6. Chapter 6

The drive was a quiet one and she soon lost trace of where they were going as the night fell. Pulling up into an industrial area, they drove into a underground carpark with many cars. 'Where are we?" she asked.

"My placed" he responded.

Going up a lift they opened up to a large converted warehouse. "come in" he motioned as she stood near the lift taking in her surroundings. To her it looked like modern war bunker. The furnishing were spartan and everything oozed military style bachelor pad. She watched as he stood in the kitchen not doing anything, his defense down, he had a look of concern and uncertainty. "Do you want a cup of tea?" he asked

"yes" she nodded, feeling lost.

He turned on the kettle and pulled out a blanket from the cupboard, wrapping it around her shoulders and lingering behind for a second. 

"what happened today?" she asked

"They were after Anna" he replied, quickly going to make her tea.

She sat back on his couch and stared in disbelief. "Anna is dead, dont they know this?"

He quietly stirred some sugar into her tea, his face concentrated and unreadable. Sitting across from her, he placed the tea cup down and grabbed her hand. "Sophie, i dont know how to say this, but your sister is not dead"

She looked at him in shock, it was the strangest thing to hear, she couldnt seem to reconcile with what he had just said.

"Look, this is probably not the best time to discuss this, you have had an eventful day, i just think you needed to know that one bit of truth"

Her head was starting to hurt now. She didnt want to think about Anna being alive, it was just too much to take as she wanted to believe so much that it was true. He was still looking at her full of compassion.

"who were those guys?" she asked

He placed her hand back down. "no one you need to concern yourself about" he looked at his watch again. "we have about 8 hours, so i think after your tea, i would try and get some sleep, you can have my room"

She felt embarrassed at being in the mans house and now she was going to sleep in his bed. He later led her to bedroom and showed her where the en-suite was, closing the door behind her. Pulling off her clothes, she felt like a hot shower was just what she needed. He called through the door telling her he laid out a shirt on the bed for her. The shirt was a plain and grey, just like the rest of his room. She couldn't even see a photo amongst his stuff. Drying her hair with a towel, she sat down on his bed and wondered who he was. Was he military or police and how did he know Anna?, and if Anna wasn't dead then where was she?. Strangely enough with all the adrenaline that had been pumping within her veins only and hour before, she now felt extremely tired. She went to the door the bid him goodnight and and her stomach did a flip as he was standing there with with only pajama pants on. His bronze like muscular body was sight to behold, she could only just stare. He looked back at her, his eyes intense once again like they had been at the coffee shop, but then something registered and he snapped out of it and headed towards the lounge.

"goodnight sophie" he said with eyes averted, his voice serious

It took all her willpower but she moved away from the door and said her goodnight. Slipping under the covers, she lay there feeling like all tiredness had left her and had been replaced with thoughts of tariq.

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