What happen??

Please don't hurt me! I cried out.


2. Everything ok now

Caleb (P.O.V)


Morgan and I got off the phone so she could tell her mom. I hope it goes well. *RING RING* Morgan name pops up on my phone “Hello babe, what she say” I asked “M-m-mom k-kick m-me out” She manage to choke out. I stare blankly at the Tv hoping it was a dream. *Babe, everything gonna be ok and can I call you back?* I said to morgan trying not to cry. *Yeah sure babe* she said. “Phone call end” MOM! I yelled. She ran into my room and I explained everything to her. She look at me with a blank face.”I’m gonna go get her she gonna live with us sweetie she not gonna live in the streets while she pregnant” my mom said.


Morgan (P.O.V)    *RING RING*


“Hello” I choked out. “B-b-aby my mom coming for you, you're gonna live with us babe” Caleb told me. A smile grow on my face. “I finally get to live with the guy I love with all my heart”, I thought to myself. “Babe are you still there?” Caleb asked. “Yea I’m here babe and I’ll be at your house soon your mom here” I said “Ok bye love you baby girl” he said. “Bye I love you to babe” I said.


A/N Sorry for the short chapter, Comment what you think on the book :)  Thanks guys <3

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