This story is abut Louis and Megan growing up from the terrible teenager age all the way to being adults.
This story maybe upsetting to Louis fans like me and find it hard to listen and read the chapter of when he was in hospital xx


6. college


I woke up thinking about college! I didn't have a clue about good tutoring in my area so I contacted my old school Acorn Academy who referd me to the Mr Oak. He was going to show me the schools that are suitable for my grades.


I set off in my mini cooper down the road to my old school. When I went inside everyone was staring at me, I felt like a popstar giving there speech at the beginning of their concert! I knocked on the headteachers office door and I entered, straight away he gave me a application form for me to fill in. He told me to apply before its to late!⏰⏳⌛🔜


Got a pen at the ready, a mug of coffee and the form.

Here's what my form looks like so far!!

Name: Megan King



DoB: 31/05/1996

Address: 8, outwood gardens, Manchester, England, M53 SQZ



Name:Laura King


Gender: F

DoB: 8/06/1977

Address: 14, oakwood cottage, Manchester, M53 SWX


Name: David King

Age: 42


DoB: 21/04/1964

Address:14, oakwood cottage, Manchester, M53 SWX


Question 1.) What jobs have you had in the past?

Café Latte-Waitress


Liz Taylor Hair Salon-Washing Hair


Question 2.) Whats you career choice to study?

II would like to be a qualified teacher at a primary school because...


That's as far as I've got, I've drank 3 mugs of coffee now and sent 30 snapchats to Ellie in the last 20 minutes. 💙Louiss text-

Hey babe can't wait for tommorow do you think it would be okay if I stop at yours just in case anything happens!

My reply-

Of course love I'll change the duvet now and hoover up a bit for you.


After a quick spring clean I fell asleep, I was dreaming about Louis!


The neighbors cockerel woke me up on a scorching hot Wednesday. "Louis!" I gasped as I jumped out of bed. I ran downstairs ate a slice of cold toast from last night, went back up stairs got dressed and headed for my car.

When I got to the hospital Louis were sat in the waiting area talking to a Dr, I interuppted with a cough!

"Oh hi babe this is doctor memori he's telling me about the medication." Louis said.

I replied

"OK the car is outside for when ya ready."

Soon after the conversation I was helping Louis get out of the car on the drive outside my house.

As we entered the hallway Louis's stomach rumbled really loudly,

"Go and sit down I'll go and make you a sanni." I said whilst pointing to the sofa.

I passed him a ham and cheese sandwich and asked him how he was.


"Hey I'm good stop fussing tonight I promise that we can lay in bed and watch the hangover together OK?!"


"Of course." And as the use I lent in for a kiss.

Louis- smiled like the use and kissed me again.


Me and Louis were layer in bed watching the hangover, I had my red onzie on and he only had his boxer shorts on. I cuddled up to his chest and held his hand he whispered in my ear "I love you."

My eyes fluttered as he kissed my cheeck, my hands wrapped round neck and we both put our for heads together as we carried on kissing.


After a long night of making up I took Louis shopping. This was my load of shopping-

X8 T-shirts


CathKidston bag

Ted baker dress (from Louis)

Hollister shorts

X2 Hollister shorts

X2 Hollister jumpers

Hollister flip-flops

Victoria secret perfume

Miss Dior perfume (from Louis)

Canvas of me and Louis


Wooden boxes

2 bra's

3 pairs of socks

Pink beats headphones (from Louis)

Case for my phone


When I finally unloaded my car boot full of shopping I completed that college application, I posted it first class straight away!

I browsed online and saw a link for on site of that college i may attend, washing up!

There is no way I'm cleaning plates for others! Louis told me that I sounded like a boy called Sam at his old care home, I laughed and strooked his head.


I was layed in bed having the time of my life! Me and Louis were kissing again, through this you could say that we were deeply and madly in love with each other and that we would never drift apart. He kept on saying to me that the rest of his life would be with me! How lucky am I!!

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