You Promised...

Kaitlyn Mathews was a fun outgoing girl who loved playing sports. But she never really had the fun best life like everyone thought. Her family is broken on the inside. She kind of gets left behind with her friends until one day she meets her best friend.....or more...?


4. the promise

Kaitlyn's pov

It was really sweet if Niall to take me out for coffee. I wouldn't let him buy though.

"Look Kaitlyn you know most girls don't like spending their money and let the guys pay!" He said.

"Well am I like most girl. Before you answer yes I'm pretty basic, but I'm kinda different" I said kinda answering my own question.

"Well if your so basic and different why don't you tell me about your self?" He suggested.

Nialls pov

"Well I'm about 5'5. I play volleyball, track, basketball, snowboarding, and I ice skate a little bit. I will play any sport you want or challenge me to. I have my horse. I grew up on a farm which means yes I wear boots and hats and camo. I know how to work. My parents are divorced. I have 2 step brothers 2 step sisters and a real sister and step mom and a step dad. Yeah that pretty much me." She's said

"Wow that's a lot. And I wouldn't call yourself basic. You are actually interesting and real from wha I know." I said making her smile. She was actually really pretty.

"I'm nothing new or special Niall. That's you. Every girl in our school is in love with you because you are the new popular. You are the new guy that's sweet until the boys here change you Niall. When that day come I will just be basic to you." She said seriously.

"What makes you think that they can change me. I'm not just gonna be another one of them. I promise. I am me and nobody can change that." I said.

"You say that now Niall, but Brandon and Matt were both just like you before they came here. I wish you good luck Niall. Just please promise me one thing. " she asked.

"Ok what is it?" I asked

"Promise me you won't change into the populars and be just like them?" She said holding out her pinki.

"I promise!" I said and locked her pinki with mine.

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