This story is abut Louis and Megan growing up from the terrible teenager age all the way to being adults.
This story maybe upsetting to Louis fans like me and find it hard to listen and read the chapter of when he was in hospital xx


9. Getting on with life

So at the moment im in college studying teaching, no idea why im terrible with kids. At the moment Louis is in London working away for a fortnight in order to earn money for the family, bless him hey! Luke is getting on now he has started to turn his head to wherever there is a noise, such a proud parent at the moment. Cant wait to talk to him ive been at college since 8 this morning and it now is 4pm just 2 hours left and ill be on my way. Tomorrow im taking Luke to the petshop to choose a pet ive decided to have a small one these are the options...





Guinean pig


Had no option but to narrow it down!

Ellie loves guinnea pigs shes got 2 called percy and pippin.

At the moment we are in college together but theres a slight problem...

The problem is that we are studying the same thing together, you probably be wondering why that's a problem with me. Its because of the fact we aren't getting enough stuff done because Ellie keeps talking however she blames it on me when we have a £120 fine for not doing course work. That money could go on my son who is growing up at the moment, it also could go on a new car because Louis`s car needs a new set of wheels, new turbo and new armour to protect from potholes. Anyway my mum told me just to ignore her and get on because I need to earn money for my family's future, I totally agree so from now on im just going to sit in the corner where I can see everything clearly without Ellie disturbing me.

Enough of the problems hey, when I went back to my house Luke was on the play mat smiling away, my mum got her bag and left because my dad had to go out. Alone me and Luke were at last in peace, no one to disturb until they was a loud knock on the door. I slowly walked towards the door, all I could see was a blurred image through the glass it looked really tall.

As I opened the door the woman said

"Hi Megan its me Leanne your sister, I was just wondering if we could stay for a while me and my kids."-Leanne

"Errr, yeah sure erm why you here in Manchester don't you live in London."-Me

"Well not anymore I've left him after finding him out in town with another woman."-Leanne

"Well okay, there's a room upstairs with a en-suite, double bed and single all together beddings on top and 3 wardrobes all empty"-me

"Oh so proud!"-Leanne

As she walked through the door she screamed.

I ran and said what's wrong, she replied...

"there's a baby what's it doing here"- Leanne whilst looking at me.

"Its mine and Louis`s, and its name is Luke."-me

"Oh ha-ha really funny, I like the joke, seriously are you a babysitter now."-Leanne

I picked Luke up and huffed and puffed then spoke "Your this close to getting chucked out understand, Luke is mine and Louis`s baby he is only two day old so please don't do anything.."-me before walking off into the kitchen. Later I phoned Louis and told him all about Leanne moving in, I told him that im struggling to cope, he said not to panic and that I had to calm down a bit. I took his advice and told Leanne that I was going out for a while, she offered to babysit Luke whilst I went out, I had to say yes because she practically begged.

I went to the gym for a while to cool down, don't understand why they call it a cool down when your hot and sweaty hey?!

Beep! Beep! My phone went off it was Ellie saying that they was a party at hers and I was invited. Of course I replied YEAH! My free time weren't up till late so I went to New Look and put on a stylish outfit, I went round about 7pm and partied till the morning, I just hope that Luke is ok. At 9am the taxi arrived, £28 the ride home was just didn't seem real. When I walked through the door i shouted "Hello!" no answer i shouted again and still no answer. I walked round the house till i saw a note on my coffee table telling me to play the dvd. I played it only to find that Leanne had done a runner with Luke and that she had abandoned her kids at the kids home just off the nearest motorway, my jaw dropped. I jumped up grabbed my phone, bag and car keys I ran  out the house and jumped into my car, i was on a journey to Kensington to get my kid. All the way down I had Louis on speaker, he finished the job off early and travelled to Kensington as well, he was fuming and told me how stupid I was to leave Luke with the woman who tried to ruin my childhood. When Louis put the phone down on me i phoned my mum and dad, and they was mad!

My dad was travelling now with mum to go and get Leanne sorted, my dad said shell be more than grounded. I said you bet ya before hanging up and phoning the police to tell them what was going on. They panicked and set out some of the cops to arrest her, they even got social services involved that was when I panicked because I thought that I would lose Luke forever. After a hour of silent i had a phone call saying that she had crashed just off the motorway Luke was in a life threatening condition and Leanne was arrested after trying to run away from the collision how dare she. When im finished with her...

"hello my name is sergeant smith I am in charge of this investigation, your boyfriend Louis Tomlinson had left 10 minutes ago to support your son in hospital."-Sargent smith said

"Ok if you can excuse me for a minute please!"- I kindly said before running off and driving away in my car to the hospital.

At the hospital were many children all with injury's which could scar them for life, I  asked at reception where Luke was, she replied in that room down the corridor but, don't go in. Why couldn't I. I wondered! It came more clear when I strolled down the corridor, the monitors which tracked his heart rate were showing zero. Outside the room was Louis praying, I ran up to him in tears and cuddled him.

"hell do fine wont he?"- Louis questioned the doctor who walked out of the room, he didn't reply.

20 minutes into shocking they were still no signs of improvement, it really didn't look good.

"Hi as you know I am head of the ward, now I am here to tell you the news about your son. As you know today he suffered some injury's which could affect his future, well they came really serious half an hour ago which has lead to some devastating news...

Mr Tomlinson and Miss North your son Luke Tomlinson has been pronounced dead at 11:17am on Wednesday the 3rd June, if you would like to go In  and see him you are more than welcome to."- Luke's doctor sad before leaving us in peace.

Straight away we made ourselves way into the room his body was in, he looked so peaceful in fact dazed, I said goodnight to him along with Louis. We couldn't stand seeing him so quite, it just couldn't imagine the fact him not speaking a word ever again nor the fact that I had a future but he didn't, I phoned everyone on my contact list to tell them the news, their sorry didn't make it any better I just felt such a bad parent to talk about that to his family. I just hope his little ears were closed.

About 2 hours later we said our goodbyes and made our way back to my house, his little cot alone, his toys arranged in the boxes and his pram parked up in the hallway, what happy memories they fulfilled.

It just semt odd with out Luke crying for non stop hours for more food, sleep or nappys haha!!-I shouldn't be laughing really. 

2 days later the letter came through saying court in 3 months after questioning and holding Leanne in prison just in case she owns up to the crime, she's pleading not guilty because apparently some one pushed her off the road now.

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