You Promised...

Kaitlyn Mathews was a fun outgoing girl who loved playing sports. But she never really had the fun best life like everyone thought. Her family is broken on the inside. She kind of gets left behind with her friends until one day she meets her best friend.....or more...?


7. Becoming Friends

Nialls pov.

I couldn't even focus during science class. I kept thinking about Kaitlyn, and how I'm actually falling for her. The way her bright blue eyes sparkled, the way her bangs flowed perfectly around her eyes. She was beautiful. I can't stop thinking about her I have to build a friend ship with her before I try anything. The bell rand dismissing us from class and I walked with Kaitlyn to our next class. We were talking about the World Cup, since I'm a huge soccer/football fan and she is too. We talked about how the U.S. Goalie had 16 blocks!

"Haha I know it was absolutely amazing!" Kaitlyn said.

"Oh I know it was so intense!" I said back.

"Yeah but then they lost, it would have been a blow out game because the U.S. Only took like 3 shots at making a goal." Kaitlyn ranted, which I found kind of cute.

"Yeah I know right. Well we should he to class. So umm a umm I was uh kinda wondering if I would get your phone number.." I said rubbing the back of my next nervous.

"Yeah sure!" She said. She took my phone out in her number.

"Wait Niall come here!" She said.

"What?" I asked. She spun me around and took a selfie of us and put it as my wallpaper and her contact picture.

"Oh great thanks!" I joked.

"Your welcome" she smiled and it gave me chills it was so beautiful.

Kaitlyn's pov

Niall has been acting pretty weird. I mean he's nice, but I think he's trying a little hard to show he won't change. Oh well he's being friendly and I mean who couldn't use more friends. Right?

**skip to lunch***

Hey guys/girls!" Harper said walking up to me and Niall in the lunch line.

"Hey harp!" I smiled.

"How was class?" Niall asked nicely.

"Oh you know just absolutely fantastic I just had the most amazing time!" She said sarcastically.

"Hahaa oh I bet it was" I said. We were walking towards a table and Niall was following.

"Umm Niall are you gonna go sit with Brandon and Matt?" Harper asked.

"No, why do you want to get ride of me?" He asked.

"Oh no it's just don't you want to sit with the populars, such as the jocks and the cheerleaders?" I asked him.

"No I'm good. The cheerleaders are pretty much sluts anyways." He said.

"Thank The Lord! The day has finally come! A guy has finally agreed that they are sluts!" I said and highfived Harper!

"Why am I suppose to find that attractive?" Niall asked.

"Of you asked Brandon or Matt that then yes." Harper said. We all laughed and talked about school upcoming try outs.

"So Niall you gonna try out for anything?" I asked.

"Umm maybe soccer as you guys call it. Maybe the golf team." He said.

"Oh that sounds cool, are you into golf too?" I asked.

"Umm yeah kinda I played it with my dad quite a bit back at home." He said.

"Oh that's cool, I don't think we have a golf jock yet." Harper said.

"Well what sports are you gonna try out for?" Niall asked Harper.

"Well I'm gonna tryout for basketball, volleyball, and track!" She said. I didnt mention this but Harper is one of the fastest runners in our school. She has so many track always for our school it's crazy.

"Harper we all know your already on the track team!" I said with a duhh tone.

"Well maybe. And we all know your already on the volleyball team!" She said.

"Wait what sports do you play?" Niall asked me.

"Volleyball, basketball, softball, snowboarding, i don't know if I'm going to do track this year, or ice skating." I said.

"Well then me and you are gonna tear it up in basket ball!!! You see Niall I'm the best free-throw shooter on the team, and Kaitlyn is the best 3 pointer shooter on our team." Harper explained to Niall.

"Ok but what about volleyball? Niall asked.

"Well Kaitlyn is the best on the team. She's like the captain. I'm the Libero which means I'm the person with the other color jersey. Kaitlyn is our best hitter/server. She has many national and state titles. Harper explained.

"Wow! You are really good then!" Niall said.

"Thanks. Not to mention I'm also in the equestrian team I ride horses." I said.

"Wow you guys are really talented!" He said looking at us.

"Thanks!" I smiled blushing slightly. Niall smiled at me it was so cute! Wait..what...? Why am I blushing...? Did I just call him cute..? Oh no...

Kinda a sucky chapter I know I'm sorry. But it's will start getting better and more interesting in the next few chapters. I promise!!! Comment please!!!:) love you guys byee ~Ashley<3

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