roll from Greggs before heading to our seats, if they were any there! Our seats were in front of the stage, Louis was chuffed to bits due to the fact he got a big glimpse of the 4 guys he had longed to meet in person! After the performance we headed back home, on the train we got a phone call from Niall saying he had been let out of hospital and was having a barbeque with Ellie if we wanted to join them.

When we got to Niall`s house the whiff of burgers sizzling on the barby were making your tongue do a full 360 degree circle around your lips. I couldn't believe how much they were to eat they was a good fortnight to eat there. After our feast we had a massive water fight on the back garden, the water buckets were lined up aside and the hose were raring to go into launch mode, the inflatable pool was overflowing and the lawn was like a swamp. I even slipped over because of the grass!

Later on the sun went out of sight and we were all in our bed, me and Louis in the spare room bed and Niall and Ellie in Niall`s bedroom bed.


11pm Trying to get to sleep.

12am Nearly there...

1am Nope defiantly not!

2am Finally a sleep.

5am Wake up to go to the loo.

7am Wake up again to find myself still on there but half asleep.

7:02am Realise I slept on the toilet for 2 hours ha-ha!

7:05am Get up to go and get dressed.

7:07am CRAP! I've got dead legs!


After getting dressed I go downstairs to the kitchen and have a bowl of Frosties with Louis so we can get ourselves going for the day.

"Hey its bday next week why don't we do a party?"

"No!"- Louis

"Okay just saying hey im going out today for a shop."-me

Louis started talking but got interrupted with Niall & Ellie arguing, we carried on with our breakfast until Ellie ran down the stairs in tears, Louis quickly ran up the stairs and I ran after Ellie. It was to late she had already gone!

After talking to Niall and trying numerous times to phone Ellie I took Louis back to my place and went shopping alone. Whilst I were there I bumped into my old friend Shelby who moved away, she came became bankrupt and needed a place to stay so the government flew he back through Ryan air and got in a council house in Manchester. She were shopping for some food and getting a job some where around, she went for a beauty job she tested me out by doing my nails. They looked stunning I hope I can have free manicures in the future, cha ching bargain!

After she loved me and left me I went into the chemist, as I went past to have a look at the sale box I saw the pregnancy aisle. I went and had a look at the cute bibs until... I came across some pregnancy tests. What should I do pick one up or leave it!

Of course I picked it up didn't I only to discover later in that I was positive! Straight away I phoned Ellie because I was scared about Louis over reacting. She told me not to worry and to tell him because he loves children and him will make a great dad to the baby, my heart thumped!

After a while I decided to unlock the cubicle I were in and went to the carpark where my car was. On the journey home I couldn't stop thinking about it, I may lose the baby from all the stress I'm going through. Hope Hopefully he'd say wahoo!

"Wahoo" Louis said!!!

Wahoo seriously ive been worrying so much about this and all he says is wahoo!


Haha! I couldn't believe it! To be honest I didn't really want the baby but I guess for Louis sake I would have to keep it. Straight away I phoned my mum telling her the news...

"Oh congrats so pleased!"-My mother

^^^^From that I quite certain she just hid the truth because if it was me talking privately with her she probably have flipped like she did when I ruined her £120 heels from miss Selfridge ha-ha! STRAIGHT AWAY SHE CAME OVER! Is it a thing with mums that they have to rush just in case something happens. Nothing would happen I suppose...

Still waiting for something to happen oh wait nothing did until we were 8 months into the news, my mum had moved to Manchester because both of my parents felt left out, how could they when Louis`s parents wont even be there because their dead!-Seriously mum try to think!

Ellie is over at my place painting the baby's walls cream, at the moment we don't know what it is because I wanted it to be a surprise LOL! Boy, Girl doesn't really matter because I would love both you know a boy to go out for a huge hamburger at the burger place down town or a girl to dress up as princesses and dance to fairy music around my living room. Louis is desperate for a boy because he has bought loads of teddy's with the Doncaster rovers logo for it, I don't think it would go in a girls room! Ellie has made a funny card with her diving off a diving board with tom Daley at the bottom waiting to catch her for Niall and her anniversary lol! Ellie is so good at diving some day I think shell be in the Olympics or even taking over tom on the splash programme, ITV!

Later on that decorating day I discovered something really worrying... I had stomach ache!



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