You Promised...

Kaitlyn Mathews was a fun outgoing girl who loved playing sports. But she never really had the fun best life like everyone thought. Her family is broken on the inside. She kind of gets left behind with her friends until one day she meets her best friend.....or more...?


9. Hanging out?

Kaitlyn's pov

I just got home from Charley's Smoothies. It was still really bothering me that Niall stopped smiling. I mean I really like him but I'm scared. Maybe I should talk to him.

Niall's pov

It made me extremely mad and jealous when I saw Kaitlyn with Josh and Hunter, I mean I know Harper was there, but it still made me mad. I really like her and I can't tell any of the guys because they will all tease me and everything. I wonder if I should text Harper or something. Ask what's up.

"Hey harper it's Niall, can I ask you something?" I texted her

"Hey Niall, what do you want to ask?" She said back.

"Well I really like Kaitlyn and I was wondering if she has like feeling or a thing going with Josh or Hunter?" I hesitated on texting back.

"No there is nothing going on. Niall you should go talk to her, because I know that she's waiting for you to!" She answered. This made me really smile.

"Ok thanks for your help!(:" I replied. Then I texted Kaitlyn.

K- Kaitlyn N- Niall

N- hey Kaitlyn what's up?

K- nothing really just icing my ankle.

N- why are you icing your ankle?

K- I sprained it really bad last year, and it still effects me sometimes.

N- well do you want to make out, it will help you feel better (:

Hang out***

K- ummm... Sure. I was shocked at what you said at first. :P

N- Hahaa yeah stupid auto correct.

K- oh I know, so when are we hanging out?

N-ummm... I could pick you up in an hour?

K- ok sounds good see you then! (:

N- :D

Harpers pov

I dropped Josh off at home and Hunter was gonna come to my house afterwards to help me with my homework.

"MOM IM HOME!!!" I yelled

"WITH A FRIEND!!!!" Hunted added.

"I'm in the kitchen sweety!" She yelled back

"Hi mom, this is hunter he's gonna help me with my math home work." I told her.

"Hello Mis, I'm hunter!" He shook my moms hand.

"Hello hunter, you can call me Tammy." She said.

"So how do you guys know eachother?" She asked. I groaned but hunter then quickly answered.

"We are in track together and I'm in her lunch, math, biology, gym, and history classes." He said.

"Oh well ok. Have fun." She said going back to doing her bills.

I brought hunter up stairs to my room and we sat down on my bed.

"Well let's get to work!" He said getting out our math books.

*45 minutes later*

"Ugh!!!! This is too many numbers and stupid letters!!!" I said complaining.

"Haha it's ok. You just have to try it again and soon you will do it right!" He said.

"But I wanna take a break!!!" I said putting my hands on my math book, causing me to slip and fall on too of Hunter. Which caused us to fall off my bed... Face to face...inches apart. I was speach less. Then all of a sudden we both started to lean in....

CLIFFHANGER!!!! I know it sucks, but comment tell me what you think! Thanks for reading love you guys. Byeee -Ashley

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