You Promised...

Kaitlyn Mathews was a fun outgoing girl who loved playing sports. But she never really had the fun best life like everyone thought. Her family is broken on the inside. She kind of gets left behind with her friends until one day she meets her best friend.....or more...?


6. I think I might like her..

Harpers pov

I ended up spending the night at Kaitlyn's mom's house. I figured she needs a friend right now.

"Good morning Harper!" Said Kaitlyn's mom Katy.

"Good morning mrs. Mathews." I say yawning.

"Do you wanna wake up Kaitlyn for me and I will make you guys breakfast." Katy said.

"Sure, and thank you" I said.

"Kaitlyn wake up!" I half yelled hitting her with a pillow.

"Oh wow thanks Harper!" She said hitting me back and I fell off the bed.

"Your welcome! And let's get ready food is being made for us" I said. Kaitlyn and I walked into her closet and looked for clothes. She picked out light hollister jean shorts, aero colorful tank, with a hollister knitted sweater, with her black lace toms. I picked out black high waisted shorts, a light purple tank tucked in, and my combat boots folded over. Kaitlyn curled her hair making her purple stick out. And I put my hair in a messy bun, with my purple sticking out. She put on light makeup and so did I. We walked down stairs to see her mom made us blueberry bagels with fruit and some bacon.

"I know it doesn't mix well but bacon makes everyone happier!" Katy smiled at us. I chuckled and we are our food.

"Oh come on Kaitlyn we're gonna be late!" I said finishing up.

"Ok are you driving or me?" She asked.

"I will!" I said grabbing my backpack. We ran to my truck. It's my dads old red Chevy. I drove us to school while jamming out to Luke Bryan. We arrived at school and we started walking in when Niall came up to us.

"Hi Kaitlyn, and you must be her friend...?" He asked with his thick Irish accent.

"Hi I'm Harper!" I smiled. Shaking his hand.

"Hi Harper! Do you guys mind if I walk with you?" He asked.

"Of course you can!" Kaitlyn smiled. We walked to our lockers that were near eachother. Niall and Kaitlyn grabbed their science books and I grabbed my math book.

"Bye guys I'll see you at lunch!" I waved winking at Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn's pov

Harper winked at me and I smiled and winked back while Niall blushed, I just laughed. I walked in to science and Niall sat next to me. I just laughed. "What?" Niall asked.

"Oh nothing." I just said as the teacher walked in.

"Hello class. Since you guys have been messing around lately you have new lab partners look on the board find them and sit!" She half yelled I just sighed.

"Well hello partner!" Niall smiled.

"Hey Niall. Look I see what your doing. And I see that your trying to prove to me that your not going to change. But guess what one day you will. I get it. It's happened before don't worry. I said.

"Look I'm just trying to be your friend. Your nice, funny, interesting, not basic, and your not fake like the other girls!" I said smiling. I blushed slightly.

"Thanks Niall. But you don't need to pretend. It happened before. And I don't want it to happen again." I said truthfully.

Nialls pov

"You won't loose me because I like you and hanging out with you!" I said the I realized....I like like Kaitlyn Mathews...

Hi guys! Tell me what you think I love comments. Don't care if they are bad or good. Or any ideas thank you!:) ~Ashley<3

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