This story is abut Louis and Megan growing up from the terrible teenager age all the way to being adults.
This story maybe upsetting to Louis fans like me and find it hard to listen and read the chapter of when he was in hospital xx


13. months later

Months ago I was at the beginning without a clue I didn't know what to do! but when Harry serious about the we began to think about our future including a baby, fame, money! the baby was really important because I was pregnant again the news went round in 24 hours it was amazing! I'm 8months into the pregnancy, its all over the newspapers and magazines world wide, the queen said before the baby is born you should get married so we also had another royal wedding on the way I couldn't wait!!! 

The dress was had made by the royal designer, I was getting married in Westminster abbey and having the after party at Buckingham palace gardens where me and Harry's lives first started. Camilla & Charles were most excited but William and Kate were so jealous because of the fact me and harry are now the most famous couple in the world. Apparently we're the humour couple who just wake up smiling, I told the daily mirror that they must be watching someone else because we always have to have a cup of tea to at least start talking small words! 

Camilla had bought loads for the baby! She just has a funny feeling it will be twins, me and harry just look at each other each time and say no! No ! No ! No! 

The wedding is in a couple of weeks leaving me to go on my hen night and make last arrangements with the council about the public celebrating that day, it is expected that everyone will be having there Christmas dinners on the street so that they can watch and celebrate Christmas at the same time as watching the royal wedding// doesn't that sound so weird for a wedding! 

We will be getting married on the 25th December if you didn't already know, everyone was going crazy for it. I kept on looking on my phone at the weather to make sure it wasn't sunny I wanted it to SNOW because winter was our favorite time of year! 

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