7. Chapter 7

She eventually fell asleep, her dreams were nightmares of strange men breaking into her house. She dreamt about tariq too, that he had come into the room and was just standing there, staring at her, she tossed and turned and then woke up to the sound of drawers being opened. Looking over in her sleepy state, she was shocked again to see tariq getting changed. His legs were just as muscular as his torso. He stopped still for a second and she quickly shut her eyes. He then continued to get changed and load a bag full of clothes and what she thought look like guns. He left only to come back with toast and  tea. She sat up on the bed feeling awkward as he handed it to her.

"Thanks" she said

He smiled and looked at his watch again. "one hour" he said.

"what happens in one hour?" she asked

"ambush" he shrugged

The thought of more bullets flying over her head, made her hop out of bed in an instant. She pulled on her jeans only to see him watching her with a smile. He turned his head half sheepishly when she changed back into her woollen sweater. She looked at him as she tied up her hair, he was so cool and collected. He just took it all in stride. 'Im ready" she said sculling her tea and grabbing her toast to take.

"I was hoping you'd say that" he said

Grabbing the bags he had packed, they headed towards the underground carpark. She looked back at his stuff. "what about your stuff?"

"Ive got everything i need" he said looking right at her as he pressed the down button.

She blushed at this.

They got into a brand new four wheel drive and headed out.

" where are we going?" she asked

"a safer place"

"oh" she replied

They were soon in the country side and there seem to be nothing but silence between them since they left. He tapped the side of the steering wheel a few times during the good songs, but he just kept his eyes consistently on the road, his handsome face serious and thoughtful. She wondered about this guy. Who was he? And why was he even protecting her, was it because she was Anna's sister? And if so what was his real relationship with Anna? She looked over at him again, he seemed to already know what she was thinking. 

" We worked together" he said

"where?" she asked "was it at the government job?"

He just nodded. She wondered what kind of government job meant crazy gun fights.

"were you in the military?" she asked

"along time ago"

"your not like some sort of james bond?" she asked feeling a bit stupid while saying it.

He laughed, "I dont think i look that good in a suit".

"ha, thats a joke" she blurted out, then holding her mouth at what she just said

He looked over at her. Flashing a mega watt smile. "So you want to see me in a suit hey?"

His smile just made her squirm in her seat, another wave of butterflies hit her stomach. She blushed and looked at the car ahead. She thought he was about to gesture to say something but he just kept his eyes on the road. She thought about he had looked at her in her bedroom yesterday, so full of desire. Yet now here they were acting like to kids in a schoolground. She realised then that maybe the desire he felt was for Anna, not her. She suddenly felt a wave of sadness at the idea of somehow losing him. Yet she didnt even know him.

'you ok?" he asked looking concerned again

"fine" she reassured, if only she could tell herself that.





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