Escape from plante Earth

Earth has been distorted by humans. In this epic adventure a young boy James Walker must find the army base that is taking survives away from earth. Will he make it out alive?



I walk through the baron waste lands that used to be the great city of New York. All I see are the ruins of the once great buildings that touched the skies and brought life to the night through their tinted windows. There isn't a single sign of life left, no trees, no birds, nothing moves apart from me. We all knew it would happen. Adventually, I mean it was only 20 years ago they were talking about 'changing' their ways to stop global warming. But nobody did anything. First it was the odd weather. Raining during winter, boiling hot summers. But none took notice. Then came the earthquakes, and the tsunamis, title waves and meteor showers that caused many cities great damage. Thousands of movies made about these series of events but nothing was changed. And Armageddon.

And now I walk through my once golden city, looking for another sign of life. A human or animal right now all I need is compony...and food.

I haven't washed my hair and I'm covered in mud, dirt and blood. My hands are cut as well as my knees but most of it's dried. I wear dirty dark blue jeans, and I black long leaved shirt I also have a thick black leather jacket I found on a dead body.

"Finally!!" I shout into the obis, I see the shimmering of reflecting light off water. I run towards the water, only to find a muddy puddle surrounded by rotting bodies and bones. I look around, kneeling down in front of the puddle, I see my reflection, my messy dark curly hair, crystal blue eyes. The only one in my family to have dark hair blue eyes and high check bones. It's poised. I think myself, I look at the bodies and throw the dirt into the water.

It's getting dark I need to find shelter. There is half a building standing not far away from here. I make my way towards it, I hear whispers as I walk up the half demolished stairs, but soon discover it was only the wind whistling through the cracks in the concert. I settle my self down bringing out the piece of fabric I found from my backpack. I have one piece of bread left, "Great now I'm going to starve to death!" I role my eyes and kick a rock, "someone's here..." I hear the whispers of a girl, I know that voice I think to myself, "Sarah?!" I say louder than I expected, "James?!" She calls back, I jump up and run down the stairs, "Sarah!!" I shout spinning around the corner to see my beautiful blonde girl standing there, "Sarah!!" I say again grabbing her and spinning her around, "James!!" She smiles kissing me, "I thought...After the exploration?! How did you?! Oh I don't even care you're alive that's all that matters!!" I say looking at her and kissing her again, "Hi" says someone behind us, I don't know that voice, but I know the next, "James my man?!" Says Zane my best friend grabbing my hand and pulling me towards him, another girl comes out from behind the boy I don't know, "Hi" she smiles sweetly, "Hi" I say back.

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