This story is abut Louis and Megan growing up from the terrible teenager age all the way to being adults.
This story maybe upsetting to Louis fans like me and find it hard to listen and read the chapter of when he was in hospital xx


11. getting along

When we arrived home we were silent. So silent you could hear the tap dripping and the wind blowing. How were me and Louis going to cope with out Luke.

Why don't we try for another baby-louis

Yeah. Another day though Louis you've gotta understand that a baby is to much after Luke.-me

Yeah but we still have a shot at it come on- Louis

Let me go for a walk first. Alone though just to think-me

Okay be careful I love you -Louis

Love you to-me

I walked out the door and just walked until I stumbled up to the dark alley way. There were a man who offered my booze. I took it and got bladdered. God knows what I were doing but when I woke up there i was laid in a bed with another man. 

Hey what a night-this guy

Yeah- me before jumping out of bed.

He grabbed me and pulled me closer.

Get the f**k of me now-i said.

Hey you had fun last night the guy

I looked round bottles of alcohol on the floor along with our clothes. I couldnt stop shaking! He stroked my head and said sweet words.

No. No. No. I can't do this - me 

Why not why are you in a rush?!- him

Look what's ur name!-me


Okay Robert tell me a bit about urself please!-me

Well I'm a lawyer. I live in this mansion with my dog. I'm a widow!-Robert

Oh I'm so sorry- me

Its okay now tell me about yourself!-Robert 

Well my sons just passed away! Erm I'm studying to be a teacher and I'm with someone!-me

Woah really ur wanting to date me-robert

No I were with someone and still am! -me

Oh god big mistakes! Look I will totally understand if u leave me! -Robert

Okay! Well I wanna be with you.-me 

Really ok-robert

Look I'll go downstairs to go and get a coffee for us both.-me

He nodded.

I went downstairs and phoned Louis. Voicemail this was the message I left. 

Louis I'm leaving you for a boy called Robert. I'm sorry I will understand if you want to shout but he's a lawyer who lives in a mansion. Delete my number and I want you out by tonight! Okay thanks for a crap time but its my time to live now... See ya sucker!!

Haha off I went upstairs to go and find Robert. Robert I have something I need to tell ya! I'm going to be your girlfriend only if you want that! 

Okay sure he said before snogging me like hell! Hey be careful I said you may hurt your back stood up I added. Haha let's lay on the bed

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