This story is abut Louis and Megan growing up from the terrible teenager age all the way to being adults.
This story maybe upsetting to Louis fans like me and find it hard to listen and read the chapter of when he was in hospital xx


8. A new beginging (for somebody)

straight AWAY I TOLD LOUIS! He panicked and told me to sit down, Ellie carried on painting and Niall carried on making a cup of tea. It was just so weird how everyone was carrying on with their lives without even noticing me sat there in agony haha- don't you think that that sounded a bit to attention seeking hey?!

The pain got to a point where I couldn't cope so I told Louis to phone my mum, my mum panicked down the phone...


Ok Louis don't panic just phone an ambulance and me and her dad will get to the hospital as soon as possible.


Louis said Ok ill do that then!


The ambulance arrived with in 3 minutes equipped with everything they needed from a mask to a plaster they had everything, this time Ellie and Niall went to a stand still and looked in shock I couldn't believe that it took them that long to notice me- yet again me grabbing peoples attention!

When we arrived at the hospital I was rushed to room 213 where Louis stood along with my Dr who had guided me through the pregnancy, he later announced that I was in LABOUR!

-Don't panic! the two words he quoted to help Louis just realise he was going to be a father ha-ha.

-Of course Louis panicked for crying out loud he's Louis Tomlinson what do you expect! So off I went with the Doctor and Louis to have our baby, We still didn't know the gender so I guess well have to get on without knowing like my mum and dad had to do with my sister, OMG my sister is mega rich I wonder what present shell buy for me and the baby! Well if she does she sometimes about tight with how she spends her money.

11:20 My baby was born and we got to know its gender we had a BOY!

11:23 Louis was nagging me about its name...

11:30 We named it Luke

Luke was the name me and Louis had dreamed of for a boy, it was original in America and English form of the Greek name Λουκας (Loukas) which meant "from Lucania", - I searched that up on my phone.

He cried and cried and cried and cried non stop until my mum arrived and took him from my arms, my dad was in the gift shop paying for the gifts they had bought us. Ellie and Niall soon arrived after Niall finished drinking his tea, Ellie couldn't believe she was an aunty even though she wasn't really by blood because if so that would make her my sister- ok now that's confusing for me...

1:15 Me, Louis and Luke were released from the hospital, I felt like we were a proper family as we drove off in Louis`s car, Luke was a sleep in his seat in the back of the car. He just looked so cute as he slept through numerous noises including 5sos`s new hit banging out of the speakers at each point of the car.

Finally when we arrived home I took Luke to his mosses basket in my room whilst Louis unloaded the car, through every noise which I made Luke didn't wake up at any point. Me and Louis sat down and discussed how we would cope with both of us having jobs and both parents not being there

this was Louis`s idea


Just hire you mum for the day she's great with kids.

or my idea

Just make work part time for us both to have time together with each other and the baby.


Seriously readers taking car of a child must be hard work, I think the teenage part is the worst don't you?


At 10pm I was fast asleep in bed dreaming about Luke and Louis on the park having a game of footy, Luke was winning and got signed on for the youngsters Manchester united because he got spotted on the park with the youngsters manager, I also dreamt in the future England won the 2018 world cup because of Luke scoring a goal, wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That dream semt to go on forever but fact is that dreams only last only for 2 minutes! When I woke up I decided to go and check on Luke, it was 7 am and Luke was crying already, I didn't understand how he could still be crying 1 hour later I changed him, fed him, rocked him, walked with him but still he weren't having it lol. what possibly could be wrong with him. Louis tried walking him round the block and guess what it didn't work. My mum came round and helped out, she even got in the car and went to the garden centre with him, and guess what it worked. Halleluiah lord. I'm guessing he was bored from staring at the same wall all the time, my mum however babysitted for a bit because I needed a shower and Louis needed to go and meet someone about an extra job.

After my shower my mum mentioned college, I told her about applying for the one down the road. I also told her that probably have to phone them and tell them I have no time because I have a baby. My mum offered to have luke whilst im there everyday, it wouldn't be fair so I said no. However she wouldn't take it as an answer she told me do college and get on with life.




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