wearwolf love story

Carly and her best friend ana were three hundred year old wear wolves they have been running for the past a hundred years because they were attacked, carly's parents were the king and queen and Ana's parents were the betas so they attacked to steal their throne.

Carly and ana meet somebody one day an it will change their lives forever.

what do you think will happen?

who do you think they will meet?


1. chapter 1

Carly's pov

a hundred years ago.........

it was three in the morning and for some reason i couldn't sleep i felt that something bad was going to happen but i didn't know what it was.

i learned that i could sense things before they happened and i could run really fast and read minds.

i have light blue eyes and my fur coat is light brown with white. and my paws are white as well as my mouth.

my human hair is white with brown streaks in them and i have light blue eyes.

it was around 2 in the morning when they attacked our home and killed my mom and dad. my parents told me to run so i did. i meet my friend ana and she said her parents were murdered as well.

we started running and we didn't stop until we got far enough away were they couldn't smell us. we didn't know why they did this but we both intended to find out.

were decided to rest for a couple hours before we had to run again.


this is just a filler of sorts



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