You Promised...

Kaitlyn Mathews was a fun outgoing girl who loved playing sports. But she never really had the fun best life like everyone thought. Her family is broken on the inside. She kind of gets left behind with her friends until one day she meets her best friend.....or more...?


1. getting to know me

My name is Kaitlyn Mathews. I live in Alabama. I have medium blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I love playing sports and try to be friends and please everybody. But there is a different side of me that nobody really knows. Nobody really sees who I really am or really takes the time to care sure I have like a group of friends, but they don't know everything about me. And we have different opinions. I'm just different in general. I have some secrets that you will find out along the way. Just please don't leave me like everyone else did...


Brown hair with light brown eyes. She's tall and has glasses. really like sports. She's super funny and outgoing.


Brown hair with a purple stripe in it like mine (we got it together) dark brown eyes. She's tall and athletic but just doesn't play all sports. She's really thin and eats a lot.


Black hair with bright green eyes. One if te popular guys that lots of girls drool over. He's quite shy but really nice and outgoing once you get to know him.


Blonde hair and hazel eyes he's really funny. He's popular but he doesn't embrace it. He's so down-to-earth and so sweet.

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