You Promised...

Kaitlyn Mathews was a fun outgoing girl who loved playing sports. But she never really had the fun best life like everyone thought. Her family is broken on the inside. She kind of gets left behind with her friends until one day she meets her best friend.....or more...?


3. Meeting him

Nialls pov

I felt bad for that Kaitlyn girl. So I wanted to go to all to her and apologize. I walked out of the gym and headed towards to nurses office then my friends (populars) came by.

"Hey Niall what's up dude?" Brandon said giving me a bro-hug.

"Nothing just going to talk to a girl that had to leave gym." I said.

"Wait what bitch left gym today?" Matt laughed.

"Umm this girl named Kaitlyn." I said.

"Wait Kaitlyn as in Kaitlyn Mathews?" Brandon asked in shock.

"Umm yeah. Why is that shocking?" I asked.

"It's just Kaitlyn can play any sport and will never give up. Why did she leave?" Mathew asked and explained.

"Some girl named Stacy was 'flirting' with me and threw a basketball at her nose and lip. And she busted her lip. And the gym teacher made her leave." I explained.

"So why are you going there?" Mathew asked

"To say I'm sorry and I shouldn't have let Stacy do that." I said.

"Wow no wonder why half the girls here are drooling over you already. Look Niall you have to live a little but on the dark side. Can't be a total sweet heart. Girls don't like that. Well most don't." Brandon said.

"Whatever it's just who I am. But I got to go. I will catch up with you guys later" I said and ran off.

I got lost a little bit. But eventually I found my way.

Kaitlyn's pov

I was in the nurses office. My lip finally stopped bleeding. Then Niall walked in.

"Hey!" He said.

"Umm hi." I said.

"I'll give you guys some space" said the nurse.

"Look in sorry about what happened." Niall said.

"It's ok. I mean I can take a hit and I'm used to Stacy." I said honestly.

"Still I feel bad that I didn't stop her." Niall said.

"It's fine don't worry about it. I'm Kaitlyn by the way!" I smiled and stuck out my hand.

"Haha I'm Niall!" He smiled and shook my hand.

"How about I make it up to you and take out out for a coffee?" He asked.

"Hmmm ill have to think about it, just kidding yes." I said. I told the nurse I was leaving with Niall and she said she would cover for me. It was so nice. Then we snuck out and went for coffee.

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