What happen??

Please don't hurt me! I cried out.


1. Walking home

“Baby girl, please be careful while you're walking home” Caleb said. “Babe I’ll be ok” I said with a smile. “Ok text me when you get home” Caleb said. “I will babe I promise, now I have to go. Love you babe, bye” I said. I gave Caleb a hug and a kiss goodbye. I was walking down the road. I decided to walk through an alleyway to make my walk shorter. I was walking when I felt someone grab me. I tried to scream for help. “You call out for help one more time, you're dead” the man said. He began to drag me into a house. “TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF” he demanded. “NO” I yelled trying to run. The man hit me with a beer bottle. *Skipped being raped* I woke up to see it  was 7:30pm. I grabbed my clothes and sneaked out of the house. I ran all the way home. I left my phone at home today. I had missed calls and messages from Caleb. “Baby?” Caleb had texted me, along with: “You okay baby?” and “Babyyy?” I called Caleb and told him everything. He was crying on the phone so was I. “Caleb, how I’m I gonna tell my mom?” I asked him. “Baby girl everything is gonna be ok” Caleb said


*2 Weeks Later*


*On the phone with Caleb*

“Caleb, I’m Pregnant” I told him. He was silent for a while. “I’M GONNA KILL THAT GUY” Caleb yelled. I started to cry. “Baby girl everythings gonna be ok” Caleb said. “How am I gonna tell my mom!?” I said quietly so my mom wouldnt hear me on the phone. “Baby, tell her right now” Caleb said. I got up and walk to the room my mom was in. “Mom” I said. “Yes sweetie” she said. “I-i-i’m p-p-pregnant” I manage to choke out. “GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE RIGHT NOW” she yelled. “Mom let me explain” I cried out. “NO OUT GET YOUR THINGS AND FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE TO STAY” she yelled. I packed my stuff and left.

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