You Promised...

Kaitlyn Mathews was a fun outgoing girl who loved playing sports. But she never really had the fun best life like everyone thought. Her family is broken on the inside. She kind of gets left behind with her friends until one day she meets her best friend.....or more...?


14. The arrangements

Nialls pov

I'm still really struggling with the situation that happened. I really like Kaitlyn, but I'm nervous that she's gonna find out that they dared me to ask her out. What if she doesn't like me back? What if she likes someone else? What if she laughs at me? What if the whole school finds out I got rejected? I need to stop thinking what ifs. I just need to man up and ask her out. The guys they don't believe in me though. They think I should change. Maybe it's a good idea. Maybe it will make her like me more. Ok Niall maybes are not better than what ifs. I just need to sleep and then just do it tomorrow.

*morning time*

I get up and go to the bathroom. I throw on a faded green t-shirt with some light washed out jeans and a SnapBack. I brushed my teeth and put on some cologne. I go downstairs and eat some lucky charms because they are the best. I'm about to walk out the door when I get a text.

Hey, I'm running late and my truck is at the shop today for an oil change. Can you pick me up? I'll buy you food after school?(: ~ Kaitlyn.

Yes perfect time, after school I can ask her out.

Yeah sure, I'm leaving now. I'll take up on that offer though! ;) ~ Niall

Kaitlyn's pov

I wake up to my mom pounding on the door saying I'm late. I look and I have 10 minutes to get ready for school. I go in my closet and grab the first shirt and pants I see. It turns out I'm wearing washed out dark high-rise skinny jeans with a grey and tribal print high-low tank top. I grab some white flip flops to go with it. I brush my hair and brush my teeth. I run down stairs grabbing an apple when I suddenly remember that I don't have my truck today. It's in the shop for an oil change. I need to call someone for a ride, Harper goes to school early so I won't call her. Niall. He lives somewhat close to me, a few blocks.

Hey can you give me a ride to school. My truck is in getting an oil change. I'll even take you out later my treat? :) ~Kaitlyn.

I hope he will pick my up. Within a minute I get a text back.

Yeah sure, I'm on my way. I'll take up on that offer though!;) ~Niall

Niall pulls up to my house within 5 minutes. "You are so lucky I was late today!" Niall laughed at me getting in. "You are a life saver!!" I said smiling in relief.

"Hey, I didn't just do this for free, I believe I was offered something!!" He said wish sarcasm.

"Yeah yeah don't get your hopes up! Where do you want to go?" I winked and asked.

"Hmmm like what are we talking a snack or are we going to dinner?" He smirked.

"Well I guess we could just go out to eat tonight." I said.

"Wait no, that can't work. I would never let the gorgeous lady pay for me to eat." Niall said seriously. I blushed a bit.

"Well then it would be a date if you payed." I said.

"Maybe I want it to be a date." Niall winked which made me blush more.

"Wait that won't work because I have to pay! It's why you are driving me right now!" I said in a duh tone.

"How about this, I take you on a lovely romantic dinner take, and you can pay for what ice cream after?" Niall said.

"Yes, I'd like that very much" I smiled really big.

"Well great. I will take you home as well after school since you don't have your truck. I will let you get ready, I will go home get ready then I will take you out." Niall said telling me the arrangements.

"Ok so how long do I have to get ready?" I asked.

"Well we will go to a fancy dinner, so wear something nice, but you always look nice. So what would you like an hour? Half hour?" He asked and flirted.

"Am hour would be nice, if I have to make myself beautiful." I said smiling.

"Kaitlyn you look gorgeous all the time." He said very seriously. I blushed really bad.

"Thanks Niall, it means a lot." I said quietly. He pulled into the school and parked his car.

"Kaitlyn I mean it. Your the most beautiful girl I've ever met." He said looking in my eyes. I started blushing really bad and looked down. "Hey" he said quietly, but loud enough for me to look up. We locked eyes and we both slowly started to lean in. Right when I closed my eyes the warming bell rang.

"Oh we can't be late. My mom will kill me!" I said jumping up.

*sorry guys I know it's short, but I haven't updated in a while and I thought I should do a filler chapter. I will try to do the date chapter this week, and if your lucky you might just find out what's happening with Harper and hunter. Ok thanks byee love you all!(:

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