This story is abut Louis and Megan growing up from the terrible teenager age all the way to being adults.
This story maybe upsetting to Louis fans like me and find it hard to listen and read the chapter of when he was in hospital xx


10. Court

So after the accident it got really frustrating to wait for a letter. The letter was going to give us the court day of Leanne's murder trial at the moment she has been let out on bail because the cops decided to let her go until the day she will be out back on trial. Don't they see that there is a murderer on the lose! I had no idea what to say, in fact in was pretty much speechless along with the rest of my family only until I got a letter reading that we will have to appear in court soon. So that day came which was pretty much emotional for us all, Louis was upset and really angry he's had many restless nights after the accident, like me! Guilty! The jury said. Mrs Mathews you have been found guilty of the murder of Luke Tomlinson for 8 years, you will be lead down to your cell now with one of my colleagues. Anyone object? Good! After that everyone left the court room my mum and dad were both disgusted, "Sir, just a huge thank you for this I am sure that Luke would be smiling now if he was here."- Louis said to the judge. "Mr Tomlinson its my job, don't thank me thank the lord above as many people have said."- The Judge replied before looking up to the gold ceiling and walking off. I was really chuffed, I couldn't thank him enough. When we said goodbye to our lawyer and solicitors Leanne's solicitor walked up. " How have you got the nerve to support that murderer, I mean seriously don't you have anything better to do she deserves the sentence to rot."- Louis said to Leanne's solicitor "Excuse me Mr Tomlinson I have another court trial taking place."- The solicitor said before walking off with his brief case. "Yeah that's right just walk away."-Louis said The solicitor looked back, "Want more of it."-Louis shouted before running towards Luckily I grabbed him and calmed him down. "Do it some where else another time okay, your in court?"-I told him politely. As much as she deserved it I still don't think its enough, if im being honest the police should have go the key to her cell and melted it till nothing where left. She is muck to me and I seriously hope she rots in that cell till she hears funeral bells, that will be enough. So off I went with not a care in the world, everyone were staring as we got into the limo outside, I couldn't believe that everyone thought we were famous, me and Louis were on the cover of the sun.
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